Kanekalon - what is it, how does it look and to whom does it suit?

Kanekalon allows you to make unique diverse hairstyles, lengthen your own hair with extensions, create stunning curls and voluminous braids, braids and other experimental types of styling that successfully fit into youthful and extravagant everyday life.

Kanekalon, what is it?

What do kanekalons look like?

  1. This artificial fiber, in its qualities as close as possible to natural hair, contains seaweed, and has a long service life. It can be monophonic and multi-colored, depending on what effect is conceived and what you want to get at the output. It can be sold and stored braided or in separate strands, fixed with hairpins, clips or elastic bands.

what is kanekalon

  1. These artificial hairs are perfectly stored, they can be combed, distributed in half and tightly fastened in the middle. Colored kanekalons are diverse wavy and even strands of various lengths and densities, which are widely used in hairdressing to create unique and inimitable individual hairstyles. The varieties of kanekalon include Kanekalon Fluor, which glows under ultraviolet light and Kanekalon Chameleon, which changes color under the influence of sunlight.

what do kanekalons look like

How long can you walk with kanekalon?

How long does kanekalon last? Answering this question, experienced hairdressers advise walking with this hairstyle, if it is not an extension, from three to fourteen days, depending on the care of hair with artificial strands or pigtails. With sufficient independent experience in weaving braids and making diverse hairstyles, kanekalon can be changed every day, creating more and more new and unique color schemes, both for every day and for festive occasions.

how long can you walk with kanekalon

Kanekalon is used for all kinds of interesting modern hairstyles, for example, dreadlocks, braids and voluminous braids. In this case, with these types of styling, with proper care, you can walk without any problems for up to one month. If an elegant wedding hairstyle is being made or styling for an official celebration with natural kanekalon colors as close as possible to its natural tone, then you can walk with such hair for several days if you wish, or make out the hairstyle immediately after the holiday.

how long does kanekalon last

How much do kanekalons for hair cost?

How much does kanekalon cost? The price depends on the quality of the fiber, its variety and characteristics. Ombre or plain, wavy or even, for braiding or extensions. All these features are taken into account at the cost of the fiber. Afro braids can be purchased for 230 rubles. The price of natural shades ranges from 125 rubles to 510 rubles for one braid or package, depending on where to buy, retail is more expensive, wholesale is cheaper by 10-15%. You can place an order online on well-known sites that sell hairdressing supplies.

how much do kanekalons for hair costhow much does kanekalon cost

How to wash your hair with kanekalon?

Weaving braids with kanekalon involves careful care of them, and washing your hair, and especially drying — skills and abilities on which the quality of your hairstyle depends. You need to wash once a week or every 10 days only with shampoo, without the use of conditioners and other hair care products. Experienced masters suggest that for washing you can use a shower or a basin of water and shampoo to wet and lightly rub your hair there so as not to disturb their structure, and then wash off the shampoo residue under the shower. Dry with a towel, gently blotting the artificial hair.

Hairstyles with kanekalon

Women’s hairstyles with kanekalon are striking in their diversity, it can be not only braids, dreadlocks and African hair. Unique styling with extended curls and strands, both smooth and wavy, is in fashion. Chic curls are obtained by building up kanekalon in diverse ways, because the fiber resembles natural hair in its structure. If you use natural shades that match your color, you get magnificent long hair with beautiful styling.

hairstyles with kanekalon

If you want to use stylish kanekalon to make a stunning elegant hairstyle for every day or for a holiday, feel free to choose the fiber to match your hair color, and experienced masters will offer you an excellent solution with a trendy effect of deliberate negligence. These options can be a wonderful addition to the overall conceived image in everyday life and even a wedding dress, or a romantic bow in the style of hippies and boho, with beautiful elements in the hair.

women's hairstyles with kanekalon

Braids with kanekalon

How to weave kanekalon into a braid? First you need to choose the fiber that you would like to use, ombre, chameleon or flute. Then gently, fastening it in the center, comb it so that there are no lumps and tangles. First with your hands, then with a comb, then prepare your hair. For this you need:

  • divide the hair into separate strands, fasten with an elastic band or a comb separately, so that they do not interfere with each other;
  • then start weaving kanekalon into your own hair, divided into strands, from the roots of the hair, gradually adding strand by strand so that the fastening is of high quality.

Braids with kanekalon

Kanekalon braids are a hairstyle with braided thin braids, in their normal state at least a hundred pieces are woven, it turns out to be a great way to change your appearance, add a holiday positive and a touch of a certain extravagance to the overall conceived bow. Often, such pigtails can radically change the appearance for the better, increase the length and even volume of your own hair, especially if you use kanekalon. These hairstyles are chosen by women of fashion with a pronounced individuality, who are not afraid of any experiments.

braids with kanekalon

If you use an ombre or multi-colored kanekalon, you can achieve both smooth and sharp gradient transitions on the hair in all shades of the rainbow, which can also shimmer under the sun’s rays and change their color depending on the lighting. Properly made pigtails can be collected in buns, tails and buns, they can be made into hairstyles with hairpins and invisibility, a very interesting and effective solution for bold fashionistas who practice catchy looks.

kanekalon braids

African braids with kanekalon

Another undeniable seasonal trend is kanekalon hair, which is used for weaving African braids, both long and short. This extravagant hairstyle is a wonderful solution for creating unique and bold looks during the holidays, full of summer and intense ideas. This fiber wins due to the fact that it does not fluff up in a braided form, gives the hairstyle a well-groomed look and becomes relevant if a decision is made to radically change the appearance.

african kanekalon braids

In order to use kanekalon when weaving braids, you need to prepare the hair by carefully dividing it into strands, and gradually add it, weaving the fiber into your hair. You can also lengthen your own hair by using kanekalon, not only plain hair will look especially beautiful, but also with gradient transitions or multi-colored when two or even three contrasting shades are used.

kanekalon for hair

Kanekalon dreadlocks

Another interesting weaving of kanekalon into the hair is needed to make a unique youth hairstyle that resembles a lot of tangled braids. With proper care, dreadlocks retain their attractiveness for a long time, they can be collected in bunches, made into buns and just walked with pigtails. They are considered safe, and bright artificial strands can diversify a casual or vacation look.

kanekalon dreadlocks

The peculiarities of this hairstyle include the fact that you can walk with dreadlocks for about a month, wash it once a week. Any length and color is chosen, experienced masters will lengthen their hair, starting from 8 cm. There are 5 main types of hairstyles. These are classic, DE dreadlocks and SE dreadlocks, reminiscent of a spiral. Jah dreadlocks, characterized by a thin and smooth texture, trash dreadlocks. All of them, except for ja dreadlocks, are woven by hand, some hairstyles are done with a crochet hook, when your hair, previously braided into small pigtails, is crocheted into kanekalon braids.

Tail with kanekalon

A beautiful ombre kanekalon is used to make interesting ponytails with a smooth gradient transition. They are made in two ways, by building up artificial strands and then fastening the hair into a ponytail, or braids are woven at the base of their hair so that there is a way to hold the fiber, and then they turn into chic tails. Hairdressers will help you make a chic hairstyle that you can wear for more than one day, and with its help transform you in an instant so that you are in the spotlight.

ponytail with kanekalonkanekalon ombre

Spikelets with kanekalon

Diverse weaving with kanekalon is so diverse that at the output you can get interesting and beautiful spikelets, both plain and multi-colored, depending on your desire and the purpose of the created image. A wonderful vacation and democratic idea when hair is braided into braids that resemble spikelets in appearance. There can be from two to several dozen of them in one hairstyle.

spikelets with kanekalonweaving with kanekalon

3d braids with kanekalon

An excellent option that has fallen into the trends of the coming summer season is colored braids from kanekalon volumetric weaving. They are made according to the principle of a French braid, when additional volume is created, giving the hairstyle a chic appearance. These braids can be safely used to create not only everyday, but also festive bows, especially among young people. The most daring young ladies can make a similar hairstyle even under a wedding dress.

3d braids with kanekaloncolored kanekalon braids

Afro kanekalon curls

In order to make Afro curls, kanekalon is already used specially prepared, not even, but very wavy and fluffy. It is attached to the hair by tying knots or extensions, creating a stunning volume effect of curly hair. This hairstyle suits those fashionistas whose hair is thin and dull to give a great look to the hair.

kanekalon afro curlsafro curls kanekalon

Kanekalon zizi

Kanekalon hairstyles for short hair can perfectly lengthen them to create a visual effect of their long hair. But you can use the fiber on the natural length of the hair to leave it intact. How to do it? Very simple. We separate one thin strand of natural hair and the same strand of kanekalon and weave a thin pigtail, and we do this until all the hair is woven into African thin braids. You can use kanekalon to match your hair or play in complete contrast.

kanekalon zizikanekalon hairstyles for short hair

kanekalon wigs

White kanekalon, like black and other multi-colored or ombre, is widely used for the production of diverse wigs. With its help, any woman of fashion can instantly transform, radically change her appearance, or choose her hairstyle for one day, just by putting on a wig. They come in a variety of styles, with all sorts of hairstyles, from short cuts to hit modern hairstyles.

kanekalon wigswhite kanekalon

Extension with kanekalon

Colored kanekalon is a great solution for making beautiful multi-colored strands by extension without dyeing your hair. There are several ways to build, you can use kanekalon capsules or resort to cold building with a special adhesive base and fixer. Experienced hairdressers will tell you how best to make this hairstyle option. After all, the choice of method depends on the quality of your hair, their density and splendor.

kanekalon extensionscolored kanekalon


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