Kare blond - more than 80 fashion coloring ideas

To look perfect in all situations is an instinctive desire of women. How much you can cope with the task depends largely on the haircut. But even if you choose it correctly, it still takes a lot of time to keep your hair in order. Stylists strongly recommend paying attention to the caret, the blond looks spectacular and beautiful, combines an unsurpassed style and a stunning shade.

Fashionable caret blond 2020

This season, an incredibly popular type of hairstyle that many stylists use is the bob blonde 2020:

  1. The reason for the popularity of the haircut lies in its pickyness. Kare looks equally good on curly or straight, thick or thin, long or short strands. However, when performing a haircut, the master must take into account some of the nuances.
  2. Girls with an oval face can choose any type of caret, depending on their wishes and hair length. For example, a classic with a smooth bang will turn out to be unsurpassed.
  3. If the hair is thin, then you should pay attention to the torn graduated caret, cutting which will add volume to the hair. The option with a perfectly even pronounced cut and bangs also looks good on thin hair. In this case, the bangs must necessarily cover the eyebrows.
  4. In 2020, it is worth trying out more daring haircut options, for example, with a shaved nape or leaving short strands on the temples, which, if necessary, can be covered with longer ones. With such a haircut, no person will be left without attention.
  5. Kare blond can also perform in combination with a cascade. Haircut is suitable for thick and thin hair. It does not need frequent correction. Even after a couple of months, the caret-cascade looks interesting and fresh.
  6. When you want to create a bright image, you should make an asymmetrical bob with an oblique and at the same time thick bangs that effectively fall over your eyes. Asymmetrical haircut without bangs also has the right to exist and the title of beautiful.
  7. Young girls will love the graduated caret, which gives a natural look. Haircut has a little disheveledness and lightness. If you need to hide a sharp chin or cheekbones, then you should ask the master to highlight a few strands around the face.
  8. A square in the form of a ball is extremely rare, since the haircut is suitable for young ladies with thin features or. In addition, to wear such a hairstyle, you need a certain courage, because it will attract maximum attention.

fashion bob blond 2020bob blond 2020square without bangs blond

Kare with bangs blond

A blonde with a square, complemented by a bang, will look incredibly impressive:

  1. This detail can be anything. The short version brings a touch of spontaneity and playfulness.
  2. With long and thick bangs, the emphasis is on the eyes. An elongated bang is the usual “companion” of a feminine long bob.
  3. Oblique bangs should be chosen by owners of a round face, with the help of this technique it will visually stretch a little.
  4. The classic bob blond with bangs looks great in a platinum shade. The image receives a small fraction of gloss, and additional styling efforts are not required.
  5. For asymmetrical squares, oblique bangs are chosen, which must be laid on one side. This technique will work when you need to visually give the face harmony, and make its proportions harmonious.

bob with bangs blondblonde with caretblonde girl with caret

Elongated caret blond

Owners of thick hair can stop at such an option as a long bob blond:

  1. The version, where the back of the head is more voluminous, was specially invented to help chubby girls, whom nature has awarded with noticeable “cheeks”. To hide curvaceous, the ends of the hair should be below the chin line.
  2. An elongated blond-colored bob suits girls with curly hair. This will reduce styling time, because short strands will have to be constantly straightened with an iron.
  3. The length of the front strands and at the back of the head is significantly different. In front, the curls reach the level of the chin and even go down below. Thanks to this, the haircut looks bold and attractive. It is compatible with any type of face.
  4. At the back of the head at the strands, the masters make jagged tips that soften the haircut, give it femininity.
  5. The haircut option is suitable for those who want to refresh their image, but are not ready to part with the length of their hair.

elongated caret blondlong bob blondbob haircut blonde

Kare blond with dark roots

A stylish trend of this season is a bob blond with darkened roots:

  1. Ombre coloring is still relevant. If you make a smooth transition on the square from dark natural roots to a delicate blond at the ends, you will get a fashionable look.
  2. The undoubted advantage of this type of hairstyle is that it does not require careful maintenance and frequent dyeing. Natural strands growing at the roots will gradually lengthen and personify an interesting variation of ombre. An exception is the case when a girl deliberately darkens the roots, then she will have to regularly contact the master to update them.

bob blond with dark rootsbob blond with dark roots

Bob-car blond

If you want to visually add splendor to the strands, a blond bob haircut combined with a bean is perfect:

  1. A haircut with extra volume is an ideal option for ladies of a more mature age and not only. Its advantages are visual rejuvenation of the face, hiding certain imperfections.
  2. In this version of the haircut, the hair at the front can be longer than at the back of the head. Bob-car goes well with ovals of the face of different types, with bangs and even not very obedient curly hair. However, a bob without bangs blond will look unsurpassed.

bob blondebob haircut blondbob blond 2020

Kare on the leg blond

Such an option as a short bob blond on a leg should be chosen by those representatives of the weaker sex who are tortured by thin hair, and if there is no desire to grow it:

  1. The haircut is stylish and feminine at the same time, although the hair has a slight length. In this case, the strands on the back of the head are cut short, but this creates an impressive volume. In front, the curls are left long and perfectly aligned.
  2. A bob of blond shade on a leg is suitable for those who have a beautiful neck and well-fitting straight hair. Highlights and a platinum shade look good on a haircut. However, with such an interesting hairstyle, you will have to visit the hairdresser more often, because the hair on the back of the head needs to be adjusted soon.

bob on the leg blondshort bob blondfashion bob blond 2020

Kare blond ombre

An incredibly successful stylistic technique is dyeing blond ombre hair on a square:

  • lighter, you can make both the upper and lower strands. This or that arrangement will largely depend on the type of face and the features of the appearance of a certain representative of the fair sex;
  • a blonde girl with a square, with a pear-shaped or rectangular type of face, will be able to soften it if she leaves light strands on top and darkens them from below;
  • owners of a triangular type of face can be advised the opposite technique — darkening at the roots and highlighting the lower parts of the curls;
  • young ladies with the right oval face will be able to afford any option.

bob blond ombreblond ombre hair coloringblonde with caret

Pink blond caret

If the soul asks for a bright, gentle and flirtatious look, then a blond bob with a pink tint is ideal:

  • this hairstyle option will be appreciated by young women of fashion who want to stand out from the crowd;
  • a light pink tone can acquire all the hair or only a certain part of it, for example, when a gradient or highlighting is created;
  • a blonde bob haircut is perfect for any skin tone, it will emphasize the tenderness of a light shade or favorably set off a tan.

pink blond caretbob blond with pink tintsquare without bangs blond

Highlighting blond caret

Such coloring as highlighting a cold blond bob looks good on a bean or a ragged graduated version of the hairstyle:

  1. With curly hair that is problematic for some, cosmetics designed for styling will not be required. The hair itself will gather into romantic short curls that will successfully emphasize separately selected strands.
  2. If necessary, they can straighten the curls and get a business or catchy fatal look. What it will be depends on the clothes and on the individual preferences of the fashionista.

highlighting blond carethighlighting with strands of blond caretbob haircut blonde

Kare blond with colored strands

Particularly courageous girls who are not afraid of experimenting with their appearance can apply complex coloring of a blond caret, complemented by colored strands:

  • to create such an extraordinary hairstyle, paints of different tonality are used. At the same time, shades can be chosen in natural colors or bright and even acidic;
  • staining can be done according to the principle of highlighting or coloring, when certain strands are stained with different colors vertically;
  • another way would be to embody a rainbow transition on the hair, created using the ombre technique. A feature will be that instead of two shades, several are taken.

bob blond with colored strandscomplex coloring blond caretbob haircut blond

Pearl blonde in square

Such an option as a mother-of-pearl blond caret is suitable for girls who have perfectly even and snow-white skin:

  • special attention should be paid to the condition of the skin, since it is incredibly beautiful, but at the same time, an insidious pearl shade is able to highlight even the slightest flaws;
  • this color will look harmonious on blue-eyed or gray-eyed young ladies. For girls with brown eyes, it is better to prefer a different, warmer version of the shade.

mother-of-pearl blond caretpearl blond in square

Caramel blond caret

Owners of dark skin and even tan will be able to make an incredibly beautiful bob blond with a caramel tint:

  • this tone is ideal for women with a warm color type, it favorably emphasizes all the advantages of their appearance;
  • You can make your hairstyle even more spectacular if you apply such varieties of coloring techniques as shatush or balayage. A skilled craftsman will create an indescribable play of sun glare on the strands.

caramel blond caretbeautiful bob blondfashion bob blond 2020

Honey blonde caret

Another variety, which is represented by a warm blond caret, is a hairstyle with a honey tint:

  • this tonality is perfect for dark-skinned beauties with light brown eyes;
  • Another type that will be in harmony with the honey tone is girls who are naturally endowed with red hair. However, the requirement for a warm appearance color type is also relevant for them.

honey blond caretwarm blond caretblonde girl with caret

Kare platinum blond

A platinum shade is a popular option, which is represented by a cold blond caret:

  • for blue-eyed or gray-eyed young ladies with naturally light skin tone, this would be an ideal option;
  • if you want to add variety to the image, you can use staining techniques such as highlighting or gradient. To highlight individual strands, you can use a cold ash color.

platinum blondecold blond caretelongated caret blond

Kare ash blond

Ash, pearl and platinum shades should be chosen by girls with a cold color type:

  1. Cleanliness of the skin is of great importance. The slightest redness or black dot will spoil the whole image.
  2. An ash blond with dark roots will look very advantageous. For girls whose natural hair color is darker than ashen, this is a very advantageous option. With the growth of the roots, the hairstyle will remain stylish and harmonious.

ash blond with dark rootsash blond

Blonde stars with caret

Examples of incredibly successful images are demonstrated by famous blondes with squares:

  1. Bold experiments with appearance were carried out by the Kardashian sisters. Girls, who are brunettes by nature, at some point decided to transform and become blondes with squares.
  2. The feminine version of the hairstyle was demonstrated by Jennifer Lawrence. She preferred an elongated kind of square, which perfectly emphasized her features of appearance.
  3. Emilia Clarke, the star who played superbly in the TV series Game of Thrones, looks unbeatable with a bob blonde.
  4. At one time, this haircut was chosen by Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne. Both stars looked very impressive and harmonious with her.

Kendall Jenner and Kim KardashianJennifer Lawrence and Emilia ClarkeSelena Gomez and Cara Delevingne


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