how to look sexy

Looking sexy and feminine — isn’t this what almost all girls dream of? To catch the admiring glances of men and at the same time feel beautiful and desirable…

What tricks do beautiful ladies go to in order to impress the stronger half. But, what is most interesting, this is far from being the case for everyone.

Why is this happening, and how do you learn to always look sexy? Let’s try to figure it out.

Secrets of sexuality

Psychological research and surveys on this subject have confirmed that sexuality is something more than ordinary beauty. Ideal facial features, smooth and toned skin, the cherished «90-60-90» do not guarantee you success with the opposite sex. In sexuality, a special charm and mystery are hidden, gracefulness of movements, the ability to emphasize one’s advantages. And most importantly — an occasion to show imagination.

After all, a wise woman is well aware that wearing an overly revealing mini and neckline to the navel is a sure way to achieve the opposite effect. Only the presence of a certain mystery and inaccessibility excites the male imagination, making a woman insanely sexy in his eyes.

So, what does a sexy woman look like, according to the strong half of society:

  1. No extra candor. Exposing your body to the public, there is a high probability of getting not the most flattering reputation, as well as losing any interest of the satellite. Dressing to look sexy is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. The main thing is to observe moderation and competently emphasize dignity. For example, beautiful legs should not be hidden under a long skirt, but the top should be much more modest. The right choice of clothes will make you look sexy, both for full girls and thin ones.
  2. It is known that impeccable appearance is alarming. First of all, men have a fear of not meeting the requirements of a beauty. Therefore, in order to always look sexy, a woman needs to use as little makeup as possible. This does not mean that you need to give up makeup and cosmetic procedures. No, it’s just better to make a daytime make-up more natural, which will only emphasize the charm and charm of its owner.
  3. As a rule, a sexy girl always looks well-groomed, such concepts as personal hygiene and taking care of her own health are not alien to her.
  4. In addition, an important role in creating a sexual image is played by manners, smoothness and grace of movements, and a look.


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