Lavender manicure is the fashion trend of this season

Any girl wants to have beautiful nail art. Exploring modern trends, we can say that lavender manicure is very relevant, it is a real hit of the last season. Stylists offer a variety of variations of its design, among which each fashionista will choose a design to her taste.

Lavender color manicure

The undeniable trend of this year is lavender manicure. This is a great alternative to milky white and pink as it is just as soft and delicate. In addition, this color does not bother:

  1. Unusual options for nude manicure are in fashion. Powdery shades have faded into the background, replaced by taupe tones with a slight pink undertone. In the trend now is the “dusted” lavender color, which seems to have burned out in the sun. Rubbing also enjoys great love.
  2. Lavender color looks great on any length and shape of the nail. It is best to use the classics — the shape of a square or oval. The shade looks good on short and medium nails.
  3. Lavender manicure goes well with different design elements. Nails will look great with both glitter and designs. The ombre effect also looks unusual with such a manicure. Iridescent rhinestones also look incredible.

Lavender nails are worn without additional decorative elements. Each girl will be able to choose the tone that suits her:

  • very light light pale lavender color that looks soft and delicate;
  • a dusty shade of lavender that harmonizes perfectly with neutral tones;
  • rich lavender looks very juicy and bright.

lavender color manicurelavender nails

Lavender manicure on short nails

Owners of short, neat nail plates will appreciate the lavender manicure on short nails:

  1. If you need to decorate short nails with lavender varnish, then it is advisable to use only one color. Even with a very small length of the nail plate, it will look very elegant.
  2. Matte lavender manicure is an excellent choice for short nails. If you like decorated nail art more, then it is better to use a couple of very small details so as not to distract too much attention from a nice color.
  3. You can think about quartz manicure. Another good idea is to add rhinestones to your nails or design with foil.
  4. You can try adding a couple of sloppy strokes of a contrasting shade to the nail plate or make vertical stripes with a shimmer varnish. This will lengthen the nail.

lavender manicure on short nailsshort lavender manicure

Lavender manicure on long nails

If for short nails it is better to choose a monochromatic coating, then for long nails it is better to choose blotches of this color. Manicure in lavender tones is presented in the following design variations:

  1. It is better to opt for a varnish with a shimmer, which is applied to the entire plate.
  2. Lavender shade goes well with others in a more complex nail design. It looks great with soft pink or blue. Lilac or plum look good.
  3. You can also add contrast using textures. For example, lavender and a bright metallic shade harmonize perfectly. The gradient also looks great on long nails.

lavender manicure on long nailslavender manicure

Lavender Manicure Ideas

If a fashionista prefers lavender-colored nails, the design can be extremely varied. There are many nail art ideas in this color:

  1. A combination of pastel shades and lavender. Such a manicure is suitable for everyday life or any image.
  2. Lavender French manicure looks perfect.
  3. The rhinestones look great too.
  4. Floral manicure in lavender colors looks very feminine. It is only important to choose the right combination: white, bright yellow, blue or blue look good.
  5. Matte nail art will delight lovers of original and stylish looks. As for prints on such a coating, it is best to choose butterflies.

Types of decoration can be as follows:

  1. Patterns, which can be almost anything, but mostly romantic patterns are chosen: polka dots, hearts, flowers or floral ornaments.
  2. Lace is perfect for any romantic look.
  3. Sequins and rhinestones give a festive mood, highlighting the nail art.
  4. Shades of lilac and purple harmonize well. To implement this idea, it is best to resort to the ombre effect.
  5. Lavender color combined with black create an unusual tandem that will suit spectacular women.

lavender manicure ideaslavender color nails design

Lavender french manicure

The lavender jacket on the nails looks incredibly elegant and feminine. This shade is associated with spring and lightness and looks perfect at any time of the year:

  1. A French lavender manicure can be done with stamping, as well as using adhesive tape or a special tape.
  2. If you use adhesive tape, you need to cover the nail plate with the main tone, stick tape or adhesive tape on the free edge and paint it in a lilac piece of the nail above the tape.
  3. The image will turn out excellent and appropriate for any situation. This is a great choice for both everyday and special occasions.

lavender french manicure

Lavender manicure with rubbing

Rubbing lavender nails are in great demand among girls. There are such design options:

  1. Rubbing mirror shine. For a purely mirror effect, different pigments are used. On a lavender shade, this option looks very interesting.
  2. mirror

  3. Pearl powder. This is a great choice for light shades. This lavender manicure goes well with a variety of nail design elements.
  4. pearl

  5. Metal rub. If you add one or two nails with this rubbing option, then the nail art will look interesting.
  6. metallic luster

  7. Holographic rubbing surprise any fashionista. Unusual overflows attract the eye.
  8. holography

Lavender manicure with silver

A soft lavender manicure with silver looks truly amazing due to the unusual shine of the chrome coating. This nail design can be supplemented with the following elements:

  • mirror rub;
  • different feminine and elegant prints;
  • sequins;
  • small iridescent particles;
  • various rhinestones;
  • interesting inserts.

lavender manicure with silver

Lavender manicure with white

The lavender nail polish with the addition of white looks very beautiful:

  1. You can use white varnish, for example, to create an ombre effect. This nail art is suitable for any situation, even in the office.
  2. Another white varnish can be used on the painted cage to mimic the fabric of the shirt. The stripes can be simple, horizontal or vertical.
  3. You can paint only one nail white, and the rest — lavender.
  4. You should not rely too much on white, as the rest can overwhelm it. It is necessary to dilute the lavender stylish manicure with bright colors.

lavender manicure with white

Manicure with lavender flowers

Stylists offer numerous ideas for manicure in lavender color, which is complemented by flowers:

  1. Lavender deserves special attention among the many shades of purple. It looks perfect at any time of the year, fits perfectly into different looks, can be both festive and everyday.
  2. Manicure with lavender flowers is suitable for girls who are very positive and romantic, are creative and versatile personalities. Such nail art looks very impressive with acrylic powder.
  3. Such shades are in harmony with the lavender color: pink, milky white, gray, blue and golden. Light shades of lavender look perfect on long nails. Short nails require darker tones.
  4. Lavender manicure looks great in combination with a wedding look. The design is made light and delicate, in some cases it is supplemented with crystals.

manicure with lavender flowers

Manicure lavender gradient

Gradient design involves a smooth transition from one color to another:

  1. The easiest way is to make a gradient with a transition, for which all 5 nails are covered with just different shades of lavender.
  2. Color combinations are used completely different, for example, it can be a yellow manicure with lavender.
  3. The horizontal gradient is also interesting: they make a smooth transition of colors on one nail. You can use here not only close colors, but also play on contrasts.

lavender gradient manicure

Lavender manicure with rhinestones

Lavender manicure with a design containing rhinestones will help to shine in any situation:

  1. You can create images for every day, for a holiday or for a romantic date. Rhinestones can be different both in color and in shape, so you can choose something for yourself.
  2. Adding rhinestones to a manicure makes it unusual and original, drawing attention to the girl’s hands. Stones in the form of bows, hearts, pearls look very interesting.
  3. From rhinestones, you can lay out a variety of patterns and drawings, creating a work of art on your nails.
  4. It looks good as a one-color lavender manicure with rhinestones, as well as an ombre or jacket, moon design. Nail art with rubbing and rhinestones also looks great.

lavender manicure with rhinestones

Lavender matte manicure

The matte lavender nail color is very much loved by fashionistas as it is perfect for everyday wear or for special occasions. This is the best option for short nails, although the matte design looks good on long nail plates. If you want to add interesting notes to the nail design, then it is done with the addition of acrylic powder. Due to this, the nail plate will look more voluminous.

lavender matte manicure

Lavender glitter manicure

A stylish lavender manicure with sparkles is presented with a variety of options and performance techniques:

  1. Glitter is the best choice for the holiday, especially for the New Year. If you stick to a laconic design, then you can wear such nails every day.
  2. Sequins can be combined with a gradient or ombre technique, added to different prints.
  3. Glitter makes interesting patterns.
  4. A French manicure with glitter also looks unusual, as glitter brings a twist to an already familiar technique.
  5. Lavender manicure, which is delicate in itself, becomes even more graceful and feminine if you add glitter to it.

lavender glitter manicure

Lavender foil manicure

A beautiful lavender foil manicure looks good on both long and short nails. Its options are as follows:

  1. Tear-off foil. Nail art is done with foil in a tear-off version using glue. You can attach both a single piece of foil, and small ones, laying out a mosaic.
  2. Thermal foil, which is heat-treated before being applied to the nail.
  3. A transfer foil that gives you the opportunity to enjoy a rainbow design.
  4. Foil slider allows you to create the most unpretentious type of manicure. You just need to glue the desired pieces and secure with a top coat.

lavender foil manicure

Lavender matte nails

Almost all girls fit lavender matte nails:

  1. This color looks perfect on any hands, and at the same time, the color type of the girl is completely unimportant. The shade is suitable for a romantic style, date or walk, office images. But lavender matte nails are also suitable for the holiday.
  2. Matte finish looks very impressive and profitable. You can make a matte moon manicure, a design with crystals or rhinestones, sparkles, different prints.
  3. Looks good «polka dots» on a matte finish. Foil on this kind of manicure is also appropriate, and the haze effect looks very unusual.

lavender matte nails


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