how to neatly paint nails

A woman’s hands are always in sight, often they are the first to be noticed.

You can bring your hands into proper shape in any beauty salon, it will not take much time, and you will be admiring a neat manicure for a long time. However, if for some reason it is not possible to seek help from a specialist, then you can easily cope with the task at home.

How to make a neat manicure yourself?

In fact, achieving what you want is not difficult, it will take a little patience and practice. A few simple rules will help you acquire the necessary skills, so that with each successive time the manicure becomes more flawless.

So, for starters, let’s decide how to make nails neat:

  1. Before you start painting, prepare your hands, and in particular the nail plate, for the upcoming event. To do this, steam out the nails, remove or push back the cuticle, file the desired shape. Make sure that the shape and length of the nails is the same on all fingers.
  2. To paint your nails easily and neatly, sand the surface as thoroughly as possible, then degrease it.
  3. Only then can you proceed directly to staining.

The correct application of varnish depends on how beautiful your nails will look. Professionals recommend, before learning how to accurately paint nails, to purchase high-quality varnishes, brushes and tools. The painting technique itself is something like this:

  1. First you need to cover the nails with a transparent base. It protects the surface of the nail from the aggressive effects of colored pigments, and evens it out, which allows you to make up your nails quite accurately and keep the result as long as possible.
  2. After the base coat has dried, you can start applying colored varnish. Even short nails will turn out neat and beautiful if you start painting them from the central part of the nail plate, and then evenly distribute the varnish on the sides.
  3. According to the rules, colored varnish is applied in two layers, so that the color is rich and deep, and the manicure looks professional.
  4. The final stage is the application of a protective coating, which will give the nails a glossy shine and prolong the life of the manicure. Of course, at home, the protective layer is often forgotten.
  5. You can eliminate application flaws with a regular toothpick, cotton wool and nail polish remover.
  6. It is better to start staining in the direction from the little finger to the thumb.

How to do a french manicure neatly?

Practically does not go out of fashion and is popular with all generations of French manicure. In addition, it looks quite appropriate in almost every situation.

This method involves painting the tip of the nail in a color other than the base. The classic jacket is a beige nail plate and a white tip.

As a rule, to accurately do a French manicure at home, you need practice. The sequence of French execution is as follows:

  1. As mentioned above, you first need to prepare the nails.
  2. Then apply base coat.
  3. For beginners, it is better to use special stencils. They are glued along the line that separates the nail bed and the edge of the nail.
  4. White varnish is applied to the free tip of the nail.
  5. After that, the stencil strip is removed, and the entire nail is varnished in beige, peach or pink.
  6. In the end — varnish fixer.


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