Leopard print

Many designers and couturiers in the new spring-summer season show a craving for exotic colors. One of the popular options in 2013 is the leopard print, which has been firmly in fashion for several seasons in a row. This pattern, emphasizing the unbridled and wild female disposition, has been inspiring the virtuosos of the fashion world for several decades in a row to create very feminine and sexy outfits.

Many designers in the new season have made the leopard print more playful and light, adding to it such rich summer colors as lemon, yellow, blue and blue.

However, this pattern, with too much emphasis on it, can give your image an unnecessary vulgarity, instead of the original sexuality. Therefore, in order for clothes in leopard colors to look as chic as possible, you need to be able to combine them correctly. So, let’s analyze in detail, based on the advice of stylists, how to wear a leopard print correctly.

Stylist tips:

  1. It is best if the ensemble you choose has only one element with leopard coloring. All other clothes should be chosen in soothing colors.
  2. You should not combine a leopard print with polka dots, checks, stripes, bright colors, or other animal prints, such as a tiger or zebra.
  3. So that your outfit does not look vulgar, clothes with leopard colors should be chosen as simple as possible, since this pattern itself attracts the attention of others.
  4. When wearing jackets, skirts, tunics or dresses with leopard print, you should try to use as little jewelry and costume jewelry as possible.
  5. Leopard print in low quality clothes will look tasteless and cheap. Therefore, in order to avoid such a mistake when choosing clothes of this color, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the item you buy.
  6. It is not recommended to combine accessories with a leopard print, such as glasses, a clutch or a belt, and integral items with the same color, such as trousers or a blouse, in one look.

Most often, most fashionistas use leopard print in an evening wardrobe, although it also looks great in a casual look. Many are interested in what leopard print is combined with, because you always want to look elegant and harmonious. Based on the advice of designers and couturiers, combining this exotic color with other colors is not so difficult, and the choice of options is quite large.

What to combine with leopard print?

We offer you several answers to this question:

  1. The combination of this print and black is considered a classic. For example: to create an interesting and fashionable look, it will be enough to wear a short black dress with leopard print shoes.
  2. The combination of this popular color with beige clothes is considered very elegant. They perfectly balance and complement each other, being a traditional ensemble.
  3. This year, leopard print is in fashion, combined with mint and khaki. These colors go with almost everything and allow you to be the exception to the rule by adding personality to your outfit.
  4. In 2013, the combination of leopard print and red is considered dangerous, although with the right approach it creates an amazing festive look. It is considered quite appropriate to add a bright accessory, for example: a belt or a clutch to a leopard-colored base item.
  5. According to some designers, many atypical colors can also go great with leopard print, such as shades of greenish yellow, pink, orange and yellow. When choosing such a combination, you need to be especially careful and try to use only one small color accent.

Having examined in detail whether the leopard print is fashionable this year, what to combine it with and how to wear it correctly, it is worth noting that those representatives of the fair half who do not yet have clothes of this exotic color should definitely buy it. After all, many famous designers have long classified this print as a fashionable classic.


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