Palette of nuances

Autumn is a time of warm, muted and non-contrasting shades. In color, you can safely play with nuances, combining several shades in one manicure. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment! And the most popular will be warm shades of yellow, swamp green, olive, light undertones of coffee, as well as nude.

Thin lines and abstraction

Thin lines, geometrically even or soft, smooth — this year’s manicure must-have. They look quite organic as an independent design element, and in a company with abstract spots, splashes.

Abstraction means blots, spots, prints, dots, strokes, small silhouette drawings — in general, everything, everything, everything! Fantasy for such designs can be drawn from the works of modernists and abstractionists — that’s where the real storehouse of original colors and shapes is!


This year, neon is back at the peak of popularity. It can be found in clothes, shoes, accessories. Nails are no exception. But if in the summer it was fashionable to cover the nails with plain neon, then in the fall it is better to dilute it with calmer warm tones or a transparent base. Also now in vogue is a neon jacket — a great alternative to the classic one.

Stamping with plant motifs

The relevance of stamping has not subsided for several years now. It’s all about the variety of design options in which it can be used. This fall season, stamping with plant motifs is in fashion. Combine it with inserts of warm shades, or apply over a translucent foundation.

What is NOT fashionable:

Long nails in the form of «stiletto» and «ballerina»

Short, neat nails in the shape of an oval, almond and square are back in fashion! Use our recommendation and choose one of the above forms: they are much more practical and elegant than «stilettos» and «ballerinas».

Sequins and rhinestones

Want to add some sparkle to your manicure? Use transfer foil in silver or gold hues. We guarantee: such a manicure will look a hundred times more original than its counterpart with rhinestones or sparkles!

Extended nails with a classic jacket

For several years in a row, this type of manicure was at the peak of popularity. Almost everyone went with him. But now the extension, and especially with the «French», looks too pretentious and unnatural. We advise you to replace it with the above neon jacket or any other colored jacket. And no monograms!


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