How to look like a model

Each of us immediately has a certain association with the word «model». Basically, the image of a thin, tall girl with a versatile face comes to mind. The model appearance of girls of the last century is fundamentally different from the appearance of modern models. It has long been no longer in trend to bring the body to complete exhaustion, losing consciousness from constant diets and hunger strikes. The current models are full of health, but at the same time they promote the right way of life.

What should the model look like?

The way we see catwalk beauties is the result of the joint work of designers, stylists, hairdressers and image makers. Preparing for the show takes several hours, while the appearance of the girl is undergoing changes, not to mention the amount of cosmetics and hair styling products in various hairstyles. All this greatly depletes the skin of the face and hair, so the main rule of any model is thorough and proper skin care. A wide variety of cleansing and washing products are used, depending on the type of skin and your individual preferences for a particular brand of cosmetics. Going to bed with makeup is contraindicated, every girl knows this. Therefore, daily face care is carried out at least 2 times.

The intensive rhythm of work and constant flights are common for models, but even in such conditions it is necessary to remember about the appearance. Thermal water, soft cleansing wipes, light gel for face and eyelids — this is a must-have set for your cosmetic bag.

In everyday life, not all models are eager to apply a thick layer of makeup on their faces, as they get tired of it at shows. The choice is yours, give preference to a light natural make-up, or emphasize only one part of the face — lips or eyes. In any case, an even and fresh skin tone must always be. Use a foundation or mattifying powder that suits your skin.

To look like a top model, you need to constantly work on your figure. Most models adhere to a proper diet, do not eat meat, and go in for some kind of sport. Yoga, Pilates, running, cardio, cycling, the choice of an activity that is useful for the figure depends on personal preferences.

And, of course, the girls-models are always up to date with the latest fashion news. Everyday images of girls are different from the podium. In life, models prefer fairly simple and comfortable clothes, diluting their bow with a couple of designer accessories.

To emphasize the length and slenderness of the legs, models often go out in a dress or skirt.

Favorite clothes are jeans, leather pants, leggings.

And, of course, almost every model in the wardrobe has a pair of trendy over the knee boots in 2014.

And the models do not neglect simple soft and cozy sweaters either.


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