Lantern sleeve

The lantern sleeve is one of the most beautiful and charming types of sleeves. It is light, romantic, feminine and elegant. It in itself is an adornment of any thing. Due to its airiness, it gives additional volume to the shoulders and especially decorates those women whose upper body volume is smaller than the lower one — this way it will help to balance the figure.

What clothes use a flashlight sleeve?

In truth, this type of sleeve can decorate any item — from a dress to a coat. But the most popular uses for it are:

  1. Blouse with lantern sleeve. This blouse is perfect for visiting the office, and for going out. If the dress code in your company is quite strict, then you can wear a blouse with a «long flashlight» sleeve, it will cover your entire arm. If you are going to a party, put on a blouse with «flashlights» made of translucent or shiny fabric — you will be irresistible.
  2. Dress with lantern sleeve. To create a retro look, a polka-dot dress with a Tatyanka skirt and lantern sleeves is the best fit. This season, wedding dresses with puffed sleeves are also fashionable among brides. Usually the skirt of such a dress is not very fluffy — for example, A-line, and the sleeves are made of thin and very light fabric.
  3. Jacket with puffed sleeves. Now the trend is a slim-fit jacket with flashlights. It can be made from any fabric, but the most popular color is black. It goes well with both office skirts and jeans and any other casual style.
  4. Jacket with puffed sleeves. A knitted or openwork jacket with lanterns will decorate your ensemble in the cool season. This thing looks very original and very fashionable.
  5. Women’s shirt with puffed sleeves. A shirt with short «flashlights» made of lightweight fabric is a great option for street style for the summer season. It can be made from a plain fabric, as well as a small check or a floral print. In the latter version, it will look more elegant and suitable for going out or any special occasion.


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