how to look beautiful every day

Properly selected clothes and overall image will help a woman feel confident. “They meet by clothes”, but besides this, one must remember about manners, posture, hairstyle and makeup.

Nice look for every day

How to look chic every day? In fact, it is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Having the basic elements of the wardrobe, skillfully combining them, you can create images for every day. You don’t have to buy a bunch of new things. Choose versatile products. The lookbook should include trousers and a skirt. Dress is one of the most versatile items. It can be worn for a walk, a date, and even to the office, if it is not too frivolous. A blouse or shirt and a cardigan are the perfect combination. With multiple options for tops or bottoms, you can easily change every day.

Even in the simplest outfit, you need to strive to look luxurious. First of all, the bag catches the eye. Choose it in such a way that it can be combined with several looks. It is recommended to have several handbags so that depending on the event (parties, walks) you can change them. Watches and jewelry should look expensive. It is better to have fewer of them, but they will not look like cheap trinkets.

Shoes play an important role in everyday outfits. The same principle (less in quantity, but better in quality) should be followed in shoes. Having several pairs of shoes, and replacing one with another, you will look different every day.

Secrets of a stylish look for every day

The quality of the fabric directly affects the «high cost» of the image. High-quality materials wrinkle less, wash and iron better. You will look fresh and well-groomed even after several days of wearing. Pay attention to the style, cut, seams of clothing before you buy it. It seems that protruding threads or a sagging hem are trifles, but it is precisely such details that will tell a lot about the hostess.

Take care of your skin, it’s your calling card. Proper makeup, appropriate manicure — this is what says about your grooming. Hair should not be disheveled. Let your hairstyle be ordinary, but neat, then you will look luxurious on any day.


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