Light green manicure - a selection of bright solutions for all occasions

Exquisite light green manicure looks very fresh and is ideal for the summer and spring seasons. Although this nail art cannot be called an option for every day, it is very popular with the fair sex.

Light green manicure 2019

One of the main trends of the coming season was the design of nail plates in green colors. In this case, a delicate light green color is often used, which can be supplemented with a variety of decorative elements and combined with other color shades. In 2019, masters of manicure art advise young ladies to pay attention to the following design options:

  • light green manicure with pebbles or beads;
  • light green with yellow — manicure 2019, which will be very common this coming summer;
  • options with glitter and mysterious shimmer of metal;
  • in addition, this year, nail designs with a craquelure effect, which are small cracks, returned to the top of popularity again;
  • light green French manicure will also find its fans among modern fashionistas;
  • design with negative space;
  • plain matte finish and its combination with a glossy top;
  • options with decor with acrylic powder;
  • all kinds of designs with drawings or patterns.

light green manicure 2019

Light green manicure for short nails

Nail design in green colors is perfect for plates of any length and shape. Light green manicure for short nails is a very good solution for a romantic date or a club party. In the case of a small length, it is important to place small flowers or their large elements, for example, half a flower, part of the leaves, and much more.

Meanwhile, stylists advise avoiding images that occupy exactly half of the nail plate — they can aggravate the situation and visually make the nails even smaller. In 2019, geometric design is also at the top of popularity, which looks very good on short nails.

light green manicure for short nails

Light green manicure for long nails

Exquisite manicure for long nails, light green color, should be saturated and attract attention. Often, it combines several color shades at once — yellow, brown, black, blue and other colors can be added to light green. A light green manicure for long nails looks especially impressive in a matte finish. In addition, in 2019, the design can be supplemented with «liquid stones», exquisite painting or the «cat’s eye» effect.

lime manicure for long nails

Light green manicure ideas

The perfect nail art can be obtained if you harmoniously combine a delicate color shade and the right technique for decorating nail plates. As a rule, a light green manicure with a design is chosen for festive events or relaxation, while a plain coating can be appropriate even in everyday life, if it is not too catchy and saturated. This shade should be combined with other colors and decorative elements with caution — it does not “get along” with all tones and decorations.

light green manicure ideas

Light green matte manicure

Light green manicure, made using a matte finish, looks very impressive. It goes great with outfits in the same color scheme, however, if desired, it can also be worn with simple jeans and t-shirts. When performing such a design, it is worth considering that the matte finish exposes all the existing flaws in nail art, so it should be done only if the skin and cuticles are in perfect condition. You can make the look of your nails more interesting and original by combining a glossy and matte top.

light green matte manicure

Light green manicure with black

The use of a contrasting black shade can slightly “calm down” a bright green manicure and make it much more versatile. Depending on the chosen technique for decorating the nail plates, black color can be used to highlight the smile line or the hole area, apply exquisite patterns and monograms. In addition, black rhinestones, eggs, pebbles and other volumetric elements look very good on a light green background.

light green manicure with black

Light green manicure with yellow

A beautiful manicure with light green varnish, complemented by a yellow tint, is very juicy and bright. It is ideal for the beginning of the summer season, when all girls try to give preference to the warmest and richest tones. As a rule, yellow-green manicure is not complemented with decorative elements, since even without them it looks very catchy and original. Meanwhile, if you choose not too saturated shades, you can draw medium-sized drawings on the nails.

light green manicure with yellow

Light green manicure with white

Using a combination of light green and snow-white gel polish allows you to create a variety of design options. So, a manicure in light green tones with white lace patterns or monograms looks very gentle and romantic. A rich shade of light green in combination with a snow-white smile line creates a bright contrast that will not leave its owner unattended. In addition, a combination of plain coatings looks very simple and concise, but not uninteresting.

light green manicure with white

Light green French manicure

The smile line, covered with light green gel polish, goes well with a transparent or nude surface. Such nail art looks quite traditional, but at the same time it carries a certain “zest” and originality. A light green French manicure with a transparent surface of the nail plates is suitable for absolutely any situation, including as an option for every day. Brighter combinations, for example, an intense light green surface and a yellow free edge, are able to demonstrate to others the individuality of their owner.

In addition, French nail art is perfectly combined with other techniques and methods for designing nail plates. So, in addition to the smile line, the lunula area can be distinguished in the design, which can be painted to match the free edge or gel polish of a different color that contrasts with the selected one. French can also be performed using a combination of a glossy and matte top — in this case, the main surface of the nail and its free edge acquire a different texture.

light green manicure french

Light green glitter manicure

The use of shiny decor always makes nail art festive and elegant. So, a green-light green manicure looks great, complemented by matching sparkles — this variation is ideal for celebrating the New Year. Depending on the number of decorative elements, such a design can look unusually impressive or elegant and concise. The combination of light green gel polish with gold or silver sparkles looks original.

light green glitter manicure

Light green manicure with rubbing

A bright and very unusual manicure, light green nails, can be obtained with the help of pearl, holographic or mother-of-pearl rubbing. In combination with a non-standard color shade that always attracts attention, the rub creates an incredibly stylish and attractive effect. If desired, the components of the rub can be placed even on any nail plate, but in the overwhelming majority of cases, accent fingers are distinguished with its help, covering the rest of the claws with a plain gel polish.

light green manicure with rubbing

Light green manicure with drawings

Any nail art can be supplemented with drawings that will make it strict, unusual or incredibly feminine and charming. Light green manicure goes well with different types of images — from simple and concise flowers or single elements to complex hieroglyphs and abstractions that carry a certain meaning. So, for example, modern fashionistas can choose the following interesting options:

  • light green manicure with callas is an excellent choice for a young and romantically inclined young lady;
  • pale light green coating with small flowers — discreet, but very nice option for every day;
  • delicate design with imitation of lace or monograms;
  • original nail art with hieroglyphs;
  • strict options with geometric shapes;
  • adorable animal or cartoon character design.

light green manicure with drawings

Light green manicure with rhinestones

Rhinestones, when used concisely, can make a stylish light green manicure even more attractive and interesting. Meanwhile, when choosing these decorative elements, it is very important not to overdo it — due to the brightness and intensity of the color shade, it does not go well with shiny pebbles, which attract too much attention to themselves.

The best option for girls who like rhinestones is to highlight the smile line on the accent fingers with their help, or to decorate each finger with one large rhinestone. In addition, with the help of these shiny pebbles, you can lay out a beautiful pattern, however, according to the general opinion of experts in the world of manicure art, there should be no more than one such motif.

light green manicure with rhinestones

Lunar light green manicure

Recently, a light green manicure with holes, which is the opposite variation of a jacket, has been especially popular. The area of ​​the lunula in this case can be highlighted in different ways — left unpainted, covered with black or white gel polish, separated with rhinestones or shiny stripes, and so on.

In addition, although most of the fair sex choose the classic semi-circular shape of the lunula, in reality, this is far from the only possible option. So, a light green moon manicure with a triangular or square hole looks very interesting, as well as a combination of moon and French nail art in one design.

moon lime manicure

Light green manicure with pink

A beautiful light green manicure can be created by combining this unusual shade with a variety of colors. So, the original combination is made up of light green and pink colors, which harmoniously complement each other and make the image of its owner incredibly feminine, delicate and elegant. You can combine color shades in the decor of nail plates in different ways, for example:

  • surface in green color scheme and hot pink smile line;
  • gradient transition from one color to another, which can be both vertical and horizontal;
  • drawings applied in bright pink color on the main surface of the nail plates;
  • two-tone patterns, for the creation of which pale green and pale pink shades are used;
  • two-tone nail art, complemented by patterns, such as geometric elements, applied using white or black acrylic paint.

light green manicure with pink


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