How to update old sandals

How you sometimes want to revive your favorite sandals that have already lost their appearance. And this is quite possible. A favorite pair of shoes can take on new life with a little effort and imagination.

How to update sandals?

The easiest way to update old sandals is to decorate them with various decorative elements. For example, you can put a pattern on shoes with rhinestones, beads or even shells in continuation of the summer theme.

If you are just tired of the look of sandals, then you can feel like a designer for a while. To do this, you need to wipe the surface of the sandals with a cotton swab with alcohol, and then decorate them. You can use both acrylic skin paints and simple nail polishes. Initially, as a primer, cover the surface of the shoes you want to repaint with white paint. Let dry overnight. But pre-glue the surface that you leave unchanged. Then proceed to coloring the sandals. Those parts that you have not sealed, cover with the varnish that you have chosen. Let the polish dry overnight again. From simple everyday sandals, you can get a stylish designer pair of shoes.

If your sandals have not lost their appearance yet, but you really want to add some detail, then you can use fabric flowers. They are sold in the sewing departments. If you wish, then you can make this element yourself from a satin ribbon.

Some needlewomen manage to update old sandals with yarn. Knitted elements are sewn to the old sole — very original sandals are obtained.

You can give a new life to sandals with denim. Here, by the way, old jeans come to the rescue. Just imagine how profitable: the jeans are not lost, and the new sandals are free.

You can remove worn straps. New fabric straps can be attached to the sole. This is not so difficult to do, since the straps are inserted into the finished holes and fixed.

Updating old sandals is a very exciting process. You can involve children in this business. Try to update sandals with felt elements. The model will turn out very bright and cheerful.

Sandals decorated with buttons will look spectacular, especially if they are multi-colored. A great youth option for a summer walk with friends.

From simple everyday sandals with tulle, you can make a luxurious pair of shoes for going out.

Remember, you don’t have to spend crazy money to buy designer shoes in boutiques and shops. It is up to you to create your own collection of shoes for yourself.


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