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If for women over thirty years old the question of how to prolong their youth and look younger than their age becomes relevant, then for girls of fifteen to twenty-five years old, the topic of how to look older is much more relevant. It is rare when a woman can come to terms with her age. First, you want to quickly become more mature, mature, and then you want to return to your youth. This is completely natural for any person. But do not forget that your thirty is still ahead and it is not at all necessary to strive for them ahead of time. However, let’s look at how a girl looks older, and what needs to be done for this.

How to make up to look older?

Makeup is the first assistant of a girl at any age. With the help of cosmetics, you can create any image, as well as change your age. Makeup to look older is extremely simple. It is necessary to use dark and saturated tones. For example, shades of brown, gray and black scales, and for evening makeup, you can take purple or blue shades. A great option would be smoky eyes makeup, which not only makes the look more expressive, but also adds age to young girls. Glitter and lipstick should also be chosen among brown and caramel shades, but the most indispensable color in your arsenal is red. Red lipstick suits all girls, you just need to correctly choose “your” shade. And the image of a vamp woman, which is obtained thanks to this color in makeup, will give your image an adult sexuality.

Also, always keep an eye on your eyebrows. Gently remove excess hair and adjust the shape correctly to match your face type. Also pay attention to the skin, as it is an indicator of age, not only in old age, but also in youth.

How to dress to look older?

If you want to look older on the outside, how can you forget about clothes? It is, in fact, the first indicator of your age. So ditch all the different T-shirts and jeans (leave them for weekends and outings) and get used to the classic style. In general, the classic style of clothing has several directions, one of which you can choose. For example, elegance or minimalism, or you can add a little military to the image. Everything is up to your taste, but the main thing is to look feminine and elegant. Shirts, a pencil skirt, jackets and vests, as well as every woman’s assistant, a little black dress, must be present in your wardrobe.

How to cut your hair to look older?

We have already talked about a lot of what needs to be done to look older, but there is one more important point — a haircut. If you have long hair, romantic curls or some incredible punk-style frizzy haircuts, then you will have to give them up. Of course, adult women walk with long flowing hair, but they have already reached their age and delicate curls will not make them look like schoolgirls. But you will have to try a little.

If you want to look older, then stop your attention to the bob haircut and its variations, as well as short hairstyles. The latter, by the way, generally tend to rejuvenate the face, but at a young age, a properly selected short haircut can also add years to you.

How to behave to look older than your age?

And the last thing to keep in mind is manners. Learn the rules of good manners and always follow them. Be always polite, discreet, courteous. Don’t raise your voice, don’t be late, don’t gesticulate too much while talking. There are many rules, and try to stick to them all in order to look older not only externally, but also internally feel like a lady.

So we figured out how to look older than your years. This task is not particularly difficult, but you have to work on yourself. And yet, do not forget about the main thing: age will eventually catch up with you, so enjoy your young years now, because later you will want to return them, but it will not work out.


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