Inscriptions on nails - a selection of the most fashionable and original ideas

Once again reviewing the ideas of stylish and fashionable nail art, it is sometimes difficult to choose an option that expresses your individual taste. Maybe you like this trend, like inscriptions on the nails, which are becoming more and more popular.

Manicure with inscriptions on nails 2019

If you are in search of stylish and interesting nail art, you should pay attention to nails 2019, fashion ideas with inscriptions that look amazing at any length and easily fit into the framework of modern styles. Adorable nail design with inscriptions looks very bold and original, with its help you can easily create a stylish look and attract attention.

Manicure with inscriptions on nails 2019

There are many interesting options for what the inscriptions on the nails can be. Popular ideas are a romantic theme with words about love, which is especially relevant for Valentine’s Day. These can be short quotes that reflect your worldview and views, or words that have a symbolic meaning or special meaning to you.

Manicure with inscriptions on nails 2019 ideas

There are many variations of how the inscriptions on the nails may look:

  • a short phrase written in small print on one long nail;
  • Manicure with inscriptions on nails 2019 options

  • words are written on each nail, as a whole forming a phrase;
  • Manicure with inscriptions on nails 2019 style

  • by letter on each nail, which together form a word (more relevant for short nails).
  • Manicure with inscriptions on nails 2019 fashion

Much in a manicure with letters depends on the font, writing style, color. The inscriptions can be both light and romantic, and, on the contrary, bold and defiant. For a stylish and sophisticated design, this manicure option can be combined with other nail art techniques — foil, glitter, rhinestones, broths and many other well-known options and their combinations.

Manicure with inscriptions on nails 2019 decor

Manicure for short nails with inscriptions

Short nails have become a trend in recent years due to the practicality of the solution. They look more easily and naturally, moreover, they do not create discomfort in everyday life. Stylists could not help but take this into account, in modern fashion there is no idea that could not be applied to a short length, and stylish, bright popular inscriptions on nails were no exception.

Manicure for short nails with inscriptions

The main rule of a manicure with an inscription is that the text should be readable, no sloppy effect should be allowed. If the length of the nails is short, it is important to avoid long phrases, large fonts, too bright colors. The best option would be short words and phrases that fit on one nail, for example, “miss you”, “I love you”, or you can limit yourself to simple words like “love”, “happy”, “sweet” and much more. These ideas are some of the most popular, but you can use many others to your taste in any direction.

Manicure for short nails with inscriptions ideas

Manicure for long nails with inscriptions

Beautiful long nails will allow you to realize any idea of ​​a manicure with inscriptions — even a long text can fit on such a nail plate. The main thing is that the master is able to do the work carefully, avoiding sloppiness. If you want to put a long text on the nail plate, it is important that it is also clear and readable. The most contrasting option is black text on a white nail plate, and vice versa. But for many, this color scheme may seem too simple or conservative. Good ideas are: black text on a pink or nude background, white on blue, green.

Manicure for long nails with inscriptions

There are a lot of options for what nails with inscriptions 2019 can be. Popular ideas for text are phrases about love, romantic ideas, or short philosophical quotes that have a deep meaning. If your lifestyle is bold, creative and daring, you can make an inscription on long nails in your favorite direction — various youth subcultures, fashion clothing brands, sports themes, and more.

Manicure for long nails with inscriptions ideas

Sharp nails with inscriptions

A trendy idea in recent years has become long sharp nails, creating a special extravagant image and not allowing to be left without attention. Even monochromatic nails of this shape look stylish and bright, but there are no limits to the possibilities of variations. This year, stylists offer to combine two original and trendy ideas, such as a built-up shape and unusual lettering on the nails.

Sharp nails with inscriptions

Which lettering ideas to use for sharp nails depends, first of all, on their length — small words or letters can be placed on a short nail plate, while there are much more variations for a long one. For the design of pointed nails, you can use the same ideas as for round or square ones, but they will look completely different, more catchy and outrageous.

Sharp nails with idea inscriptions

Lettering Nail Ideas

A manicure with inscriptions on nails may seem like a very boring and banal idea, but only those who have never implemented such an idea will agree with this. In fact, a solid color nail design with a simple word or phrase is just one of the many variations. In addition to it, there are an endless number of stylish and fashionable ideas that can be used in nail design 2019.

Stickers for nails with inscriptions

Stickers for nails with inscriptions

In order to make beautiful inscriptions in a neat, miniature and readable font, and even repeat it exactly on the other hand, you need extraordinary skill, which, unfortunately, not all masters can boast of. The good news is that there are nail sliders with inscriptions that solve this problem at a high level.

Stickers for nails with inscriptions

Sliders are special stickers — neat and miniature text in different design options on a very thin film. When used correctly, the slider fits very neatly on the nail, the text does not differ from the original painting, and the transparent film should not be visible.

Drawings on the nails of the inscription

Drawings on the nails of the inscription

Nail design with inscriptions can be original, handmade, in combination with artistic painting or without it. But it is easy to guess that even with the highest level of skill, it is extremely difficult to maintain an ideal font, especially a small size. Therefore, it is better to choose a design with short words that the master is guaranteed to be able to place on the nail plate and avoid the sticky effect.

Idea stickers for nails

A variant of such inscriptions is especially popular, in which only one letter of a short word is written on each nail, but at the same time it is very bright and readable. The most used words for such ideas are the meaningful “love”, “happy”, “sweet”. For a more interesting design, text can be combined with a miniature neat drawing.

Drawings on nails lettering ideas

Red nails with inscriptions

A red manicure will not let you go unnoticed — such nails always attract maximum attention, especially with an interesting design. A stylish and fashionable idea was a red manicure with inscriptions on the nails, which gives the image of mystery and a touch of romance. In addition to popular standard words and phrases, you can use any other ideas — the name of a person, the name of a city, and so on.

Matte nails with inscription

When making inscriptions on red nails, it is worth paying special attention to the readability of the text — against such a background, difficulties may arise with this. To make the text easy to read, you should choose a larger font, clear print or interesting capitalization. Of great importance is the color of the inscription on the red nails. The most successful options are contrasting colors — white and black, yellow is less often used.

Matte nails with inscription ideas

Matte nails with inscription

Every year, matte manicure becomes more and more popular, giving the image a touch of rigor and extravagance. A huge advantage of this idea is the ability to use any design and decor options, including beautiful inscriptions on the nails. There are a lot of variations of matte manicure, the most suitable background for text is white, black or nude.

White nails with inscriptions

Matte nail art is a relatively new idea, and many are wary of the options for using different decorating methods. And it was done in vain — due to the lack of the usual glossy sheen on a matte background, the inscriptions are clearly visible and easy to read. As in the glossy version, they can be successfully combined with other nail design options.

White nails with inscriptions ideas

White nails with inscriptions

Nail design in white is a universal solution. It looks great on both short and long nails, a white manicure can be either plain and concise, or using complex original ideas, including the use of inscriptions. A white background has a huge advantage — any text color is clearly visible on it, and you can safely put not only short words, but also long phrases in small print.

White nails with inscriptions options

Due to its contrast, the white color of the nails has become the most popular background for inscriptions. If you want to make a long text and use a small font, it is better to choose a dark color for it — black, dark blue, green, brown. Another popular option is nails with the inscription “amore”, “love” and other interesting capital letters using interesting patterns — flowers, hearts, balloons.

White nails with inscriptions style

French on nails with inscriptions

The classic version of manicure is a gentle and beautiful jacket, which is appropriate both in everyday life and on the occasion of a party, holiday or even a wedding. In the original version, it is a flesh-colored nail plate with a beautifully designed white edge. But modern stylists annually offer fashionistas new interesting variations of it, including French nail design with inscriptions.

French on nails with inscriptions

When thinking over ideas for a French manicure with inscriptions, it is important that the text is not too large, bright and sticky, otherwise it will completely obscure the beautiful and delicate jacket. To maintain balance, it is better that the text is short, not catchy, and only on one fingernail. The optimal color for the inscription on a classic French manicure is black.

French on nails with idea inscriptions

Black nails with inscription

Nail design in black looks very bright and outrageous. If earlier it was applicable exclusively for long nails, now stylists have worked on options for short ones. But there is another indisputable plus of the nail design, matte or glossy, in black — this is an excellent background for beautiful and readable text. Not only gentle or philosophical, but also bold inscriptions on nails, reflecting the mood of a creative and bright girl, will be appropriate.

Black nails with inscription ideasBlack nails with inscription

Nude manicure with inscriptions on the nails

If you like a neutral color of the nail plate, suitable for any length of nails. Unobtrusive and appropriate for any occasion, you should pay attention to the nude tones — the flesh color scheme. Many people like the monochromatic version of the nail design, but for some, with all the love for light neutral shades, this idea may seem boring. In this case, it is worth considering nail design ideas with inscriptions.

Nude manicure with inscriptions on the nails options

The advantage of nude manicure is lightness and neutrality, versatility. It also makes a great background for nail art with text – the letters on it are usually clearly visible and easy to read. But the color for the text should be chosen as dark as possible, it is better to give preference to black. The font can be anything, even small and ornate.

Nude manicure with inscriptions on the nails

Nails with inscriptions and rhinestones

If you have the idea to make inscriptions on the nails, this does not mean at all that in this case you will have to give up other nail decor options. The text can be perfectly combined with any design, especially with rhinestones, which will transform the nails and add a dazzling shining shine. Combining trendy nail inscriptions and miniature shining pebbles, it is important not to overdo it — the design should remain as light and concise as possible, do not overuse the decor.

Nails with inscriptions and rhinestones

Cool inscriptions on nails manicure

Having reviewed most of the ideas of what the inscriptions on female nails can be, many come to the conclusion that such an idea is suitable only for gentle and romantic natures. But this is not entirely true — although most of the popular ideas are lyrical or love themes, you can also pick up cool inscriptions on the nails that reflect your creativity and sense of humor. At the same time, it is important not to neglect the basic rules — the text should be clear, neat and readable, it is better to give preference to contrasting tones of the background and inscription.

Cool inscriptions on nails manicureCool inscriptions on nails manicure fashion


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