Nasolabial folds — wrinkles on the face in the form of longitudinal grooves that stretch from the wings of the nose to the corners of the lips. The moment of their formation and the degree of severity depends on many factors — the tone of the facial muscles, skin features, heredity. A thorough skin care can slightly move the appearance of wrinkles forward. But only salon procedures often help to remove the already formed “nasolabial folds” — it is difficult to get rid of them at home.

Nasolabial folds on the skin: the causes of their appearance

Nasolabial folds on the skin: the causes of their appearance

Mimic wrinkles, including nasolabial ones, can “decorate” a woman’s face even at a young age. This phenomenon is connected more with the features of the anatomy of the face.

Most often, nasolabial folds appear in people with active facial expressions. It would seem that the habit of smiling should only bring positive, but it is she who becomes a frequent cause of the appearance of «nasolabial folds» on the face — the muscles of the cheekbones are in constant hypertonicity, which leads to the formation of a «roll» between the lower eyelid and the upper lip and the appearance of a pronounced crease on the cover . Other reasons include:

  • improper skin care;
  • the use of low-quality cosmetics;
  • bad habits;
  • sharp weight loss;
  • the habit of sleeping with your face buried in a pillow;
  • lymphatic or venous congestion in tissues;
  • timely uncorrected bite.

Nasolabial folds do not appear all at once. Have you noticed that small grooves have become visible on the skin? Take action now! And here an integrated approach is important — along with the use of nourishing and anti-aging masks, cosmetic ice, moisturizing creams in home facial care, facial gymnastics will also be effective. And pronounced folds on the skin can be removed only with the help of salon procedures.

Home Skin Care: Facial Gymnastics

Home Skin Care: Facial Gymnastics

Special exercises are the first thing to start the fight against nasolabial folds. If wrinkles are not yet pronounced, then gymnastics will help slow down or even stop their formation. Regularly performed exercises will help relieve the tone of the facial muscles, improve blood circulation in the tissues — all this will positively affect the condition of the cover.

The skin will become more toned, even if you spend a minimum of time on exercises — two “visits” of 5 minutes are enough. It is not necessary to stop at just one exercise — alternate between them. And do not forget to look in the mirror in the process — this way you will «track» your facial expressions. The skin of the face and hands, since they will also be involved, must be clean!

Include the following exercises in your home facial:

  • Inflate your cheeks as much as possible, and then slowly release the collected air through your mouth.
  • Tightening the muscles of the face, pull the upper lip down. In this position, “fix” it for 1-2 minutes. Repeat exercises 5-8 times.
  • Slightly squeeze the cover in the area of ​​​​the formed nasolabial folds with your fingertips — you get an excellent massage. But during the exercise, do not stretch the skin.
  • Index fingers at the corners of the lips. Stretch your lips a little to the sides (as if smiling) — “freeze” for 5-10 seconds, and then return your lips to their normal position. Repeat the exercise 30-40 times.
  • Stretch your lips with a tube and pronounce the sound “uuuu” with a drawl — while the lips should be tightly closed. Then, with your mouth slightly open, say «oh-oh-oh.» Perform 10-20 times.
  • Pull forward lips, folded in a tube. Stay in this position for 5-10 seconds, then the lips can be relaxed. Do the exercise for 2-3 minutes.
  • Puff out your cheeks. Now roll the air in your mouth back and forth. Exercise spend 1-2 minutes.
  • Close your lips tightly. Now inhale and exhale air with one or the other corner of your mouth. Repeat the exercise 30-40 times.

Salon procedures to eliminate nasolabial folds

Salon procedures to eliminate nasolabial folds

And if you are a little “late” with home skin care, and nasolabial wrinkles are already very noticeable, only a beautician will help. And only a specialist should choose the appropriate method of “smoothing” the cover — each of the methods has contraindications! Salon procedures can include not only the introduction of various drugs under the skin — there are also hardware techniques. But each of the methods has a common principle — a change in the tone of the facial muscles, skin tension.

In the fight against «nasolabial folds», the following salon procedures are effective:

  • Insertion of fillers under the skin

After the introduction of «cocktails» based on various substances into the deeper layers of the skin, its surface is smoothed out — age and mimic wrinkles either disappear altogether or become less noticeable.

The most popular among cosmetologists and their patients are injections of fillers based on hyaluronic acid. Depending on the specific drug, the effect of the procedure lasts up to a year. Hyaluronic acid activates the synthesis of collagen in tissues. It is biologically compatible with the cells of the integument, and therefore, the introduction of drugs is much easier to tolerate. And even when the effect of the introduced substances passes, the nasolabial folds will be much less pronounced.

Fillers based on synthetic substances give a longer effect — up to 2 years. But their use is undesirable due to many contraindications and possible complications after the procedure.

  • Deep peeling

Many types of chemical peels give an excellent effect — eliminating wrinkles, scars and age spots, moisturizing and nourishing the skin, getting rid of acne.

The use of «ordinary» scrubs at home will not give such a result — specialists use special formulations during the procedure. Do not use professional products at home!

  • Botox injections

No less popular salon procedure. Neurotoxin, which is contained in the preparations used by the cosmetologist, blocks the transmission of nerve impulses to the facial muscles. This eventually leads to the fact that they relax, and wrinkles disappear.

The effect of the procedure lasts up to a year. Botox injections have a lot of contraindications and can cause undesirable consequences (violation of facial expressions, omission of soft tissues) — choose the clinic where the session will take place with caution.

Several types of massage can be included in skin care for the correction of «nasolabial folds». These are painless beauty sessions, but in order to achieve a positive effect, you need to go through a whole course of procedures.

Cosmetic clinics offer several types of facial massages (hardware and non-hardware) — Lpg massage, Asahi massage, plastic and cosmetic.


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