An important component of an attractive male figure are broad and muscular shoulders. This can be achieved by performing special exercises to work out the deltoid muscle. You can train both in the fitness center and at home. The main thing is to adhere to the rules for conducting classes and the technique for performing elements.

Rules for conducting fitness training for the shoulders

Rules for conducting fitness training for the shoulders

To properly pump the desired shoulder muscle, you need to train all its bundles — front, middle and back. In this case, the following rules for conducting fitness classes must be observed:

  • Give an even load to all beams.
  • Pay more attention to basic exercises.
  • If one of the bundles develops worse, then you need to give it an additional load by performing isolating exercises.
  • Use weights — dumbbells and a barbell.
  • Start with the minimum weight to work out the technique.
  • Select such a weight that you can perform from 8 to 12 repetitions of the element. In this case, the last repetitions should be performed with effort, but without harm to the technique.
  • To get started, just perform a few basic effective exercises. As the muscles grow, you will see what needs to be corrected.
  • When performing exercises, it is important to ensure that the load is felt precisely in the shoulders. If the muscles of the back or hand work, then something is done wrong and it is necessary to reconsider the technique.
  • Be sure to warm up the muscles before the main complex.
  • You should pay attention not so much to the weight and the number of approaches and repetitions as to the regularity of training. It is desirable that specific muscles are involved in training at least twice a week.

A set of effective exercises for deltas with a barbell

A set of effective exercises for deltas with a barbell

The following effective exercises for deltas are performed with a barbell:

Stand up straight, spread your legs shoulder-width apart. Grab the bar with a direct grip and raise the projectile to chest level. Stretch your arms with the projectile straight up, lingering at the top for a couple of seconds, and lower back to your chest. Raise the projectile on the exhale, lower it on the inhale. The movement of the hands is slow, without jerks. To avoid injury, you need to slightly bend your back in the lower back. With this exercise, all the bundles of the delta are involved, but the main focus is on the middle.

  • Press from behind the head.

Sit down, slightly bend your back in the lower back, take the projectile with a wide straight grip and place it behind you at neck level. Stretch your arms with the projectile up and slowly return to the starting position. Exhale — lift the bar, inhale — return to the starting position. All beams are involved in the exercise.

The first 2 exercises are combined. Sit down, take the bar with a wide straight grip and place it at chest level. Extend your arms up and return to the starting position.

  • Lifting the projectile to the chest.

Standing, grab the bar with a direct grip (slightly narrower than the shoulders) and hold it in front of you in lowered hands. Raise the projectile to the level of the chin, keeping the elbows strictly to the sides. At the top point, linger for a couple of seconds and take the starting position. The neck and back should form one line, you can not bend over. Do not turn your head to the side. The projectile should rise above the shoulder girdle. This exercise allows you to pump the middle section of the deltoid muscle, as well as the trapezoid.

You can perform these exercises in 5-6 approaches. Rest between them should not exceed 2 minutes. As soon as it becomes difficult to follow the technique of performing the elements, it is necessary to finish the set.

Exercises for deltas with dumbbells

Exercises for deltas with dumbbells

In the arsenal of every healthy lifestyle fan who prefers home fitness, there is a pair of dumbbells. With them, you can perform no less effective exercises:

Sit on a chair with a back, back straight, legs shoulder-width apart and bent at a right angle. Keep your head straight, look straight ahead. Take the shells in your hands, bend at the elbows, turning the palms forward. Dumbbells at ear level. Hands and elbows are in the same vertical. Straighten your arms up, touching the dumbbells to each other at the top point. Hold the position for a couple of seconds and slowly return to the starting position. Hands should rise and fall simultaneously. Don’t arch your back.

  • Bench press with a turn.

To perform this fitness element, you should take dumbbells with less weight. Starting position — as in the previous exercise, only the arms with the shells are turned with their palms towards themselves. Straightening your arms up, they should be simultaneously turned with your palms away from you. Returning to the starting position, turn your palms towards you again. Do not fully extend your elbows. At the top point, you should fix the position for a couple of seconds. Don’t stop below. The movements and turns of the brushes are smooth. The speed is the same in any direction of hand movement.

Stand up straight, pick up shells and lower them at the seams. Tilt your body forward a little. Raise your arms in front of you (shoulder-width apart) to chest level. Elbows slightly bent. At the end point, the outer part of the brush should be slightly raised. The load should fall entirely on the shoulder girdle, which will allow you to pump the lateral part of the deltoid muscle. This exercise is not basic. Any violation of the technique can lead to a shift in the load on other muscles, from which the effectiveness of the training will decrease.

  • Bent over arms.

Take dumbbells in your hands, tilt your torso forward below hip level. Lower your hands in front of you. Spread them to the sides, lifting as high as possible, and lingering for a while at the top point. It is also important that at the top point of the hand on the side of the thumbs be tilted slightly forward. Movements are smooth. Rounding the back can lead to injury, so you should strictly monitor its position. At the same time, its lumbar part should bend a little. This exercise allows you to work out the back delta.

  • You can also perform the first exercise from the barbell complex with dumbbells.

The number of approaches and repetitions depends on the possibility of high-quality performance of the technique.

A good result can only be achieved with the help of dedication and regular training. Elements for pumping the shoulder muscles must be included in the fitness program of those who want to have a perfect athletic figure.


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