Iroquois - a stylish hairstyle for the most daring fashionistas

Originality and outrageousness are actual qualities in modern women’s fashion. And when it comes to extravagant styling, the most daring decision comes to mind — the mohawk. And few people realize that there are a lot of stylish variations of such a hairstyle.

Iroquois — the history of hairstyles

The history of such an extraordinary solution in hairdressing is rooted in the ancient Indian tribes that lived in South America. The inhabitants of the settlement of the same name wore this haircut, since the hair was practically removed and did not bring discomfort in the heat. Much later, such ideas became the current choice of informal cultures. However, initially the Mohawk hairstyle was considered purely masculine. But as is often the case, the masculine becomes feminine. A fashionable solution has become a great way to emphasize your individuality and originality.

mohawk hairstyle

female mohawk

In modern fashion, there are several interesting variations of stylish styling. Skilled craftsmen are able to create the illusion of an attractive scallop without removing the length or shaving the temples. In addition, stylists add original accents, which makes an already unusual hairstyle even more non-standard and daring. And this option has become a popular addition to evening and themed bows, if they do not have to withstand the official style. Let’s see how the women’s mohawk hairstyle is in trend:

  1. plain. High styling option is perfect for any shade of hair. And in a monochromatic solution, such an addition is more versatile for choosing clothes, shoes, accessories and other details.

female mohawk

  1. Highlighted. A combed comb with contrasting strands looks attractive and stylish. Stylists use not only natural shades of paint, but also atypical colors and rich colors.

Mohawk hairstyle for women

  1. With decorations. The main advantage of this style is an open face and completely removed hair. Smooth styling will be perfectly complemented by expressive hairpins, jokes with flowers and a bow, bringing a touch of femininity and romance to the overall bow.

Mohawk on the head

Women’s Mohawk for short hair

This type of styling has become one of the most successful for girls with short hair. As you know, short haircuts are difficult to give variety, so you often have to use the same methods and forms. Iroquois with short hair looks more expressive and clear. Short curls are easier to stack vertically. However, in any case, it is necessary to use strong fixatives. In this case, the strands can be separated or create a fluffy and voluminous effect, which looks more romantic and cute. And in this case, it is not necessary to shave the whiskey.

Mohawk for short hair

Iroquois for long hair

The advantage of thick and long curls is the ability to embody the most original and non-standard solutions. The main thing is that, even removing the length in one place, by moving the parting or combing, you can hide such a detail or, on the contrary, accentuate a stylish addition. A long mohawk can simply be imitated by braiding or combing individual strands. At the same time, the sides are trimmed, shaved, or simply laid smoothly with a strong hold gel or varnish. Models for a longer length in any version look more feminine and elegant.

Mohawk for long hair

fashion mohawk

In modern hairdressing, stylish and bold styling has gained a more universal character. If a few decades ago such a decision was welcomed only in informal images of representatives of subcultures, today the original haircut complements both feminine romantic combinations and outrageous casual looks. Without a doubt, there are limitations, for example, such a choice is excluded in business style. Stylists distinguish several main varieties of hairstyles. Let’s see the most popular types of Iroquois:

  1. With shaved temple. This option is considered the most common. It is easier to shave whiskey evenly than to cut it neatly. And in this case, you can shave only one side, which is especially true for long hair.

fashion mohawk

  1. Classic. The classic version is a narrow strip at the top. Such a hairstyle always fits into a sharp comb, both high and concise, depending on the length.

Iroquois types

  1. Quiff. This idea is considered an alternative to the classics, but is distinguished by the presence of elongated strands that are combed in the direction from the forehead to the back of the head. If you want to add even more originality, curls can be combed to the side.

mohawk in girls

  1. Gothick style. This style is considered the most extravagant of all variations. Gothic style involves obligatory shaving of the sides as short as possible. Blondes and women of fashion with a light shade of hair are recommended to dye the roots in a dark color.

Iroquois varieties

mini mohawk

The trend is a laconic small form. This option looks the least extravagant and defiant. A small mohawk is perfect for owners of neat haircuts, which are difficult to give an interesting look. Mini style can be done in a simpler way — grading. This method involves a cascade solution with an elongated crown. Stylish styling is considered chaotic curls, and even a messy hairstyle with a pointed «house» at the top. For such images, large jewelry and staining with small strands are suitable.

mini mohawk

Iroquois with bangs

Such a popular and extraordinary hairstyle can be worn in combination with bangs. The most popular option is an elongated strand in the forehead area, which is laid on its side or vertically. You can twist the bangs on a large curling iron. This mohawk haircut is perfect for girls with a round oval face and a high forehead. A fashionable addition will be both asymmetrical and oblique bangs. This part of the hairstyle can be dyed in a contrasting shade or highlighting. The advantage of bangs is the ability to smooth out skin imperfections, but in a hot period, such a solution can cause discomfort.

mohawk with bangs

Female Reverse Mohawk

In modern hairdressing, there are several ways to create high styling. One of the most popular and unusual is the reverse method. In this case, the “comb” in the middle of the head is cut off in a cascade, starting from the back of the head. In this case, the curls are combed forward towards the forehead. By adding a mohawk on the head with coloring in the style of highlighting or coloring, the strands will look more clear. However, in one color, the whole look takes on softer contours, which is also suitable for romantic, extraordinary bows.

female reverse mohawk

Iroquois with pigtail

The most unexpected solution would be the addition of pigtails. In the trend are different types of complex and simple weaving. Directly, the “comb” can be made from a braid, which will allow you not to remove the length. In this case, the reverse method of bulk weaving will be relevant. Stylists insist on straightening each turn, which will give an openwork shape to the styling. The Iroquois braid is not at all distinguished by its informal and defiant style. On the contrary, such a decision emphasizes femininity and romance. With the help of spikelets, you can also smooth the sides, which has become an alternative to shaving.

mohawk with pigtail

multicolored mohawk

Popular informal styling is often associated with atypical hair color. And such solutions are often found in a modern style among representatives of subcultures and informals. Given that the trend is a bright direction and contrasts, such ideas are also relevant for everyday wear. A pink mohawk is considered a stylish choice. And here all shades are welcome — from delicate ivory to rich raspberry. But if you want to stand out from the crowd by all means or are going to a theme party, then contrasting rainbow coloring will be a win-win.

multicolored mohawk

curly mohawk

Styling on curly hair is done in a classic way. Here the sides of the head are shaved or cut short, and the crown remains thick. The main criterion in this case is the natural structure of the curls. However, girls with straight hair can easily achieve this effect with a curling iron or hot rollers. But it is worth using strong hold products to ensure a clear shape for the whole day, especially in wet weather. A short Mohawk for girls with straight curls will not work. But long strands can be laid in the opposite way, creating the illusion of bangs.

curly mohawk

fake mohawk

If you are not decisive enough and confident in your desires, then you can try bold styling in a “fraudulent” way. This option is more suitable for owners of hair of large and medium length. The simplest solution would be to comb the sides up and fix with the help of invisibility. This option is concise and perfect even for strict bows. False varieties of mohawk are also presented using a «banana», which holds the curls on top, giving them the shape of a «comb». Weaving remains in trend as an alternative to shaving the temples.

fake mohawk

wide mohawk

It is not necessary to make the “scallop” narrow and clear. In modern style, chaotic hairstyles with the effect of untidyness remain in trend. Therefore, a short wide mohawk is considered a stylish and less daring choice. In this case, you should shave or cut the sides, unless you know for sure that you want to emphasize a particular informal style. However, a simpler solution would be a strong bouffant using strong fixatives and smooth styling of the side zones.

wide mohawk

Men’s mohawk hairstyle

Initially, this type of styling was intended only for men. The mohawk haircut for men looked like a narrow, high, with a clear separation of the “comb” strands. But in modern fashion, more elegant solutions are also welcome. For example, a trendy choice would be to shave the entire head to zero, and use a short haircut attachment for the strip in the middle. In this case, the hair can be laid in the form of a «house». An actual addition is the graphic shaving of the temples in the form of abstract patterns, drawings or inscriptions.

men's mohawk hairstyleMohawk haircut for men


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