how to look beautiful without makeup

Decorative cosmetics have long been successfully used by women to give individuality to their image. Makeup has become a familiar and integral part of the life of almost every woman. But the constant application of makeup can cause premature aging and wilting of the skin. By giving up makeup (at least everyday), you can avoid these troubles. But, how to look beautiful without makeup, feel confident and comfortable and at the same time not use a huge arsenal of cosmetics?

Daily routine and nutrition

First of all, to have a beautiful face without makeup, you need to organize a full eight hours of sleep. This will eliminate any puffiness and blueness under the eyes. Also, to improve your complexion, drink plenty of water, but avoid carbonated drinks. Try to eat at the same time, while eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Skin care

In order not to wonder “how to look beautiful without makeup?” Make it a rule to wash your face with cool water in the morning and evening. In the morning it will invigorate, and in the evening it will relieve fatigue. You can use a chilled cleanser suitable for your skin type. Don’t forget scrubs. Dead cells give the skin a dull appearance. After cleansing and exfoliation, the pores open, the skin begins to breathe. In addition, it must be remembered that direct sunlight is harmful to the skin. Therefore, do not neglect sunscreen.

Facial features and hairstyle

To have a beautiful face and without the use of cosmetics, you need to follow the facial features. First of all, for the shape of the eyebrows. By changing or just correcting the shape of the eyebrows, you can significantly improve your image, add freshness and novelty.

It is impossible to solve the problem of “how to look beautiful without makeup” without paying due attention to hair. First of all, hair should be clean, healthy, and well-groomed. Choose neat hairstyles and haircuts, and for hair coloring — paints with natural shades. Remember that bright, aggressive colors and outrageous hairstyles do not harmonize with a face without any makeup.

Beautiful female faces without makeup are, first of all, natural, real beauty. And the main secret of such beauty is simple — you need to be well-groomed and love yourself.


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