Hairstyles with kanekalon - stylish, fashionable, youthful!

Kanekalon hairstyles differ in curling methods, they can be playful different braids, or hit voluminous styling, even evening and wedding, they will look especially stylish under beautiful and elegant dresses at proms and youth parties. After all, the solutions obtained will suit both young fashionistas and mature beauties.

What hairstyles can be braided with kanekalon?

  1. Different types of braids with kanekalon lead to diverse hairstyles. Leading masters of hairdressing divide kanekalon according to the methods of curling and weaving. Curled strands can be: zizi, when the finished pigtail is woven into the hair; twisted corrugated strand; Catherine-twist (spring lock). Curly (loose curls), ponies — strands with curls at the tips, dense curly strands of curls and Senegalese braids — twisted bundles. Hairstyles are also made with kanekalon and without weaving braids, for example, buns, tails, afro curls, buns and flagella.
  1. Stylish hairstyles with kanekalon will turn out if they are made in various variations, you can combine several types of weaving in one styling, or choose the same multiple braids, both plain with hair and multi-colored, to enhance the overall appearance. These complex decisions will be made by experienced hairdressers who can spend up to 3 or even 5 hours on one hairstyle, because if you choose African braids, then there are up to 400 of them in one hairstyle.

How to weave braids with kanekalon?

Any braiding with kanekalon begins with a thorough washing of the hair, and treating it with a softening spray or gel of your choice. Then you should qualitatively attach the artificial material to natural hair. Experts draw attention to the fact that the ideal length of curls is 15 cm, however, 5 cm is also acceptable for dreadlocks, when an experienced master fixes a colored strand to his hair with the help of inconspicuous knots or elastic bands.

how to braid with kanekalon

Hairstyles 2020 with kanekalon are unique and amazing combinations consisting of your own and fake curls. Depending on the skill of the hairdresser, you can create stunning hairstyles with gradients, light and smooth, or contrasting and catchy transitions, combining a composition of multi-colored different rainbow strands of kanekalon. Violet, pink, bright and acid colors and all their shades are popular, but for lovers of minimalism, tones as close to natural as possible, blond, brown, chestnut, red, light brown and ashy, have also remained in the trend.

braiding with kanekalon

African braids with kanekalon

To get afro braids with kanekalon, you need to understand how to weave kanekalon into a braid. First you need to choose the fiber that you would like to use, ombre, chameleon or flute. Then gently, fastening it in the center, comb it so that there are no lumps and tangles. First with your hands, then with a comb, then prepare your hair. For this you need:

  • divide the hair into separate strands, fasten with an elastic band or a comb separately, so that they do not interfere with each other;
  • then start from the roots of the hair to weave kanekalon into your own hair, divided into strands.

Afro braids with kanekalon for short hair

Another trend is weaving afrokos with kanekalon, both long and short. This extravagant hairstyle is a wonderful solution for creating unique and bold looks during the holidays, full of summer and intense ideas. This fiber wins due to the fact that it does not fluff up in a braided form, gives the hairstyle a well-groomed look and becomes relevant if a decision is made to radically change the appearance. These braids are very comfortable to wear, they should be washed once a week or every 10 days, dried with a towel or a powerful hair dryer, but do not bring it close to the hair.

French braids with kanekalon

How to braid two braids with kanekalon on any length of hair? Very simple. Divide the hair in the middle, fasten one half with a hairpin or elastic band so that it does not interfere while you are weaving the second. Once you’re done braiding, secure the braid with an elastic band or pin and start braiding the next half of your hair. If one braid is behind, then you should carefully take strand by strand and take turns weaving them into the braid one by one, according to the French braiding technique.

A great option that has hit the trends are colored hairstyles with kanekalon voluminous braids or French braids, when you create additional volume, giving the hairstyle a chic look. These solutions can be easily used to create not only everyday, but also festive bows, especially among young people. The most daring young ladies can make a similar hairstyle even under a wedding dress.

two braids with kanekalon

Spikelets with kanekalon

One of the easiest solutions for every day is weaving kanekalon braids, which you can even braid yourself without resorting to the help of an experienced master. To do this, it is necessary to divide the hair in the middle into a parting, fix one part, and start weaving the second in some chosen way. Then braid the second part of the hair, and fix the result with elastic bands or hair clips. There are a lot of weaving methods, from American to complex French spikelet or spikelet with a waterfall.

spikelets with kanekalon

Diverse hairstyles with kanekalon are so diverse that at the end you can get interesting and beautiful spikelets, both plain and multi-colored, depending on your desire and the purpose of the created image. A wonderful vacation and democratic idea when hair is braided into braids that resemble spikelets in appearance. There can be from two to several dozen of them in one hairstyle.

weaving braids with kanekalon

Boxer braids with kanekalon

A real hit is boxing braids with kanekalon, when it is possible not only to lengthen your own hair, but also to give it a varied look, to weave beautiful artificial strands of various shades. Along with a solid fiber that easily matches the tone of your own hair, you can use an ombre kanekalon with smooth gradient transitions, or a chameleon that shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow under the sunlight.

kanekalon boxer braids

Hairstyles with kanekalon small braids are in demand, both for short and long curls, which are called boxer. They can be on the head from two to ten. If you use kanekalon in combination with threads, they will perfectly lengthen your own hair and diversify your hairstyle with a play of color shades. Experienced craftsmen weave several braids, and then they converge into one, or they remain in the plural. They are easy to chip off, collect and make buns and bunches out of them, even ponytails.

boxer braids with kanekalon

Zizi braids with kanekalon

Zizi hairstyles with kanekalon can perfectly lengthen short hair to create a visual effect of their long curls. You can also use the fiber on the natural length of the hair to leave it intact. How to do it? Very simple. We separate one thin strand of natural hair and the same strand of kanekalon and weave a thin pigtail, and we do this until all the hair is woven into African thin braids. You can use kanekalon to match your hair or play in complete contrast.

zizi braids with kanekalon

Types of braids with kanekalon and zizi, created using bright and catchy material, for example, yellow, red or blue, or with gradient transitions, especially if they are lengthened, are perfectly assembled into diverse hairstyles. In the fashion of the coming season, not only loose hair, but also all kinds of buns, buns and even tails, hairstyles with braids collected or chipped into hairpins and invisibility.

zizi with kanekalon

Dreadlocks with kanekalon

Another interesting solution is women’s dreadlocks with kanekalon, which are needed to make a unique youth hairstyle that resembles many tangled braids. With proper care, dreadlocks retain their attractiveness for a long time, they can be collected in bunches, made into buns and just walked with pigtails. They are considered safe, and bright artificial strands can diversify a casual or vacation look.

dreadlocks with kanekalon

Volumetric braids with kanekalon dreadlocks are worn for about a month, they need to be washed once a week. Any length and color is chosen, experienced masters will lengthen their hair, starting from 8 cm. There are 5 main types of hairstyles. These are classic, DE dreadlocks and SE dreadlocks, reminiscent of a spiral. Jah dreadlocks, characterized by a thin and smooth texture, trash dreadlocks. All of them, except for ja dreadlocks, are woven by hand, some hairstyles are done with a crochet hook, when your hair, previously braided into small pigtails, is crocheted into kanekalon braids.

dreadlocks with kanekalon for women

How to braid braids with kanekalon?

Braids for women with kanekalon are a hairstyle with braided thin pigtails, in their normal state at least a hundred pieces are woven, it turns out a great way to change your appearance, add holiday positiveness and notes of a certain extravagance to the overall conceived bow. Often, such pigtails can radically change the appearance for the better, increase the length and even volume of your own hair, especially if you use kanekalon. These hairstyles are chosen by women of fashion with a pronounced individuality, who are not afraid of any experiments.

how to braid braids with kanekalon

If you use an ombre or multi-colored kanekalon, you can achieve both smooth and sharp gradient transitions on the hair in all shades of the rainbow, which can also shimmer under the sun and change their color depending on the lighting. Properly made pigtails can be collected in buns, tails and buns, they can be made into hairstyles with hairpins and invisibility, a very interesting and effective solution for bold fashionistas who practice catchy looks. They are weaved by dividing the hair into strands and interweaving their curls with the material.

braids for women with kanekalon

Afro curls with kanekalon

In order to make colored braids with kanekalon, the material is already used specially prepared, not even, but very wavy and fluffy. It is attached to the hair by tying knots or extensions, creating a stunning volume effect of curly hair. This hairstyle suits those fashionistas whose hair is thin and dull to give a great look to the hair.

afro curls with kanekaloncolored braids with kanekalon

waterfall hairstyle with kanekalon

A great option for many cases is a waterfall with kanekalon, and to make it you will need certain skills and abilities, an elastic band to match the hair and a thin comb to highlight the strands. The in-demand waterfall hairstyle looks best on wavy hair, so it’s best to curl your hair before you start braiding. Then he will single out one strand from the temple, divide it into 3 parts and start weaving, gradually adding the divided strands to the common braid around the head, thereby creating the effect of beautifully braided flowing hair.

waterfall hairstyle with kanekalonwaterfall with kanekalon

Fishtail with kanekalon

A very voluminous and unusual weaving with kanekalon in one or two braids is called a fishtail, because a similar imitation is created. It can be braided to add a non-trivial variety to the chosen image, add brightness and youthful enthusiasm. This hairstyle is done both in a monophonic and multi-colored version, when either material is used to match the natural hair color or bright red, blue, green and white curls are added on dark curls.

fishtail with kanekalonweaving with kanekalon

Sphinx hairstyle with kanekalon

An interesting example for different occasions will be weaving a sphinx with kanekalon, perfect for a vacation period. If you wanted to braid a lot of braids and go through them for about a month, then this solution would be the best choice. After all, here not only a huge number of small braids are braided, but whiskey and the crown are braided in an original way, patterns and ornaments are made with the help of braids, even in ethno variations, which are easily done by experienced hairdressers.

sphinx hairstyle with kanekalonweaving sphinx with kanekalon

Senegalese braids with kanekalon

Many braids with kanekalon, which are called «Senegalese» — these are twists, weaving from two strands, they are thickened and refined. It is better that the material goes with a color transition. You should take a strand of kanekalon, divide it into two, twist it in one direction, change it to the other, for example, twist it to the right, and change places to the left. They resemble harnesses and belong to the fashionable style of African weaving, which can radically change the image and add a special zest to the appearance.

senegalese braids with kanekalonlots of kanekalon braids

Wedding hairstyles with kanekalon

To create a stunning elegant hairstyle, you can easily use beautiful hairstyles with kanekalon of various types. They are:

  • French braids, or braided hair so that they resemble these trendy weaves in appearance, while at the top, at the crown, the hair can be elegantly styled with curls and curls that create volume;

kanekalon wedding hairstyles

  • collected in a bunch or a bun, a shell or a babette, but with the addition of a kanekalon of natural tones, repeating its natural hair color, and also a voluminous single braid braided to one side;

beautiful hairstyles with kanekalon

  • fish braids and tails, both single and double with original weaving, beautifully framed with strings of pearls or beads with a wreath or jokes woven into the hair;

beautiful hairstyles with kanekalon 2020

  • original and very voluminous braids with unusual weaving, which only experienced hairdressers can offer; for long hair, curls or curls are used, decorated with flowers, headbands and hairpins.

wedding hairstyles with kanekalon 2020

Bundle with kanekalon

Kanekalon hair can not only be braided, but also gathered into a beautiful and playful bun. If you want to use stylish kanekalon to make a stunning elegant hairstyle for every day or for a holiday, feel free to choose the fiber to match your hair color, and experienced masters will offer you an excellent solution with a trendy effect of deliberate negligence. These options can be a wonderful addition to the overall conceived image in everyday life and even a wedding dress, or a romantic bow in the style of hippies and boho, with beautiful elements in the hair.

bundle with kanekalonhair with kanekalon

High ponytail with kanekalon

An excellent ponytail with kanekalon for long hair is obtained if you use smooth gradient transitions, material with an ombre effect. They are made in two ways, by building up artificial strands and then fastening the hair into a ponytail, or braids are woven at the base of their hair so that there is a way to hold the fiber, and then they turn into chic tails. Hairdressers will help you make a chic hairstyle that you can wear for more than one day, and with its help transform you in an instant so that you are in the spotlight.


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