Laws of style in clothes

In the world of fashion, as in mathematics or politics, there are rules and laws that are invented for a reason. You need to know what to rely on and what to strive for.

Laws of composition in clothes

Harmony in clothes is one of the most important rules for the composition of the image. A beautiful and attractive look is closely related to the harmony of all details, including not only clothes and accessories, but also hair, makeup and jewelry. Of great importance is the style, texture, colors, prints and decor. But your appearance and character is the main link that should be harmoniously combined with everything. The composition in clothes is the combination of all the elements of clothing and accessories into a single whole. There is a center of the composition, on which special attention is focused.

You can build a compositional center in the middle of the figure, thereby paying attention to the waist, hips or chest. If you want to focus on the bottom, then you get a stable and fundamental image. But a kind of headdress, original hairstyle or makeup draw attention to the face, neck and hair.

The elegant Audrey Hepburn always tried to place the center of the composition at the top, thereby drawing attention to her pretty face. Numerous hats and bows helped her in this. But the famous film star Brigitte Bardot charmed everyone with stylish hairstyles. The legendary «babette» is still considered her hallmark.

There are three principles of composition in clothes:

  1. Contrast — a game with color combinations, shapes or textures. For example, contrasting color blocks will help hide figure flaws, as well as add sophistication to the image. The same applies to the combination of different textures (fur and velvet, leather and denim). In any image, it is necessary to adhere to the laws of color combinations in clothes.
  2. Similarity — this is when the entire ensemble of clothes is built from the same texture, print, shape or size, or the repetition of a single color.
  3. Nuance is a subtle transition from contrast to similarity. The similarity between the elements looks rich and elegant.

The laws of fashion style

The visual appearance of a person always carries an emotional impact on others. The beautiful half of humanity is not only aware of this, but also uses it as the main weapon.

Before you rush to learn new fashion trends, you should ask yourself about your individual style, do you have it. If you do not know where to start, then by all means consider the basic laws of style:

  1. The chosen style should harmoniously fit into the world around you. First of all, it concerns your work and profession. If you want to succeed, then you must not neglect the existing dress code rules. But this does not mean that you have to merge with the gray mass! You just need to learn to look more elegant and sophisticated than other people around you.
  2. With the help of clothes, you should be able to evoke the necessary associations. For example, with the help of a business suit, you can show your serious intentions regarding the situation or the issue being resolved, but with the help of a sexy dress, you can achieve the interested looks of men.
  3. Individual style is the discovery of your inner world, and not imitation of anyone. You should feel comfortable and at ease. Learn to show off your strengths and hide your weaknesses.
  4. Don’t be afraid to experiment! There are a lot of styles in clothes, so you can be a business lady at work, and in the evening a glamorous lioness. And no one forbids you to try on the image of an aggressive rocker today, and tomorrow a romantic young lady. The main thing is that everything should be appropriate and dynamic.

You should not memorize these rules, you just need to understand yourself and find something individual and unique! Good luck to you!


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