How to understand what color to dye the hair of fair-skinned and swarthy girls?

Style legislators advise not to radically change your appearance in the new year, especially if you already clearly know what suits you and what does not. In 2022, many shades are in fashion, even such as green, red and blue, but, you see, if you have green eyes, then red hair will cause disharmony in appearance.

How to choose a hair color for your face?

What color is better to dye your hair?

  1. Leading hairdressers note that non-trivial rainbow and even pastel shades are in fashion now. The most daring women of fashion may well decide to experiment with their appearance and become red, green, blue, purple, blue and even yellow. The pink tone is still in demand. Provided that you like this color scheme.
  2. Given that retro minimalism dominates the global catwalk, those women and girls who prefer their natural hair color will win.

how to match hair color to face

  1. Modern dyeing techniques allow you to make highlights, coloring, multi-colored feathers and a two-tone hairstyle. Balayazh will also look great.
  2. How else to understand what color to dye your hair? Stylists recommend starting from your type and choosing shades based on the type. What suits autumn may not suit winter, summer and spring.
  3. In hairdressing, the color of the skin of the face and eyes is also taken into account, because, for example, with the help of dyeing the hair, you can shade the pallor and smooth out the swarthyness, reveal the full depth of the beauty of the color of the eyes.

what color is better to dye your hair

Color type winter, hair color

The skin of the Winter girl can be either porcelain-white, pale, without a blush, or olive. Therefore, fashionable hair color varies from warm to cold tones. Stylists recommend dark chestnut or blue-black shades. Depending on the color of the eyes, and they can be any, both gray or blue, and brown, you can choose contrasting combinations and a bright color palette. The trend range includes fuchsia, purple, burgundy and silver, gray, smoky, ashen.

color type winter hair color

How to understand what beautiful color to dye the hair of a winter woman? Fashion experts note that not only dark and saturated colors, chestnut, mahogany, brown, black and graphite, but also blond, even caramel can suit this color type. If your skin is porcelain-colored, then blond hair with catchy feathers, highlighting, coloring and balayage of a blond in combination with an ash-blond, dark blond or brown tone will give an amazing result.

trendy hair color

Tsvetotip spring, hair color

What hair color is fashionable for a spring woman?

  1. The skin of the spring color type is light, however, when tanned, a slight golden hue appears on it. Therefore, natural wheat shades of blond and golden blond tones will suit. If you want to become a redhead, you should experiment with a copper, honey or even red palette. Dark hair color can perfectly emphasize bright blue or green eyes. The natural hair color of the spring color type is often warm. For example, natural wheat blond, honey, golden blond, reddish.

color type spring hair color

  1. How to understand what color to dye the hair of a spring girl, especially if you want drastic changes? Burning brunette is not the best choice for this color type. According to leading hairdressers, it is worth taking a closer look at warm and rich brown and chestnut shades. The spring color type has a natural warm-light pigment in the hair. Therefore, after staining, it is important to ensure that unwanted yellowness does not appear.

what hair color is trendy

Tsvetotip summer, hair color

Women and girls of the summer color type are characterized by skin with a pink undertone, a cold shade of hair and eyes, which most closely matches the Slavic type of appearance. Fashionable hair color for women-summer is light blond, ash blond, dark blond with an ash tint, ash blond and grayish. These tones are close to natural and are considered natural. However, so that your hairstyle does not look gray-boring, you can make trendy multi-colored feathers, highlights and balayage, shatush, ombre, but in cold undertones.

color type summer hair color

A two-tone hairstyle will be a stylish solution. For example, one half of the head is dark blond, and the other is a mysterious dark shade with a blue or pink tint. The summer color type has several varieties. There are light, natural, soft, cold, bright or contrasting summers. Trendy shades should be chosen from a palette of cold tones. And they can be both dark and light. Platinum and ash blonde, wheaten, dark and strawberry blonde, ash brown. For lovers of experiments, rose gold and lavender are an excellent choice.

trendy hair color for women

Autumn color type, hair color

To determine which fashionable hair coloring colors are suitable for an autumn woman, you need to understand that by nature they can have red and brown hair, and their skin is soft, pale and with a golden hue. Let the end result preserve the natural red or copper sheen of the hair. Try chestnut, brown, «rusty», copper shades. Red-brown and fiery red shades are acceptable, but mainly for «warm autumn».

color type autumn hair color

If you want to radically lighten your hair and give it a cool shade, you should not limit yourself. With this choice, you will need a rich, bright and thorough makeup. Representatives of the «dark autumn» — brunettes and dark brown-haired women can conduct many experiments with hair color and diverse dyeing techniques. Multi-colored feathers, blue, red, copper, pink and even blue tint will not become disharmony with the right palette of eye shadows, blush and lipstick.

trendy hair colors

What hair color suits dark skin?

The most suitable hair color for dark skin, especially if gray eyes, is a dark honey blond. An excellent choice for dark-skinned beauties will be warm blond shades, and deep caramel tones, chestnut, cinnamon, milk chocolate and mahogany. With green eyes, reddish undertones will perfectly shade you. Most swarthy girls belong to the autumn and spring color type. Stylists note that ash tones do not suit girls with freckles, and rich red colors do not adorn girls with light eyes.

what hair color suits dark skin

The best hair color for complexion for those with dark skin can be a contrast:

  • golden undertones, caramel, wheaten blond, it is possible with dark feathers and strands;
  • dark brown, brown and chocolate hair, black and raven are allowed, provided you have brown eyes;
  • you should look at dark blond, honey, coffee variations;
  • pay attention to soft graphite, mocha, dark chocolate, cinnamon, milk chocolate and mahogany, warm browns, coffee with milk and dark chocolate.

hair color for dark skin

What hair color suits fair skin?

An excellent hair color for pale skin with a pinkish-bluish cold tint is a red gamma, wheat undertones and light blond tones. If you have cold olive skin, then pay attention to the orange palette. Caramel, reddish brown, golden copper. With pale skin, black and dark red undertones are suitable for contrast. Brown-eyed girls with fair skin are chocolate, caramel, chestnut, copper, sand, golden blond and blue-black shades.

what hair color suits fair skin

If you are thinking about partial coloring, for example, a gradient or a balayage, then you can experiment with any color. Of the original shades, mahogany, mahogany or chocolate purple may suit you. When blonde is preferred, choose wheaten or golden shades. Depending on the color of the eyes, fair-skinned women of fashion will suit light shades of light brown, both warm and cold, ashy, snow-white and platinum tones.

hair color for pale skin

Hair types and colors

Creative and fashionable haircuts and hair color directly depend on the courage and determination of a woman, her readiness for cardinal changes. Nobody is going to cancel the eternal classics and natural shades. If you are a natural redhead, blond, brown-haired, brunette or blonde, and do not want big changes, then no one will judge you, because retro minimalism dominates the global catwalk. Everything natural and natural is valued.

hair types and colors

However, when there is a desire to change something, then you can make a bob or cascade bob with a blue tint, and a two-tone cascade or ladder with black, purple or pink strands. No one canceled fiery, red and red tones, as well as ash, white, radical black and even green, which is very popular this year, especially in two-tone painting. A pixie in lavender, a square in a yellow palette, a wolf haircut with green or red tips is unlikely to fit a business suit, but in a glamorous office or for students they will be a strong solution.

trendy haircuts and hair color

Color for long hair

Although the length and color of the hair do not directly depend on each other, but leading hairdressers and stylists note that in the coming year, not only a full multi-colored avant-garde, but also a restrained classic will be in fashion. With light highlighting, coloring and balayage. On long hair, dark blond and light brown gamma, ashy tint, dark tones, brown-haired and brunette, chestnut, chocolate, even red, but as close as possible to naturalness, will look amazing.

color for long hairhair length and color

Fashionable color for short hair

The heyday of full creativity, or what color for short hair is in the trends of 2022? Anyone, the legislators of style will answer, and they will be right. With their light hand on the world podium, you can see all the colors of the rainbow and pastels, in plain and multi-colored versions. Even green-haired beauties conquer the streets of megacities with a confident gait. Hits — short haircuts in light brown, pink, lavender and lilac, ash and chestnut versions with dark or light feathers, depending on the dominant tone of the hairstyle.

fashion color for short haircolor for short hair

color for wavy hair

Are you a natural blonde or redhead with curly hair? Then you are in luck, because your curly hair color is in the trends of the coming year. However, dark-haired beauties should not despair either, because chocolate, burgundy, chestnut, as well as brown-haired with a brunette, are also in hits, like everything natural. When there is a desire to experiment with appearance, then it is worth taking a closer look at yellow, red, red, blue and purple shades.

color for wavy haircurly hair color

Color for fine hair

Fashion trends in hair color tend to be completely creative, especially if the curls are naturally thin. Due to multi-colored strands, feathers and a two-tone hairstyle, you can visually increase the volume of hair, both long and short. Unusual tonal combinations will only be welcome, long curls can be made lavender or lilac with pink feathers, but short ones are completely multi-colored, both on a dark and light base. Naturalness with light highlighting or balayage has not been canceled either.

color for fine hairfashion trends in hair color

How to match hair color to eyes?

In order to significantly improve your appearance, you can and should match the color of your hair to the color of your eyes. By definition, the color type, winter, spring, summer and autumn, it is already possible to determine that green, blue and brown eyes are ideally combined with red tones, chestnut, dark chestnut, chocolate. Blond, like brown-haired, is universal, brunette is more suitable for black-eyed fashionistas.

how to match hair color to eyeshair color for eye color

What hair color suits brown eyes

An excellent hair color for brown eyes, according to fashion experts, depends on the type:

  • a cool undertone tends more towards an ash blond and a silvery-white tone;
  • warm type prefers golden brown, bronze and almond shades;

what hair color suits brown eyes

  • it is worth noting that even on dark colors, chocolate, black and dark brown, light strands and feathers will win.

hair color for brown eyes

What hair color goes with green eyes?

Hair color for green eyes is difficult to choose, because naturally green-eyed beauties can have dark chestnut, chestnut, red, blond and copper tones. However, if you have green eyes, this does not mean that you cannot become an ash blonde or a burning brunette, because there is also a color and skin tone. Light brown and reddish-blond hair, multi-colored coloring using green paint will perfectly fit into the created images.

what hair color goes with green eyeshair color for green eyes

What hair color goes with blue eyes?

Red hair color for blue eyes will be a trendy choice in 2022, as will red-blond and light brown. Natural blondes will be lucky, they will not have to radically change their appearance, because no one has canceled the classics of the genre, blond and blue eyes. Dark tones should be treated with caution so as not to cause disharmony of the whole type, although dark blond and dark chestnut, as well as chocolate hair with light strands and feathers, you can easily try.

what hair color suits blue eyeshair color for blue eyes

What hair color goes with gray eyes?

According to stylists, hair color for gray eyes should be selected based on the type of appearance and skin tone. Pure gray eyes are rare, there are more blue-gray options, so painting should take into account these features. Mega stars prefer light blond and wheat curls, ash and gray, but with multi-colored feathers and strands. Red gamma and some dark shades are allowed.

what hair color goes with gray eyeshair color for gray eyes

Hair color for black eyes

So that fashionable shades of hair colors are in harmony with your black eyes, feel free to choose:

  • bright interpretation of platinum — bet on snow, not gray. To pure platinum, you can add a bright halftone — cold blue or purple;
  • mixed coloring, combine light brown, shimmering bronze and careless light gold highlights;

hair color for black eyes

  • black-brown curls with dirty tints;
  • chocolate and ginger shades of paint, highlighted cinnamon.

trendy hair colors


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