Light manicure - decoration of the everyday female image

Light manicure is appropriate in different situations. For example, if you do not want to overload the image with details and spend a lot of time on nail design. It is very important to take into account modern fashion trends that will help create a truly unique image.

Fashionable light manicure 2019

Any girl will appreciate the beautiful light manicure 2019. This is the best choice, because it can be done even at home. Every year, fashion trends change, so you can always find something new. In 2019, the trend will be this design:

  • nail art with polka dots to create an airy look. To do this, you need to take a glossy or shiny base and apply contrasting polka dots;
  • water-based manicure, which is done very easily and looks unique;
  • design with stripes on one or all nails. The main thing is that the stripes are drawn clearly and neatly;
  • light manicure in one color is a trend that is always relevant. It is only important to choose a shade for the current season;
  • nail art with simple prints: flowers, cat paws, stars, hearts and so on.

fashionable light manicure 2019light manicure 2019

Easy manicure for short nails

Stylists offer a variety of ideas for easy manicure for short nails:

  1. Nail plates of a small length, almond-shaped or “soft square” look best. It is worth noting that the best choice for such nails would be a solid color varnish (and even bright shades can be used).
  2. As for the patterns on the nails, it is advisable to use only one small one for each nail.

Easy manicure options for short nails:

  • monophonic in gentle tones or bright shades;
  • with geometric motifs. The easiest way to make such a design is in which the tip of the nail is decorated with a clear “arrow”;
  • a light manicure with peas looks spectacular;
  • An interesting option is a “dotted” manicure. They can be arranged randomly, or you can follow a special sequence;
  • nail art with drawings also looks good. The main thing is not to take huge prints.

easy manicure for short nails

Easy manicure for long nails

Often a beautiful light manicure for long nails is much easier to implement than any other options. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time creating it, you can refer to the following variations of Nel-art design:

  1. Monochrome. Bright colors should be avoided as they may look out of place on long nails.
  2. Light manicure, in which two contrasting shades can be combined on one hand.
  3. Lunar design, in which the nail hole is left colorless or painted in a different shade.
  4. French is a real classic that is not difficult to perform.
  5. Polka dot nail art is a bright and positive design that any girl can handle.
  6. Design with prints. It is worth saying that you should not overload your nails with drawings, everything should be in moderation.

easy manicure for long nails

Easy manicure ideas

Many stylists offer beautiful and easy manicure ideas. He looks incredibly neat. Among the most popular design solutions are the following:

  1. Graphic, which is made using two shades of varnish, adhesive tape and fixing varnish.
  2. Lunar light manicure also involves the use of stencils. They can be purchased at a specialized store or made independently.
  3. In polka dots, for which they use a pen with a ball at the end or an invisibility with a round tip, a round tip of the pen, toothpicks.
  4. Gradient, suggesting a transition from one color to another. Although it sounds difficult, even a beginner can handle the task.
  5. Marble, for which several pastel-colored varnishes and plastic film are used.
  6. Water — bold and bright option.
  7. Manicure «Mermaid», reminiscent of the structure of mermaid scales. In order to make it, you need to take the mesh.

easy manicure ideasbeautiful and easy manicure ideas

Easy drawings for manicure

Many girls like drawings on nails, and they want to learn how to make them on their own. There are many options for simple prints that anyone who has not studied the art of nail design professionally can do:

  1. Simple drawings that are made with adhesive tape. It will turn out to make a light manicure for the summer with different stripes or color blocks.
  2. Simple drawings with dots. They use both special tools and improvised means for them: hairpins, stealth pins, rods from pens, toothpicks.
  3. For drawings, you can use a needle. With its help, a girl can first learn how to apply simple pictures, and then you can gradually complicate them.
  4. For drawings, you can use special stencils sold either in specialized stores, or made by yourself.

easy drawings for manicureeasy summer manicure

Light manicure with rhinestones

Rhinestones on nails look extremely impressive. They can be used to make easy manicure designs. This decor option is extremely simple, but it helps to focus on the woman’s hands and hide the imperfections of the nails. Often nail art turns out to be too voluminous, so a fashionista may feel some discomfort. What is the best way to place rhinestones on nails:

  1. Make a thin strip along the line of the lunula. You can use stones of different sizes.
  2. Lay out the rhinestones in the shape of a bow. It looks especially impressive with a pink or mint shade of varnish.
  3. Laying out according to the French manicure.
  4. A pattern made with rhinestones — for example, a crown, a dragonfly, the Eiffel Tower.
  5. You can make drawings that are appropriate for the upcoming holidays: for example, snowflakes or Christmas trees.
  6. You can decorate the sticker on the nails with rhinestones to accentuate.

light manicure with rhinestoneseasy nail design

Light bright manicure

Bright and at the same time the lightest manicure is attractive to many women. After all, he distinguishes them from the crowd, is appropriate in many situations and is always in fashion. The fashion trends of 2019 regarding this design are as follows:

  1. Red color. This shade is also acceptable on long nails due to its showiness.
  2. Red with hot pink in a moon manicure.
  3. Green varnish is good both on its own and as a decorative element in combination with another shade. For example, you can draw green hearts on nude varnish.
  4. Pink polish perfectly emphasizes tanned skin, so it is suitable for summer time. It is often complemented with neon shades.
  5. Multi-colored nails are also in fashion now. The main thing is to combine shades that harmonize with each other.

light bright manicurethe easiest manicure

Light black and white manicure

A light summer manicure made in black and white will become elegant and concise. The combination of black and white is an eternal classic that always remains relevant. This is a great choice to complement an outfit for an evening out. There are such options for nail art in such colors:

  • French;
  • moon manicure;
  • geometric;
  • marble;
  • with rhinestones or prints;
  • with minimalist drawings;
  • with stripes.

easy black and white manicureeasy summer manicure

Easy marine manicure

In the summer season, a light manicure for short or long nails, made in a marine version, is extremely popular. It is associated with the beach. The design in such a situation can be multifaceted, so any girl can find something that she likes:

  1. The easiest way to combine a blue or blue tint in a manicure is to add different patterns or marine patterns — for example, stars, scales, sea waves, shells. Sea anchors, cables and chains look good.
  2. You can use different techniques in such a manicure. Most of all, girls like obmre, although here you need to try to create smooth transitions. As a nail decoration, you can use miniature palm trees against the backdrop of a sunset or moon.

easy marine manicure

Light matte manicure

Matte gentle light manicure stands out among other nail design options:

  1. To make it, you can buy a special varnish in the store, or you can add the desired effect using a special coating. Often a matte effect can be achieved using steam or starch.
  2. It is best to do a light matte manicure on oval-shaped nails, since square nails look a little rough.
  3. Nail art can be supplemented with drawings or rhinestones, simple inscriptions or stickers.

light matte manicureeasy summer manicure

Manicure light geometry

Geometric beautiful light summer manicure will appeal to girls who prefer minimalism:

  1. The figures look elegant and neat, extremely restrained and at the same time incredibly stylish.
  2. You can combine up to three colors in this design, several simple shapes in different positions.
  3. The monochromatic surface and geometric pattern look original.
  4. Best of all, a light geometric manicure looks with a strip, one square, a triangle.

light geometry manicurebeautiful easy summer manicure

Easy glitter manicure

The sequins look extremely original. A very light manicure with their use emphasizes the originality and brightness of the girl, if you use sparkles in moderation:

  1. If we talk about design for summer or spring, then you should look at the following colors: pink, beige, turquoise, white, coral, blue. You can complement nail art with patterns, flowers, stripes and polka dots.
  2. In autumn and winter, you can complement the manicure with autumn ornaments — leaves, flowers, wreaths, fruits and birds.
  3. When the cold approaches, they use such patterns as snowflakes, icicles, toys and twigs.

easy glitter manicurevery light manicure

Light monochromatic manicure

Monochromatic manicure is ideal for both long and short nails. It is important to consider what colors are in fashion now:

  • coral;
  • yellow;
  • red;
  • marine shades;
  • colors with a holographic effect;
  • light pink manicure;
  • neutral and powder colors;
  • green;
  • pastel shades;
  • black and white;
  • nude palette.

light monochromatic manicurebeautiful and easy manicure ideas

Light manicure at sea

For a beach holiday, a light light manicure will be an ideal solution. Marine style is associated with freedom and lightness. Among the colors it is better to choose the following:

  • blue in different variations;
  • blue;
  • white;
  • aquamarine;
  • turquoise;
  • green;
  • silver;
  • golden.

For decor use the following elements:

  • rhinestones lined with different patterns;
  • drawings on the marine theme;
  • marine print stickers;
  • beads;
  • golden glitter.

light manicure at sea

Easy wedding manicure

Every girl wants to look perfect at her own wedding. Festive fuss sometimes takes a lot of time and effort, so you can choose a beautiful and simple light manicure for a wedding that will look spectacular:

  1. The classic jacket is a great option that is always relevant and beautiful.
  2. It is ideal to make a manicure in nude shades.
  3. The combination of black and white lacquer looks good.
  4. Even transparent varnish should not be discounted. It will help decorate the nail plate with minimalistic drawings.
  5. Nail art with glitter will also be appropriate for a wedding.

easy wedding manicureeasy wedding manicure


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