Lilac color - what is it, who suits and what is it combined with?

The lilac color is suitable for absolutely all women, regardless of age, type and build, the main rule is to choose the right shade range for your natural parameters, both in outerwear and in all other things. A coat, trousers and a dress in this tonality, made of any material, will look very nice.

Lilac color, what is it?

Multiple shades of lilac, of which there are more than twenty, all have a pleasant spectrum in the region of light purple. They amaze with their eccentricity and richness, so fashionable in the new coming autumn season. They fit perfectly into the colors of golden and gloomy autumn, bringing into it a delicate or contrasting color variety, depending on the halftones of the dominant color. A light lilac dress will be a great basis for creating a romantic look, and dark lilac trousers will be a wonderful basis for a street style bow.

what color is lilac

A beautiful lilac color is obtained by mixing a rich purple hue with white, pink and gray tones, which leads to unusually beautiful undertones that can amaze others with their femininity and romanticism. A lovely on-trend coat with wide sleeves pairs well with trousers and a sweater in yellow tones, while a chic evening dress in purple and gray is the perfect basis for creating a stunning evening ensemble.

shades of lilac

What goes with lilac?

What color goes with lilac?

  1. Style legislators consider the combination of lilac shades with white and black to be a classic of the genre; combinations of the dominant color with all the brown and pink scales will also look great. A wonderful solution in urban chic will be a set consisting of lilac trousers, a black blouse with white polka dots and a coffee blouse or jacket. Complete the look with a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. When you want to add tenderness, you can easily combine a brown coat and trousers with a lilac sweater.

what goes with lilac

  1. The lilac stylish color is combined with the entire yellow and green palette, adding to these colors a touch of true French charm and youthful freshness, updating them and forcing them to play with other, persistent and rich, interesting and diverse colors. So, a bold combination consists of a yellow blouse and an even midi skirt in lilac, or a knitted dark lilac one-shoulder sweater and a knitted green straight skirt. A wonderful choice for every day and not only.

what color goes with lilac

Lilac color in clothes

Stylists, answering the question of what the lilac color is combined with in clothes, offer to combine it with each other, for example, a chiffon blouse and a satin or knitted skirt, designed in one tone and complemented by the same accessory and shoes, all in one color. A chic, respectable choice for a smart evening or going to a club, these ensembles can also be ideal for office fashion if there is no strict uniform and certain appearance rules at the company. A trouser suit, also presented tone on tone, is a great solution for creating elegant everyday bows.

lilac color in clothes

Try combining lilac with red, silver and gold, and you will see how you immediately transform, and your ensemble will sparkle with rich and catchy tones of the rainbow spectrum with all its glory. Super solution for elegant everyday life:

  • a red wide or flared mini skirt and a lilac top or a T-shirt, or a blouse with brown wedge or heeled sandals, no difference;
  • wide flared flying trousers made of chiffon or silk in a dominant color and a golden satin fitted jacket.

what goes with lilac in clothes

Lilac dress

A stylish choice for going out is a lilac cocktail and evening dress, both maxi and midi lengths. An excellent solution for creating a romantic image of a socialite is a flared chiffon or silk dress with a high waist and a wide belt that perfectly emphasizes it, with an asymmetrical neckline and a one-shoulder neckline. Another chic idea even for a prom will be a dress with a drop in hem length and a train, consisting of two skirts and a guipure openwork top. A very feminine outfit, especially when paired with matching stiletto heels.

lilac dress

The lilac color shows itself perfectly in evening wear, especially in delicate shades, when dresses are created from flying and flowing fabrics of diverse styles. For example, in the Greek and antique style, boho and Provence, where this color becomes the most appropriate, emphasizing the natural beauty of a woman and revealing her rich inner world, calm and balanced. Even for cocktail parties, a tunic dress with additional designer decor along the hem, complemented by stylish white jewelry or embroidered lace, as you like, is suitable.

lilac evening dress

Lilac suit

A lilac women’s trouser suit is a uniquely stylish choice for many occasions. It can be worn with a blouson, blazer or cardigan, with or without sleeves. In a classic version with straight trousers, it is most suitable for creating business bows. When paired with a top or embellished blazers or cardigans, it’s a great base for dressy-casual ensembles, especially bohemian, glamor and boho or hippie chic.

lilac suit

The lilac color in all its shades is great for tailoring trouser suits, both strict and concise, and elegant and even evening. Jackets can be decorated with embroidery, appliqués, peplum and be with a wrap effect, and trousers can have a variety of styles, from classic to wide flares and harem pants, here the choice will already depend on the purpose of the created images and personal preferences.

lilac women's trouser suit

Lilac blouses

Light lilac color shows itself great in blouses and silk shirts, which are combined with great success with diverse clothing. Excellent combinations are obtained with dark blue jeans and corduroy pants in green and brown tones, turquoise and blue skirts, both plain and flared. Do you want to create something unusual and experimental, but very successful? Feel free to combine lilac blouses with red and green skirts and trousers, purple and black trousers to get unforgettable and stylish looks.

light lilac color

A beautiful rich lilac color is perfectly combined in a suit version, so a loose oversized blouse and an even pencil skirt, matched tone on tone and successfully complemented by dark stilettos and a small handbag to match the shoes, will be a great solution for women with chic shapes. A dark lilac blouse, a burgundy sun-flared skirt and red dress shoes with high thin heels will help to create a romantic image of a feminine fashionista.

purple blouses

Lilac trousers

Fashion gurus, answering the question of what to wear pale lilac trousers with, offer to use various combinations that will be in trend for the upcoming autumn and ending summer season. So, jeans and a white T-shirt will be an excellent option, you can complement the image with a beautiful light multi-colored scarf or scarf and sandals with binding. Another great experimental bow will turn out with a turquoise or blue shirt and lilac pants.

lilac trousers

Lilac color feels great in tandem with a black tone and a pastel palette. So, a great choice for every day is a jumpsuit in a dominant color and a black leather jacket of various styles, from leather jackets to a bomber jacket, or a velvet jacket in a dark shade. A wonderful combination for early autumn is pale lilac jeans or tight trousers and a slouchy sweater of the same color scheme, successfully complemented by seasonal shoes, or white pumps.

what to wear with soft lilac trousers

Lilac skirts

A lilac pencil skirt goes well with a blue blouse or T-shirt; you can successfully complement a beautiful street style look with sneakers or other comfortable sport-chic shoes, slip-ons or high top sneakers. For early autumn, a suit created from a skirt and a gray sweater with a coffee coat and platform or heeled shoes, as you like, is suitable. Also in fashion will be maxi chiffon and silk mini A-line skirts, both pleated and with appliqués or embroideries, combined with a yellow and beige top, you can print it.

lilac pencil skirtlilac skirts

Lilac coat

Soft lilac color is the perfect solution for trendy autumn coats of the coming season. It will bring rich and concise colors to the gloomy autumn, unusually feminine and romantic. So, in fashion there will be coats of both a fitted silhouette on a belt and oversize, styles of dressing gowns with a smell effect, and models with a turn-down English collar. Additional designer decor includes slots, patch pockets, lapels and belts, which favorably emphasize a thin waist.

lilac coatsoft lilac color

Lilac jackets

Dark lilac color is an excellent choice for autumn and winter insulated jackets of a diverse style, it will look especially beautiful on down and puffy jackets, trench coats and windbreakers with liner, leather bombers and cropped sheepskin coats. Additional designer decor should include fur inserts, both on the collar and pockets, and on the sleeves and hem, shine and asymmetrical cut in some models.

lilac jacketsdark lilac color

Lilac swimsuit

Pink-lilac color is a chic solution for a swimsuit of a diverse style, it perfectly emphasizes the tan, attracts the attention of others with its non-trivial look and looks amazing on the beach. Mini bikinis and high-waisted bottoms are in fashion, bras and bottoms with smooth gradient transitions and an unobtrusive abstract striped print look especially beautiful, which are great models for the vacation period.

lilac swimsuitpink lilac color

Lilac underwear

Beautiful lilac color trendsetters use to make chic underwear, both concise and lace. Sets consisting of a bra and panties, complemented by elegant lace and openwork inserts, with a belt and stockings, both plain and with floral and abstract motifs, will be in fashion. Models with embroidery and applications, inscriptions and floral ornaments are possible, for every taste and color.

lilac underwearbeautiful lilac color

Lilac shoes

The beautiful lilac color shows itself perfectly in shoes, any, both model with high heels and wedges or platform, and at low speed. The trends of the season include products on a platform with a drop on a stiletto heel, which are perfect even under jeans and leather trousers, classic pumps with a narrow toe and a thin heel, both a stiletto heel and a glass. They can be leather, suede and textile, satin and denim, the choice of comfortable shoes depends on personal preferences and weather conditions.

lilac shoesbeautiful lilac color

Lilac manicure

Lilac nail design is a set of options for a beautiful manicure in lilac tones, both light and dark. The combination of several tones in one set looks great. Leading nail artists can do hand and screen painting in floral and geometric motifs, decorate nails with rhinestones, glitter and rub, and make a moon or French jacket as desired.

lilac manicurepurple nail design

Lilac hair color

Another seasonal hit for true fashionistas is a light lilac hair color that looks great on a diverse length, paints over gray hair, and is suitable for any age and type. Stylish haircuts with such a shade can be made by any technique, voluminous hairstyles, such as a cascade, a short flight of stairs, gavroche, a square on wavy hair, a bob-car and a bob with all its varieties, will look best. Another great idea is a gradient lilac saturated color on even hair, which gives the overall appearance a non-triviality and extravagance.

light lilac hair colorlilac hair color


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