Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to surprise your loved one, family and friends with a special gift from the heart. High-quality cosmetics or accessories for face, body and hair care will be a win-win, aesthetic and practical gift option. A set of cosmetic products with a rich content of useful ingredients is the best idea to please loved ones, give them special attention and show your care for them.

Why cosmetics?

It seems to many that cosmetics as a gift are only banal sets of shampoos and shower gels in a festive design. But you are wrong! In fact, the assortment of modern cosmetics is simply huge, and choosing a gift for a girl or a boy on February 14 is not so difficult.

«It is impossible to choose yourself»

If you buy a gift blindly on Valentine’s Day, the probability of making a mistake is very high. But if you analyze the characteristics of your other half at least a little, you can find the right idea, and not just one. Moreover, on Аvocado.ua You have an incredible opportunity to consult with our online manager, who will help you decide on the necessary gift for a loved one.

What to give a woman on February 14?

Choosing a gift for a girl is always a little easier than for a man. However, this does not mean that you can give anything. A good gift is products with a pleasant aroma that will please girls for a long time, or useful accessories that will maintain the beauty and youth of the skin.

Gift ideas for a girl/woman:

  • care products such as masks, face scrubs and patches;
  • accessories and means for manicure;
  • cosmetics (lip balms and glosses, powder, eyeshadow palette, makeup base, etc.);
  • facial accessories (massage sets, sleep masks, cleansing brush);
  • set of thermal water;
  • hair care sets (masks, lotions, conditioners, heat protection, silk, fillers).

Let’s consider one of the ideas in more detail. For example, hair filler: which one to choose and what is it?

Hair filler is a universal means of stimulating growth and improving hair structure. It will be a great gift for many women. A worthy representative of fillers is the Intensive hair restoration filler with an active composition from La’dor, which eliminates the negative results of using hot styling products, restores each curl after the action of paint and chemical curls. Improves the structure of strands, straightens them, gives shine and silkiness.

What to give your husband on February 14?

Shaving products are not the only cosmetic gift option for men on February 14. Assortment Avocado allows you to choose a gift for any age and for any taste! Moreover, a set of cosmetics for taking a bath, skin care, hair and beard will be an original surprise and a manifestation of your care.

You can give your husband:

Let’s talk about hair loss remedies. A good representative for solving this problem is Vichy Complex Anti-Hair Loss for Men, which improves microcirculation in the scalp, stimulates and normalizes the growth of hair follicles, strengthens hair and minimizes hair loss.

What to give to relatives and friends?

Surprises that show your warm attitude are the best gifts for friends and family on February 14. They can be small, because the main thing is not the size and price of the gift, but the emotions they cause and the attention you pay.

A pleasant surprise will be:

And remember that the most important thing in a gift is your time and attention, as well as warm thoughts about a loved one! And the team Avocado will be happy to help you with your choice!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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