Light hairstyles - how to quickly create cool looks?

Many girls prefer to do light hairstyles, which provide an opportunity to quickly create a stylish, but at the same time easy to implement look. Styling can be applied to different lengths of hair, leaving the strands loose or collecting them in a certain way.

Easy hairstyles 2020

Stylists offer the attention of fashionistas all sorts of beautiful and easy hairstyles:

  • the easiest option would be to give the hair the desired shape, combing it perfectly smoothly or creating the effect of deliberate negligence;
  • to embody light hairstyles, there are many auxiliary elements. It can be small-sized hairpins or voluminous crabs, invisible, rubber bands;
  • curlers, regular and corrugated curling irons are designed to add volume and curl;
  • incredibly relevant assembled styling, which can be done very easily, spending a minimum amount of time on them.

easy hairstyles 2020beautiful and easy hairstylessimple and easy hairstyles

Easy hairstyles for long hair

Masters offer a variety of quick and easy hairstyles for long hair:

  • the strands can be left loose by laying the parting on the desired side, straightening the hair with a special curling iron, or vice versa, curling it into curls;
  • side strands can be stabbed, giving the styling a neater look. Another way would be to make a “Malvinka”, for this, a tail or a small bundle is collected on the crown of the upper strands;
  • light hairstyles for long hair are also performed using weaving. For example, you can quickly braid a regular or French braid, “fishtail;
  • a pigtail can be presented in a single copy or there can be two of them;
  • you can braid more than two braids and collect them in the original bundle.

easy hairstyles for long hairquick and easy hairstyles for long hairbeautiful and easy hairstyles for every day

Easy hairstyles for medium hair

Numerous options are beautiful and light hairstyles for medium hair:

  • strands can simply be stabbed up and fixed with a “crab”;
  • curling large curls or small curls is popular;
  • side strands can be braided and fixed at the back. The rest of the hair remains loose;
  • many light hairstyles for medium hair can be embodied in the same way as for elongated strands. For example, this is a high or low tail, a bundle that also has a high or low location, all kinds of braid variations.

easy hairstyles for medium hair

Easy hairstyles for short hair

Fashionistas will be able to show their imagination, even creating light hairstyles for short hair:

  • very short strands can be fixed with a gel, giving them a “wet” effect. For example, this option is relevant for a pixie haircut;
  • light bob hairstyles provide more options when choosing styling. The strands can be combed to one side and fixed with hairpins, the side strands can be braided in the form of pigtails and stabbed back. Curls are also popular, which are created on the front strands, which are more elongated compared to the back of the head.

easy bob hairstyleseasy hairstyles for short hair

Easy hairstyles for every day

This season, any girl will be able to choose fashionable light hairstyles to her taste:

  • strands can be left loose or collected;
  • curls of different sizes look extremely interesting and romantic;
  • all kinds of weaving will give originality to the image;
  • easy quick hairstyles can be made in the form of a tail;
  • corrugated strands can become a real decoration of the image;
  • laying can have a low or, on the contrary, a very high location;
  • a beam is a universal solution that will organically fit into any images;
  • to give additional volume and originality, kanekalon can be used;
  • the trend of the season is styling created in anime style.

easy hairstyles for every daytrendy easy hairstyleseasy hairstyles for women

Light hairstyles with loose hair

Light and fast hairstyles look incredibly feminine, in which the strands remain loose:

  • fashionistas who prefer elegance often settle for aligned options. However, it is worth considering that this styling will look great only on healthy shiny hair;
  • light loose hairstyles can contain curls of different sizes. A large perm is popular, which is securely fixed, or the curls are deliberately made free and half-loose, creating the effect of light waves;
  • if the curls curl finely, then it is recommended to pick up and stab the side strands.

easy hairstyles with loose hair

Easy hairstyles with curls

To give the image romance and sophistication, you can choose styling with curls and waves:

  • hairstyle light curls is implemented very simply. To create it, the hair is curled with a curling iron or curlers. then they can not even be fixed with varnish, due to which the curls are half-blown and look as natural as possible;
  • another option is tightly curled curls. To achieve this effect, it is recommended to make them smaller in size and ensure their secure fixation with the help of certain hair styling products;
  • when creating a styling, you can limit yourself to just a perm or decorate your hair with some additional elements. For example, the side strands can be laid back and stabbed with a beautiful hairpin or arranged in the form of braids, also gathered at the back;
  • light hairstyles with bangs look interesting. At the same time, such a detail can be even and contrast with curls, or it can also be curled. The last option is only suitable for elongated bangs. Any design of the bangs is allowed: it can be straight, oblique, shortened or very long, thick or milled.

easy hairstyles with curls

Easy braid hairstyles

Braiding is a great way to create simple and easy hairstyles:

  • the traditional braid, braided in the usual way, continues to be relevant;
  • The French braid is extremely popular, and you can braid it yourself. To do this, the strands are divided into two sides, and the weaving process begins under the chin. Further, the hair is gently thrown back, the result is a truly unique hairstyle;
  • fishtail is another trendy option that has been relevant for many seasons in a row;
  • the braid can be presented in a single or multiple instance. In the latter case, it can be collected in a bundle located in the upper, middle or lower part of the head;
  • the braid can be placed on the head in the form of sinuous patterns and fixed with hairpins.

easy braid hairstyles

Light ponytail hairstyles

The tail is one of the simplest types of styling:

  • you can make a tail located at the top, in the middle or at the bottom of the head, which is made from perfectly even strands. One of them is released and wrapped around the tail. The side strands can be released and decorated in the form of light curls;
  • light hairstyles from braids braided at the top of the head and gathered in a ponytail are popular;
  • you can, on the contrary, first make a tail, and then, on its basis, braid a free and voluminous braid.

easy ponytail hairstyleseasy hairstyles 2020

Light hairstyles with corrugation

Using the corrugation technique, you can make incredibly stylish and at the same time very light hairstyles:

  • with a corrugated curling iron, you can simply walk on the surface of the hair, giving it a wavy look;
  • only certain strands can be made corrugated, for example, in front, and the rest can be collected in a bun or tail;
  • you can create an assembled styling, from which wavy strands will deliberately be knocked out, decorated using the corrugation technique.

easy hairstyles with corrugation

Hairstyle light bun

A bun is another popular option for easy everyday hairstyles:

  • the beam can be very tight and smooth, or, on the contrary, free and even deliberately careless;
  • a bundle created from a combination of wicker elements is relevant. In some cases, it is supplemented with catchy decorative elements: flowers are woven into the hair, decorated with beads, ribbons, shiny rhinestones;
  • the bun can serve as an element of a loose hairstyle, in this case it is small in size and is located in the upper part of the head, personifying the “Malvinka”.

easy bun hairstyle

Easy updo hairstyles

Refinement and sophistication of the image can give beautiful and light hairstyles for every day, made in a high version. There are such varieties of them:

  • «Pony» tail, which can be smooth or consisting of curled curls;
  • a bundle that is made concise or includes wicker elements;
  • light hairstyles with hairpins, containing a detail known as a bagel, look interesting. It is an original kind of beam, it is made strict, smooth and elegant.

easy updo hairstyles

Easy hairstyles with kanekalon

Young women of fashion will appreciate light hairstyles for women, complemented by kanekalon:

  • strands can be maximally matched to match the hair. In this case, they are used solely to give the hairstyle the missing volume;
  • another option would be styling with bright colored kanekalon. It adorns mostly collected hairstyles, such as braids of various types, buns and ponytails.

easy hairstyles with kanekalon

Easy anime hairstyles

In recent seasons, light unusual hairstyles made in anime style are extremely popular among young ladies:

  • styling is created mainly on smooth hair, but you can also find options with curls;
  • the addition of an even bang is common, which contains a parting or is framed without it;
  • often styling is complemented by paired elements, such as ponytails, pigtails, «ears», bundles.

easy anime hairstyles

Light evening hairstyles

For an evening out, light collected hairstyles or loose styling variations will be a great solution. You can look stylish and catchy with a minimum of effort:

  • curling large curls that freely descend over the shoulders is popular;
  • a scattering of small curls can be concentrated on one side, and decorate the other side with a spectacular pearl hairpin;
  • the collected styling is incredibly relevant. It can be a tail or a bunch, located low or high. These types of hairstyles are perfect for dresses with bare shoulders, they provide an opportunity to demonstrate spectacular cutouts in all their glory;
  • assembled styling can have a laconic design or contain decorative embellishments such as a string of beads or rhinestones.

easy evening hairstyles

Light hairstyles for a wedding

Light wedding hairstyles are also presented in a variety of variations:

  • the bride can make large curls from thick heavy strands and decorate them with an elegant tiara;
  • for a wedding celebration, the assembled styling, made in the Greek style, is perfect. It often consists of a tuft high on the head;
  • a tail consisting of large curls is another popular option;
  • elegant Hollywood waves will help to embody a retro wedding look;
  • often a wedding hairstyle contains decorative elements made in white or shiny. It can be snow-white flowers woven into braids, decoration of the collected styling with all kinds of stones and beads;
  • if the wedding is decorated in a certain thematic color, then the corresponding shades of decor elements may be present in the hairstyle. For example, flowers woven into hair can echo in color with the bride’s bouquet, her manicure, and shoes;
  • the styling variation looks original, which contains a low-lying beam, collected in an openwork mesh of snow-white color. Often this styling appears in combination with a veil that has a similar design.

easy wedding hairstyles


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