Layering in clothing

Recently, such a phenomenon as layering in clothing has become increasingly popular. You can verify this by looking at the fashion collections of leading designers — dresses are worn over skirts, trousers under skirts, and T-shirts over shirts. However, in order not to look stupid, you need to follow certain rules in using layered clothing. Here are some tips to help you create a stylish and harmonious look.

Creating an image

In order to create such an image, some practice is needed. Of course, you need to start with the simplest things and with a small amount. Next, you should decide on the amount of layering, since not every girl can boast of ideal forms. Therefore, the main layer should consist of thin fabrics. It can be leggings, bodysuits, skinny jeans or a T-shirt. And if you want to wear a dress over a skirt, then wear a loose-fitting skirt underneath. It is also important to keep things in order. For example, wear long things last, but in this case there are exceptions to the rule.

Layered style in clothing involves mixing materials, but here a competent approach is needed. Outfits made of chiffon and leather, latex and cotton, cotton products with wool are well combined. Such combinations will not weigh down your image. And to make it light and bright, use flowing fabrics that create “movement”. For example, silk and chiffon. As for the color scheme, to start with, combine plain outfits. But with prints you need to be careful. Make sure that the picture is on one element.

Layered clothing for overweight

Curvy women can also layer their clothes, but in this case, you should not use more than three layers. Next, you should consider the generally accepted advice on choosing clothes. This includes soft colors and the exclusion of large patterns.


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