Kanekalon braids - a bright and stylish hairstyle for modern fashionistas

Kanekalon braids are very popular these days. Although it is not easy to braid their pigtails on their own, many girls do them with great patience or by turning to the services of a stylist. Artificial strands, in their properties close to the structure of the hair, have found their application in weaving braids.

Who are kanekalon braids for?

Kanekalon for several hot summer seasons in a row excites the imagination of not only teenage girls, but also older fashionistas. This fashionable and affordable material instantly gained immense popularity:

  1. Kanekalon braids with fashionable colored strands are an attribute of youth fashion and all those who choose youth style as their main image. Such braids are suitable for absolutely all lovers of bold experiments.
  2. Afro braids with natural-colored material can create a calm look without shocking or provoking the audience.
  3. Kanekalon can decorate both discreet two braids, as well as unimaginable afro-braids and small elements braided over the surface of the head.
  4. The length of the strands is also different, these are pigtails with kanekalon for short hair, and for medium strands, and for long curls to the waist.

who suits pigtails with kanekalonweaving afro braids with kanekalon

Weaving braids with kanekalon

You can braid pigtails with kanekalon both in a beauty salon, and on your own or a friend at home:

  1. Kanekalon sets are available in natural shades, from dark to light, and a variety of multi-colored shades, from pastels to brights. Therefore, an experienced craftsman can create weaving of Afro-braids with kanekalon with a gradient transition of two or three shades.
  2. At home, you can create a hairstyle from one French braid, two French braids, called «boxing» and numerous small French braids.

weaving braids with kanekalon

How long do kanekalon braids last?

Girls who decorate their hairstyles with fashionable and bright material are ready for a long wear of such braids. This is one of the advantages of braids with woven artificial strands:

  1. Two braids, braided by the French method, they are also called «boxing», are worn for a maximum of about a week.
  2. Small small braids with kanekalon from 10 pieces, braided over the head, are worn for a maximum of one month, without colored strands — up to two weeks.
  3. Afro braids can be worn from one and a half to two months, following simple measures to care for them.
  4. It is worth noting that any braid weaving prolongs the life of the hairstyle. Braided kanekalon braids with artificial strands do not require complex care, but they look very impressive.

how long do kanekalon braids last

How much kanekalon do you need for afro braids?

Depending on the density of your own hair, the desired type of braid weaving, the number of packages of material is selected. When looking for an answer to the question of how much kanekalon is needed for afro braids, there are such answers:

  1. For «boxing» braids or one braided French style, one small package of material is enough.
  2. Small braids from 10 pieces or more, braiding the surface of the head and completely weaving the material, can take about three packs of artificial kanekalon strands, for this you need to take into account your own hair volume and the desired length of the strands, which will increase after weaving.
  3. Legendary and bright afro braids require a lot of time, not only kanekalon. They can take up to 5-7, and in some cases 8 full packages of material.

how much kanekalon do you need for afro braids

Types of braids with kanekalon

You can weave the material into braids of any kind, from the simplest to intricately braided, afrokos or dreadlocks. There are such types of hairstyles, for the creation of which colored kanekalon for braids is used:

  1. Simple French braids with woven strands of material can be worn without unraveling for about a week. You can create a styling of braids with colored strands.
  2. Small French braids with colored kanekalon braided over the surface of the head and turning into long strands are another trend of the coming summer. They are comfortable to wear, they can be collected in a common bundle.
  3. The most popular version of braids created using colored strands is a lot of small Afro braids, which become very popular with the onset of summer.

types of braids with kanekaloncolored kanekalon for braids

Afro braids with kanekalon

African braids with kanekalon are extremely popular in summer:

  1. Many girls choose this hairstyle option on vacation by the sea; braids with interwoven multi-colored kanekalon look very original and evoke associations with vacations in tropical countries.
  2. There are two ways to weave material into afro braids — from the roots of the hair or from the middle of the braids. In each case, they can double the length of the strands or more. It looks especially original when artificial strands begin to be woven from the middle of the Afro-braid, a gradient color transition is obtained.
  3. Afrokosy can be collected in the tail and all kinds of knots. Artificial strands have properties similar to natural hair.

afro braids with kanekalon

Small braids with kanekalon

According to the same principle as afro braids, many braids with kanekalon are performed:

  1. They can be trailed along the hairline on the head in the form of small French braids. In this case, the material looks better when it is woven from the root of the hair, emphasizing the lines of braid weaving.
  2. Experienced craftsmen can combine several similar shades of artificial strands, creating interesting and original color transitions.
  3. Such braids require care similar to afro braids, the service life is slightly shorter than classic afro braids due to the fact that they are woven along the surface of the head in a French way and, growing, do not look very aesthetically pleasing and lose their shape.

small braids with kanekalon

Thick braids with kanekalon

Thick pigtails with colored kanekalon look incredibly impressive. There are several weaving techniques that allow you to make braids in several ways:

  1. Straight weaving is ideal for any girl. The braids are weaved parallel to each other in different directions, adding kanekalon. The created design is fixed with an elastic band.
  2. geometric variations. Then the kanekalon is woven in such a way as to “draw” geometric patterns. It looks very original.
  3. Patterns in the form of waves. There is a real scope for creativity, you can form complex weaving, curls and other intricate elements.
  4. The color scheme is extremely diverse, you can create pigtails with purple kanekalon, with pink, green, red, yellow interlacing.
  5. If you want something unusual — you can take a kanekalon with a «chameleon» effect — such strands change color depending on the ambient temperature.

thick braids with kanekalon

Two braids with kanekalon

A great solution would be 2 pigtails with kanekalon:

  1. To weave beautiful braids with the addition of synthetic material, you need to select three strands of your own hair on your head, add three strands of kanekalon to them and twist them, picking up your own hair.
  2. At the initial stages of weaving, you need to hold the kanekalon tightly, otherwise it may move. This requires certain skills, but there is no supernatural in weaving such braids.
  3. In the back of the head, pigtails like to «bulge out». It is not necessary to re-twist the braid, you can only pin it on both sides with invisible hairpins, and then the hairstyle will look neat.

two braids with kanekalon

Boxer braids with kanekalon

Boxing is called inverted or reverse French braids. They have a good volume, so many girls choose this hairstyle. They make it with a spikelet outward, which is suitable even for thin hair, if you add kanekalon:

  1. On short hair, four boxer braids with the addition of colored kanekalon look great. In this case, the bangs are braided into the base of the pigtail.
  2. A spikelet adapted to the shape of a boxing pigtail is popular. For an unusual look, you can take kanekalon with an ombre effect.

To make wrestling braids with kanekalon, you need to adhere to the following points:

  • carefully comb the hair along the growth;
  • make the first parting in the middle of the head, remove the non-working part of the shock to the side so as not to interfere;
  • braid the braid from the forehead, taking even small strands in front. Move to the back of the head, reaching the place of cessation of hair growth;
  • near the growth line, the curl is divided into three parts. The braid is woven almost like a spikelet, only not from above, but under the bottom;
  • such braids last up to six months. It is recommended to take them off when they start to fluff.

boxer braids with kanekalon

French braids with kanekalon

French kanekalon braids look very elegant and feminine. Thanks to this element, even the simplest image will sparkle with new colors. To properly weave artificial material into braids, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Choose the perfect length kanekalon. For example, 2 m of material is enough to make a braid to the waist.
  2. Separate the bulk of the hair in the parietal region. Divide the curls into three strands. Throw the right side over the central one, and the left side over the right one (it becomes the central one).
  3. Attach the kanekalon to the center strand. There are several options for performing this action. For example, you can wrap the material around the strand, tie it in a knot, and attach it with a bobby pin. Another way would be to fold the kanekalon in half, tie it lightly with silicone rubber so that part of it can be pulled into a loop, and thread some material through this loop. After that, it is necessary to pass a strand of hair through the kanekalon loop and tighten the elastic band tightly.
  4. Distribute the strands so that two along the edges are from kanekalon, and the central one is from natural hair.
  5. Continue braiding. Secure the end with an elastic band. Strands must be stretched to the sides to give volume to the hairstyle.

french braids with kanekalon

Zizi braids with kanekalon

Zizi is a common option to create hairstyles with kanekalon braids:

  1. Zizi can be wavy, twisted or straight. This hairstyle is worn for four months.
  2. In any case, such braids come out thin, so a lot of them are needed for the whole head. For an adult girl, you need to purchase from 400 to 600 zizi. However, you can use another option — weave braids into your own hair, then the hairstyle will look original.

To make a zizi, you need to take the following actions:

  • wash and dry hair well;
  • comb them carefully;
  • select strands 5 mm thick;
  • weave a braid into each strand along the entire length with further release through the braids. For a larger volume, use two zizi per strand;
  • braids are removed after 2-4 months, but in the future they can again be used to decorate hairstyles.

zizi braids with kanekalon

Ombre kanekalon braids

You can make thick kanekalon braids with an ombre effect that look very interesting:

  1. This is a great option not to dye your own hair, but still attract attention.
  2. Smooth color transitions look great, especially in braids.
  3. You can choose both bright and calm options — depending on the desired image.
  4. Pigtails with kanekalon in pastel colors look feminine.
  5. As for the weaving technique, it all depends on the braid that the girl wants. Ombre looks best in boxer or French braids, however, this material can also be used in a single thick braid.

braids with kanekalon ombre

Pigtails with kanekalon on the sea

Braids with pink kanekalon or with material of any other color are very popular at sea:

  1. Often masters offer to make African braids with the addition of colored artificial material. Thanks to this, the girl stands out from the crowd not only on vacation, but also upon returning home — after all, such braids can be worn for a very long time.
  2. Special care for these braids is not required, but it is forbidden to use a hair dryer and iron, go to the steam room or sauna, and take hot baths.
  3. The head is washed once every one and a half weeks, using a special shampoo. Balms should not be used. If hair comes out of the braid, it must be carefully cut with scissors.
  4. Separate braids are allowed to be twisted and strengthened. Going to bed with wet hair is not recommended, it will ruin your hair very much.

pigtails with kanekalon on the sea


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