Inverted triangle body type

There are several types of figures, knowledge of which helps designers and stylists more competently and reasonably select clothes for certain shapes. Often, girls with an inverted triangle figure experience difficulties in choosing clothes.

Where to begin?

First, let’s define what distinguishes this type of figure from all the others. The owners of the inverted triangle are characterized by wide, expressive shoulders, large breasts, rather narrow hips and almost flat buttocks. Based on these characteristics, we can conclude that girls with a similar figure should divert attention from the upper body and try to focus on the lower part as much as possible. To do this is quite simple.

Clothes for an inverted triangle figure

The color scheme of blouses or shirts should be quite restrained. At the same time, jackets and sweaters with frequent horizontal or straight vertical stripes and elongated patterns are welcome.

Blouses and sweaters should be selected with a V-shaped or oval neckline. As for skirts, special attention should be paid to straight models or models flared down. For lovers of trousers, you can choose narrow, straight models. Sweatshirts and dresses with a low waist will look advantageous.

Dresses with a wrap or with a full skirt are one of the most suitable options for an inverted triangle figure.

Inverted triangle body shape — what not to wear?

It should be clearly understood that in this case wide and voluminous pullovers are contraindicated. It is better to choose clothes without shoulder pads. The top should be concise, without bright decorative details that emphasize the chest.

A vertical stripe is not a contraindication in this case, but the fabric should be dense, not knitwear, as it tends to distort the shape of the pattern on the figure. A large drawing, again, should decorate not the top, but the bottom.

And remember that any figure can and should be irresistible if it is properly decorated.


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