How to understand what color to dye hair for girls with different types of faces?

How to understand what color to dye your hair? It is best to go to an experienced master, so that a professional will help you make the right choice, but if you want to experiment with your appearance yourself, then first you need to determine your type, and then make a decision radically you want to change, or add light updated touches.

How to choose a hair color?

What hair color to choose? There are several answers to this question, as well as advice from leading stylists.

  1. In the era of dominance on the world podium of minimalism and retro, it should be remembered that the natural beauty that nature has endowed you with should be appreciated and multiplied. After all, sometimes you can tint only the roots of the hair to hide the gray hair that breaks through, or slightly transform the tips, while maintaining your natural hair color, which will always be in harmony with your appearance.

how to choose hair color

  1. If you want cardinal changes, then you should carefully study the trends of the season, for example, this spring and summer of 2021, unusual and catchy tones will come into fashion, purple, red, even green and yellow, blue and burgundy remain, not only in a plain version, but and with gradients.
  2. How else to understand what color to dye your hair? According to stylists, the most incredible color combinations can suit dark-skinned beauties with brown and black eyes, but fair-skinned young ladies need to be careful with radical changes.

what hair color to choose

Who suits red hair?

Who suits red hair? Definitely those who were already born with gorgeous fiery-colored hair, naturally red-haired beauties, both with straight and wavy hair, flirtatious freckles on their faces and blue or green, less often brown eyes. If your color falls under one of the shades of this beautiful tone, then here you can vary from orange, carrot to chestnut undertones, make soft gradients within the dominant tone, add white or brown feathers, but it is better to refuse gray and purple combinations with red. , as well as from pink.

who suits red hair

How to understand what red color to dye your hair if you are naturally blonde? Girls with delicate features and pale fair skin will suit pastel shades of red, muted wheat, golden reflections, highlighting and coloring with the addition of a halftone of yellow gold. Brunettes and brown-haired women can experiment with copper and honey undertones, enriching their color with fiery colors, adding positive and flirtatious notes, mischief and playfulness to the overall look of the hairstyle.

who suits red hair

Who suits ash hair color?

A chic and beautiful hair color with an ashen tint will suit all blondes, fair-faced beauties with blue and gray eyes, it will pleasantly shade the face, add expressiveness to the eyes and give tenderness and charm. It is also a trendy choice for the upcoming spring and upcoming summer seasons of 2021. Can be done:

  • monochromatic coloring;
  • highlighting and coloring;
  • balayage;
  • multi-colored ashy feathers and strands.

who suits ash hair color

How to understand what color to dye the hair of dark-skinned beauties if you want to get into the trends of the season? For those women who have their own dark hair, it is better to choose dark ash shades if there is a desire to make a fashionable hairstyle in the spirit of modernity and keep up with the times. However, a slight dilution of all curls with a light ash tone will give a certain chic and charm, mystery and charm, update the look and successfully add romantic notes to the planned images.

beautiful hair color

Who suits black hair?

According to stylists and trendsetters, fashionable dark hair colors this spring-summer 2021 season are black, chestnut, dark blond, graphite, dark blue and dark purple with a black tint and all their combinations and halftones. If you have dark skin and you are a natural brown-haired or brunette, then you can add light accents in the form of feathers and multi-colored strands, with red, yellow, green, pink, blue and purple hues to your natural beauty, or make highlights with a little lightening.

who suits black hair

How to understand what color to dye the hair of brown-eyed and green-eyed dark-skinned beauties? Real dark colors will suit them, even true black, wet asphalt and graphite tint. It can be diluted with a bluish and pinkish, reddish and emerald tint, which will give a certain amount of mystery and charm, add a touch of extravagance and catchiness, brightness and saturation to the overall look of the hairstyle. With a natural blond, it is better to abandon extreme changes in appearance and very dark tones, and choose chestnut undertones.

trendy dark hair colors

Medium length hair color

Average hair length and color? According to stylists, the best choice for medium lengths will be caramel, honey, blond, gray, ash and golden shades, with gradient transitions to purple, blue, red and black tips. If you want a dark and rich tone, then feel free to choose all the halftones of chocolate and brown dominant colors, like black. A chic monochromatic hair color will turn out for fair-haired and dark-blond beauties, as well as for light-blond fashionistas, because in the era of domination of retro-minimalism, natural beauty is at the top of the fashionable Olympus.

medium length hair color

Universal medium length will look great not only in natural, whether it is blond, brown, chestnut, copper, red or light brown, but also in trendy creativity with a touch of red, yellow, blue, blue, pink and green undertones, double hidden coloring, highlighting or coloring, balayage, airtouch, shatush and sombre techniques. Two colors in one hairstyle will look very impressive, black-red, copper-chestnut, or green-pink or red-violet in full contrast, with the addition of multi-colored feathers and curls.

hair length and color

What color suits short hair?

Fashion dictates its own laws on hair color for a short haircut, obeying it, you should choose muted halftones, solid coloring, or coloring with imitation of naturalness and soft color transitions from one tone to another. With a natural chestnut, you can easily try pink, turquoise, raspberry and even yellow to change your image. Blondes can experiment with powdery, soft peach and pink shades, gray and ashy. Chocolate does not leave the leading positions, and metallic comes to the fore.

what color suits short hair

Charcoal black and honey copper tones remain in demand, however, when a decision is made to radically change the image, you can put aside a monochromatic hair color and use different colors of hair tinting using the rainbow coloring technique, when two, three and even four diverse bright colors are collected in one hairstyle. basic shades. At the peak of popularity of the spring-summer 2021 season, stencil hair coloring with different patterns, both floral and geometric, remains, the result is a mysterious and tempting haircut.

short hair color

Color for long hair

In modern times, it is difficult to single out one fashionable hair color for a long length, because stylists and experienced hairdressers advise experimenting with all the rainbow and pastel palettes. An excellent choice for lovers of naturalness is the balayazh technique, when several tones are used that are as close as possible to your natural color. Red, black and chestnut, copper, caramel and honey, peach, gray, ash and pearl tone remain in the trend. Sombre and Icecream-coloring techniques, when a smooth transition goes from darkened roots to the tips with bright iridescent shades.

color for long hair

The hot hits of this spring-summer season for long hair are not only natural colors, red, brown and brunette, chocolate, black and blond, but also juicy, rich and delicate, soft purple, red, blue, pink and even blue undertones. Remember Malvina? In the spring and summer of 2021, everything that is unexpected, extraordinary and extravagant is possible. One thing to consider is that if you are a business lady or you have a strict dress code, then it is better to use a solid color in neutral, close to natural colors, with the addition of light accents.

trendy hair color

What color to dye your hair caret?

The current timeless classic is beautiful in its monotony, however, the color of the hair on the bob can also vary and be extraordinary. For example, two contrasting primary, bright and saturated colors in one hairstyle. Screen coloring is also fashionable, with geometric, floral and floral patterns. The bob itself can be anything, both traditional and a mix of cascade bob, bob bob, bob with a leg and a bob with a ladder with oblique, but perfectly straight cuts. An excellent choice for bohemians, youth and extravagant mature women.

what color to dye your hair

If you are a business woman or you have a strict dress code at work, then a solid bob or dyeing this trendy balayage haircut is the best choice for you when creating office business suits and stylish looks, both for every day and for a holiday. Trend colors are:

  • eggplant, black and chocolate;
  • caramel, ash, dark blond and light blond;
  • red, chestnut, all shades of blond, pearl and gray tone.

hair color on a square

Hair coloring in two colors

According to style experts, the most fashionable hair color is a creative coloring in two colors, both iridescent and made in any other modern hairdressing technique. Hidden hair coloring will look very nice when one bright color is slightly hidden under the main tone. Excellent, bright and juicy combinations:

  • green and pink tone;
  • blue and blue tint;

two color hair dye

  • purple with diverse natural colors and catchy red and yellow;
  • a combination of blonde, caramel, milky pearl, gray and ash with dark tips.

most fashionable hair color

How to choose a hair color for your face?

In order for the hair to match the skin color and harmonize with the overall appearance, you need to know some simple rules of type. There are 4 types — winter, spring, summer and autumn. If you are a spring warm type, then your hair should be dyed golden yellow, linen, beige, golden brown, light chestnut, caramel. Naturally look silver, pearl shades. For a cold summer type, light blond, ash blond, light silver, platinum blond, ash brown tone will become characteristic colors.

how to match hair color to face

For a warm autumn type, bright, saturated colors are more suitable: red, fiery copper, chestnut, dark brown. You can experiment with the red scale, choose shades ranging from beige to brown, bright copper and brick-copper, gold. The representatives of the cold winter are dominated by sharp tones with a cold bluish sheen, black, chestnut, brown, red, blue, purple.

skin color hair

Hair color for pale skin

The most suitable hair color for fair skin is cold chestnut shades of hair and platinum blond, will play in full but harmonious contrast — black and dark red, but provided that you have a cold type. The following hair colors are suitable for warm skin tone: golden red, golden brown, golden caramel and bronzes darker than your skin. You can also try gray-violet and pink scales, a lilac palette and pearl gray, silver-ash tones. From the red range: raspberry, ripe (not dark) cherries, eggplant.

hair color for pale skinhair color for fair skin

What hair color suits dark skin?

The game of contrasts and complete harmony, or hair color for dark skin can be any trendy, both dark and light, from platinum blond, if a decision is made to radically change the appearance, to true black. A rich red palette is also suitable: ruby, cherry and burgundy, and brown gamma of coffee, gray shades. It is worth paying attention to ashy, brown, silvery light colors, blue-black and purple.

what hair color suits dark skinhair color for dark skin

Eye color hair

Choosing a hair color according to eye color is very simple, knowing some simple secrets. Cold tones of hair dye are suitable for cold shades of eyes and warm tones are suitable for warm ones. The selection of a new color is an individual process that takes into account your external data and hair structure. Best of all, it will be carried out in the salon with the stylist who will color your hair.

eye color hairchoose hair color according to eye color

What hair color suits brown eyes

Do you want to choose a beautiful hair color for brown eyes? Stylists strongly recommend starting not only from the color of the eyes, but also from the general type, although for brown-eyed beauties they may be suitable:

  • all dark and rich rainbow colors, black;

what hair color suits brown eyes

  • the whole spectrum of brown tone and chocolate;
  • red and wheat shades.

beautiful hair color for brown eyes

What hair color goes with green eyes?

The optimal hair color for green eyes, according to style legislators, will vary between brown and red, but chocolate, black, ashy and gray should not be ruled out. Perfectly shade the face and give expressiveness shades of blond, metallic, caramel, wheat tones, you can try purple and even red. It is logical that modern and extravagant women can experiment with the green spectrum, especially in the gradient.

what hair color goes with green eyeshair color for green eyes

Hair color for blue eyes

A wonderful hair color for light eyes with a blue tint is the whole spectrum of blond and partially red shades. What else can you pick?

  1. Light brown, dark brown and light brown tones.
  2. Ash and gray gamma, metallic with a blue tint.
  3. Pearl, silver, chestnut, chocolate and black tone, but closer to graphite.

hair color for blue eyeshair color for light eyes

What hair color goes with gray eyes?

What hair color for gray eyes is considered the most relevant? Fashion gurus recommend paying attention not only to the eyes, but also to the type as a whole, because all cold shades of the rainbow and pastel spectrum are best suited to gray cold eyes, but the harmony of combinations will depend on the tone of the face. You can safely choose for yourself an ash, gray, blond, pearl, black and blue-black shade.

what hair color goes with gray eyeshair color for gray eyes

Hair color for black eyes

Black eyes and hair color. This is both a difficult and an easy choice, and you should also consider the type. For dark eyes with dark skin, all the rich and bright colors of the rainbow spectrum, catchy gradient transitions, unimaginable extraordinary combinations of pink with green and yellow with red, feathers and multi-colored strands will be an ideal choice. If you want conciseness and elegance, then you can pay attention to monochromatic coloring or the balayage technique.

hair color for black eyesblack eyes and hair color


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