Leaf manicure - 60 photo ideas for short and long nails

A modern and stylish manicure with leaves perfectly matches the autumn mood and will easily emphasize the beauty of your fingers. Depending on the technique of execution, without additional decor and in discreet shades, it is easily suitable for every day, and diluted with rhinestones, kamifubi and airbrushing — for evening and festive ensembles.

Fashionable manicure with leaves

Autumn manicure with leaves is an original nail-art that fits perfectly into many created bows and is the missing bright highlight that brightens up the monotonous autumn everyday life and any conceived ensemble. What manicure with leaves will be at the peak of popularity of the new season of 2018?

  1. The leading place is occupied by a gentle manicure with Japanese painting, where the emphasis is on one or two fingers, the leaves themselves are drawn thin and neatly arranged either in the center of the nail or asymmetrically along the rim.

trendy manicure with leaves

  1. Drawings with maple, oak, birch and aspen leaves remain popular, both in a single accent design and on all fingers, on a bright or delicate basis, in any of the modern techniques, with and without various decorations. Originality will be added by abstract images of diverse leaves on catchy colors of varnishes. Here the choice depends on the skill of the master and personal preferences.

autumn manicure with leaves

Manicure with leaves for short nails

The most common design that is in demand among real fashionistas is a red manicure with maple leaves, on short nails, as a tribute to the trendy minimalism that is still in fashion. The very color of the base is a classic of manicure art, and the pattern is an additional decoration. It can go by a simple drawing of some leaves, or be diluted with various decor in the form of glitter, rhinestones and airbrush droplets imitating raindrops, which perfectly matches the autumn mood.

red manicure with maple leaves

For lovers of stylish and non-trivial design, red tones can be diluted with white, black, beige, blue, green and gray shades, where the main pattern is applied to them, both on one and on several fingers. Craftsmen use a diverse technique from stencil to hand-painted, depending on what pattern is conceived: one large sheet or several small ones.

manicure with leaves for short nails

Manicure with leaves for long nails

In the trend of the new season, manicure with autumn leaves and berries on elongated nails. Do not forget that not the extreme length of the diverse form remained in fashion: a rounded square, an oval and a “ballerina”. It is better to refrain from stilettos, they have not yet returned to the podium. An excellent choice would be a three-dimensional design with thin branches with small leaves and berries made from small rhinestones or small pebbles. Stencil patterns with berries and rowan leaves will look just as beautiful. A manicure with a jacket made of sheets also looks great on any long nails.

manicure with autumn leaves and berriesmanicure with leaves for long nails

Manicure with leaves ideas

If you want original nails, then you can do a manicure, in which the leaves on the nails are combined with various other patterns, even made with different techniques. Experienced nail art masters skillfully combine stencil, deep design, airbrushing, volumetric drawings made with powder and hand-painted. Looks stylish:

  • combination of marble pattern and leaves;
  • blurred abstraction and voluminous print with rhinestone splashes;
  • plot drawings on the same basis for all fingers;
  • multi-colored coating on one or more nails with designer decor.

manicure with leaves ideasmanicure leaves on nails

Maple leaf manicure

Autumn manicure remains an indisputable hit, in which a maple leaf can be in a single large version on several, from one to three, nails. However, the design with small maple leaves and even branches with them also looks tempting. The trendy base colors this fall are red, black, grey, green and brown. They can be combined with light or dark other shades, for example, excellent combinations: red-white, black-gold, gray-brown. The leaves themselves are drawn in the colors of golden autumn, or in green-yellow tones with veins.

maple leaf manicureautumn manicure maple leaf

Manicure with fern leaves

It will add brightness to the general autumn bow and prolong the summer mood with a manicure with a pattern of leaves of various tropical plants on a light basis. So, a pattern with green fern leaves on white, pink, beige and even nude nails of any trendy length and shape would be an excellent choice. A similar manicure with leaves looks great on several nails, where a large leaf is drawn on one, and fragments of the main pattern on the rest.

fern leaf manicure

A design with leaves of different varieties of fern on each finger will look playful and coquettish on short nails. The volumetric 3D technique and dilution with glitter, “gold” or “silver” will help to emphasize the beauty of this manicure. You can add shiny sand or use an aquarium pattern. This season, a manicure with abstract fern leaves and an additional plot pattern in the form of animals and birds is in demand among extravagant ladies.

manicure with fern leaves 2018

Hemp leaf manicure

A tempting accent will be a manicure with green leaves on any light base, especially white and pink, which harmonizes perfectly with diverse shades of green. Cannabis leaves look great on both short and long nails of various shapes, even French jacket and in combination with other patterns and additional decorations.

If you want to add shine or spectacular accents, feel free to use metallic and rhinestone blotches or scattering, combine volumetric and stencil technique with hand painting, multi-colored sand and powder. An excellent manicure with diverse hemp leaves will turn out on long ovals, not pointed squares and short nails, especially in combination with “silver” and other patterns in green tones.

hemp leaf manicuremanicure with green leaves

Palm leaf manicure

It will keep the memories of the hot summer and add a splash of cold autumn weekdays to a manicure with palm leaves. This pattern will be especially relevant if you are going on vacation in the fall. It can be diluted with any marine theme, or original decorations. Stylish: a combination of light colors of the base with green palm leaves, where a pattern made by a diverse technique is applied to one or two nails, can also be scattered across all fingers, the choice depends on personal preferences.

palm leaf manicurepalm leaf manicure

Autumn manicure with leaves and raindrops

This fall, a red manicure with leaves of any plants with a mixed technique of execution will become relevant: painting and airbrushing, imitating raindrops. More drops can be made with rhinestones and small pebbles, effectively scattered over the nail plate. The design in coffee, beige, gray, blue and black tones is also in demand, both in one-color design and with multi-colored accents of the basis for the pattern.

red manicure with leavesautumn manicure with leaves and raindrops

Manicure with fox and leaves

For several seasons, a manicure with a pattern of leaves in combination with animal prints has not lost its position. So, the design with animal faces and various floral ornaments is in high demand among flirtatious young ladies. An excellent choice would be a drawing in the style of Japanese painting and funny fox faces, or a fully painted animal. Such a manicure with leaves and chanterelles looks incomparable in a white-orange tone, but a dark base in brown or burgundy shades will add originality.

manicure with fox and leavesleaf manicure

French manicure with maple leaf

Black and burgundy manicure with leaves will add additional charm to the overall appearance, where the jacket is made in dark and saturated shades, and the leaves are scattered over the smile, the oval of the nail plate or throughout the nail. The drawing can be made both in a single version and in a multiple one, where small leaves are asymmetrically shifted to the sides and successfully decorate your nails.

maple leaf french manicure

Always stylish French manicure, especially with a jacket in black and red, looks incomparable in combination with golden large single maple leaves. Experienced nail artists create stunning trendy designs by playing with colors and combining diverse patterns and techniques in one manicure. For example, hand-drawn leaves with a voluminous powdery pattern, complemented by shiny sand on a gradient or aquarium basis.

burgundy manicure with leaves

Black manicure with leaves

Another seasonal hit is a black manicure with leaves, both on a shiny and matte basis. An excellent choice for those fashionistas who prefer shiny dark tones would be an iridescent cat-eye design or gradient transitions within the dominant color of the base, with a light patterned accent on one nail. This pattern can be supplemented with a laconic interspersed with rhinestones and small colored pebbles or metal figures. A wonderful combination would be black and «gold» or «silver» leaves, both traditional and abstract.

black manicure with leavesblack manicure with leaves 2018

White manicure with leaves

Lovers of delicate design can easily pick up their favorite white manicure with green leaves of any plant. The trend is not only tropical motifs, but also birch leaves, willows, coniferous twigs. A special chic is a French manicure in white tones with yellow and “golden” small leaves located on a nail completely covered with the main color with the addition of small or medium voluminous transparent or rhinestone drops. The trend is also manicure with leaves and stylish geometry, which combines white and black tones.

white manicure with green leaveswhite manicure with leaves

Manicure with leaves and umbrella

In the new season, a red manicure with autumn leaves and umbrellas will become relevant, which will successfully fit both rainy days and sunny weather. The combination of a bright base with “gold” or all shades of white will add expressiveness and attractiveness to your fingers, and the pattern itself will dilute any image of urban chic with notes of flirtatiousness and playfulness.

red manicure with autumn leaves

Trend patterns will be:

  • aquarium painting with the addition of glitter and sand;
  • contrasting accents on one or two nails, where the pattern may consist of one large leaf and an umbrella;
  • plot-abstract motif on a light background in combination with a dark dominant color of varnish;
  • a combination of different techniques, and a color play of dark-light shades, matte and glossy varnishes with a pattern and voluminous blurry droplets.

  manicure with leaves and umbrella

Manicure with leaves and flowers

Successfully diversifies the hit of the new season — a brown manicure with leaves, adding fragments of large and small flowers to it, white, red and «golden» leaves and flowers will look especially expressive on a dominant basis. A black and white manicure on a matte basis would also be a wonderful solution, and pink and red flowers on a black glossy varnish with green diverse leaves will add brightness to the intended design.

brown manicure with leavesmanicure with leaves and flowers


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