Delicate and sensual, cloyingly sweet, invigorating fruity or fresh like a sea wave… Whatever your fragrance, you want to keep its sound as long as possible. MedAboutMe Shares Proven Ways to Preserve Scent!

Store your perfume correctly

Store your perfume correctly

The persistence of the acquired fragrance depends not only on the quality of the perfume, but also on where we plan to store it. If bottles and flasks with spicy, citrus, woody, musky and amber notes are kept in the bathroom or in any other warm and humid place, hoping for a fragrance to last is a mistake. Heat, light and humidity of the room destroy the composition made by perfumers and worsen the quality of perfumes. The ideal option for storing fragrances is a dry, cool place, away from the sunlight pouring in abundantly from the window.


If you have several favorite fragrances, get a special stand for them. Thus, you do not have to go through the bottles for a long time, all the perfumes will be visible at a glance. Depending on your preference, the stand can look like a bookshelf, music box or cake stand.

Moisturize your skin

Moisture on the skin will reliably “fix” the fragrance. Perfumers advise their clients to spray perfume immediately after getting out of the shower. And fragrance manufacturers even produce entire compositions designed to work as a common tandem. Typically, such lines include a scented shower gel, cream and deodorant that complement each other. In order not to lose your individuality, you should not rub the fragrance, just apply it on the skin and enjoy the sensual notes.


You need to use toilet water, perfume or deodorant before you put on an outfit. Some fragrances leave stubborn stains on clothing, accessories and jewelry. Therefore, creating a puff of fragrance by spraying perfume up and then walking through it is a bad idea if you are already dressed.

Spray perfume on your hair

Spray perfume on your hair

If your perfume is alcohol-based, and most fragrances are, you can spray it on your hair. Curls must be pre-washed and dried. It is recommended to spray perfume from a distance of 20-25 centimeters. Or another option is to sprinkle perfume on a massage brush or comb, and run it through your hair several times. Please note that if you use this method often, alcohol-based fragrances can dry out your hair and scalp. Therefore, moisturize them more often with cosmetic masks and natural oils.


Do not apply fragrance to the strands if you use styling products. Most foams, gels and hair sprays have their own smell, which, when mixed with perfume, can form an undesirable amber.

The sense of smell depends on the gender of the person. In most cases, women are superior to men in the ability to distinguish and recognize odors. But newborns have the greatest sensitivity to aromas. According to studies, they have an almost 100% sense of smell, which, unfortunately, decreases by 40-50% during the first year of life.

Find common ground

These are the so-called «pulse points» where the blood vessels are closest to the surface of the skin. These points are able to release heat, so that the aroma constantly circulates in the air. Applying perfume behind the earlobes, at the base of the neck, on the crook of the elbows and knees or on the inside of the wrists, you can be sure of a pleasant train behind your back and the impression you make.


Do not spray perfume on the décolleté or underarms. These zones tend to sweat, which means that the result will be unpredictable.

Use cream-based cosmetics

Use cream-based cosmetics

All cosmetics that have a creamy or oily texture are ideal for retaining fragrance. This is exactly what beauty bloggers think, and advise their fans to moisturize the skin with lotion, cream, or lubricate with petroleum jelly before applying perfume. After that, spray perfume or toilet water on top.

It is believed that this simple trick will prolong the durability of the perfume, because the fragrance will not “seep” into the pores of the skin, but will always be on its surface, delighting a person with its notes.


When choosing a means for «fixing» perfumes, prefer fragrance-free cosmetics.

Pick a scent for the time of year

The fragrances presented by perfumers react differently to the seasons: wind and calm weather, biting frost and piercing heat. Here, the level of humidity of the air, as well as the temperature regime, play a role. In the warm season, aromas open faster and disappear after a short time. And in the cold season, subject to low temperatures, the aroma evaporates more slowly, which means that its durability is higher.


Choose your scent for every season. In summer, when the body requires freshness and coolness, citrus aroma will come to the rescue, and in winter, warm and sweet perfumes, concentrated perfumes are more durable.

There is a separate area dealing with the study of the perception of smells. This is olfactometry. According to her data, up to 1000 neurons can simultaneously participate in the recognition of some perfume compositions!

Show your individuality

Show your individuality

Persistence of aroma also depends on the individual characteristics of the person. So, friends can note that the same perfumes stay on the skin of one of them for 5 hours, while the other one smells of them for only 2 hours. And one more interesting feature: aromas are revealed differently on the skin of different people! For some, the skin holds woody notes better, while someone enjoys a citrus drive longer, vanilla is ideal for someone, and musky aromas for others.


Experiment! To determine the aroma that will be persistent on your skin is possible only by experience, which means that there are a lot of pleasant discoveries and fragrant impressions ahead.

Explore the properties of fragrances

Sometimes, to get a decent product, just read the label. Some fragrances are inherently more enduring than others. So, according to experts, fresh smells are the first to disappear, then floral and citrus fruits, woody notes evaporate a little more slowly, and finally, real centenarians are oriental aromas.

The form of the fragrance also matters. It’s no secret that perfumes are more concentrated than eau de parfum, and the latter, in turn, is inferior to eau de toilette. But regardless of the form of the fragrance, you need to store it in a tightly closed bottle, avoiding sunlight. In this case, the fragrance of perfume will last 5-10 hours, eau de parfum — 3-5 hours, and toilet water — about 2-3 hours.


You can, on the advice of Marilyn Monroe, find your fragrance and use it all your life, or you can choose perfumes for a celebration, mood or evening dress. In any case, you should know: if you use perfume for a long time, the olfactory receptors “refuse” to perceive them, and you can barely smell the aroma. But this does not mean that perfumes are unstable!

Expert comment

Maria Trofimova, perfumer, perfume stylist, psychologist. Author and presenter of aromatic trainings

Very often, when they come to a perfume shop, many people ask the seller the question: “Are these perfumes persistent?”. Persistence of the fragrance is one of the key criteria for its purchase. Therefore, to this question, I would like to give some professional recommendations that will allow your fragrance to live on the skin for 6-10 hours.

Tip 1: Pay attention to the composition!

Today, the perfume market is replete with different fragrances and it is sometimes easy to get lost which fragrances are persistent and which are not. There is a useful tip on how to choose a persistent perfume — you need to pay attention to its composition. Perfume is a complex composition that includes many substances, you should pay attention to the lower notes. If they contain ingredients such as amber, musk, castorium, patchouli, jasmine, various spices, woody and leathery notes, it is most likely a long-lasting perfume.

Tip 2: Determine if your skin is «cold» or «hot».

Perfumers have such a thing as «cold» or «hot» skin. How to understand — what is yours? If you tend to feel chilly, your hands are often cold even in a warm room, then you definitely have “cold” skin. “Hot” skin is more common in those people from whom energy “burns”, they always have hot hands and they are often hot! The «care» of the fragrance from the «hot» skin is much faster than from the «cold» one, since the evaporation from the latter takes longer! For a longer fragrance life, I would recommend using a body cream before applying it to the skin — especially for those with «hot» skin.

Tip 3: Smell the right way!

Proper application of the fragrance also prolongs its longevity on the skin! If you have a spray fragrance, then it should be applied from a distance of 20-30 cm to the “hot” points of our body, as if dipping into a fragrant cloud. «Hot» points are the wrists, elbows, jugular fossa, earlobes. This method of application will allow the fragrance to “lie down” on a large area of ​​​​your skin, and this in turn will increase the duration of its sound. You should not apply fragrance to clothes, it can ruin it, especially if you use natural perfumes!

An important point, if you want to leave a fragrant trail behind you, I recommend applying the fragrance to your hair (back of the head). Plus, the scent lasts much longer!

And an important point, very often we do not hear on ourselves the perfume that we use all the time and we can doubt its durability. Here it is more worth trusting the opinion of a person close to you, whether you can smell the aroma. Our nose tends to adapt to the familiar smell and not hear it. Therefore, do not overdo it with the application of your favorite perfume on the skin, in the hope that you will hear it! So you can cause headaches and nausea in others! I wish you a fragrant mood!

Expert comment

Dr. Stefan Jellinek, chemist, perfumer, author of fragrance books

Perfume is the second skin of a person, this is the aura and atmosphere in which he should be comfortable and well. When choosing a perfume, you can’t do without mistakes, but there are 5 golden rules that will simplify the search and help you quickly find “your” fragrance.

  • Try to choose fragrances in the morning, inhaling no more than three different compositions at a time. Don’t inhale the scents for too long, give your nose a rest.
  • Determine your favorite direction of perfumery, you must clearly know which fragrances you like and which you don’t.
  • Eliminate notes that do not suit your style, lifestyle, expectations.
  • Always inhale the fragrance from your skin, the sound of a perfume on a tester will not give a real picture of how perfume will interact with your body chemistry.
  • Never wear a perfume that you don’t like or that makes you uncomfortable. There are no and should not be compromises.


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