Liquid stones on nails - new designs for every day and for special occasions

Liquid stones on the nails began to appear in the world of manicure art relatively recently, but have already gained immense popularity among the fair sex. This design looks luxurious, but it can be appropriate even in everyday life.

Nail design 2018 with liquid stones

In each season, current trends in the world of manicure art change dramatically. Professional and skilled craftsmen carefully consider the execution of nail art so that the hands of their clients look incredibly beautiful and luxurious even over time. One of the most interesting trends of the new season was the 2018 manicure with liquid stones, which today can be done in numerous variations.

Liquid stones on nails have many advantages over similar types of nail art created using other techniques and materials, for example:

  • this type of manicure does not look vulgar or vulgar, as is sometimes the case with rhinestones. If desired, its brilliance and beauty can be enjoyed in everyday life;
  • liquid stones on the nails have a very light structure, so they are practically not felt during wear;
  • this technique is at the very beginning of its development, so it looks unusual and somewhat surprising. Every girl can be sure that with such nail art she will not go unnoticed;
  • depending on the lifestyle, the fair sex will be able to wear her manicure from two weeks to a month;
  • This design looks very good on nail plates of any length. Meanwhile, liquid stones on long nails are a more popular nail art option.

nail design 2018 with liquid stones

Liquid stones on short nails

In 2018, almost all masters of manicure art give their preference to short nail plates. This option is the most convenient, it does not cause discomfort while wearing, does not cling to clothes, does not interfere with household chores and caring for even the smallest children. In addition, it is fully consistent with the current trend of the current season — maximum naturalness and naturalness.

Short nails can be of different shapes. A beautiful “liquid stones” manicure looks good on oval, rectangular or square plates. So that the patterns on short claws do not look funny and catchy, it is better to apply them on one accent finger. In this case, the rest of the claws should be monophonic. Casting on all plates will also look beautiful, and on the selected fingers — exquisite and luxurious stone drops. In addition, in the case of short nails, large and voluminous elements should not be preferred.

You can complement this beautiful and elegant type of decor with different types of manicure, for example:

  • classic transparent jacket with a snow-white smile line;
  • moon manicure, made in pastel shades;
  • monophonic covering in light tones.

liquid stones on short nails

Liquid stones on long nails

Although short nail plates are at the top of popularity this year, nail designs with liquid stones in the vast majority of cases are chosen by owners of long claws. In this version, they look much more luxurious and elegant, so they are perfect for going out and special occasions.

Meanwhile, experts do not recommend this type of nail art to happy owners of natural long nails. Since only large stone drops look good on such fingers, and they have sufficient weight, this design overloads the claws and can ruin them very badly. The best choice is considered to be long extended plates, decorated with a large and eye-catching pattern.

liquid stones on long nails

Liquid stone manicure ideas

The design of «liquid stones» is gaining immense popularity among the fair sex. Specialists in the world of manicure art successfully combine it with other types of nail plate decoration, use various shades and decoration methods. By combining different types of modern techniques, you can get an incredibly interesting nail art that can surprise and delight others.

liquid stone manicure ideas

Gentle manicure with liquid stones

Beautiful nails, liquid stones on which add sophistication and sophistication to the whole image, always attract attention. Made in delicate colors, they are perfect for a romantic date or everyday wear. In addition, there is a place for such a design at work. In a delicate decor, there should not be too large and massive stone drops that will weigh down the hands. This is especially true for short nail plates. Meanwhile, if desired, they can be supplemented with small transparent rhinestones, which should not be too much.

gentle manicure with liquid stones

Bright nail design with liquid stones

Stylish nail design with liquid stones, made in bright colors, looks very interesting, catchy and original. Very often it is supplemented with interspersed with small shiny rhinestones, bouillons or unusual painting, for example, luxurious flowers in Chinese technology. Casting and liquid stones look great on nails, which are ideal for parties and other celebrations.

Bright and catchy shades to create such a design can be different. In most cases, young ladies give their preference to the following options:

  • bright red and scarlet;
  • intense pink;
  • lemon yellow;
  • Orange;
  • lilac and purple.

bright nail design with liquid stones

Transparent manicure with liquid stones

Beautiful manicure, liquid stones on the nails, looks great even without additions. Even the simplest transparent coating in combination with this type of design begins to play with new colors. When using clear polish or gel polish, liquid stones on the nails can be placed on all fingers, but it is important not to overdo it so that the nail art does not look vulgar and overloaded.

transparent manicure with liquid stones

French manicure with liquid stones

Exquisite french nails with liquid stones is one of the most popular options among modern fashionistas. It looks great in different color shades, but the classic French nail art with a snow-white smile line is considered the most advantageous. You can perform such a manicure at home, using the following sequence of actions:

  1. Initially, it is necessary to do a hygienic manicure and prepare the plates for coating.
  2. After that, you need to draw a jacket using an angled brush and snow-white varnish or gel paint.
  3. Apply gel protection without dispersion to the design, then dry in the lamp.
  4. Draw a pattern using the “casting” technique with medium-thick lines.
  5. Apply gold. To do this, you will have to tear off a small piece from the foil. It should be only slightly larger than the claw itself. The resulting piece of foil should be pressed firmly against the plate with the matte side, and then torn off with a sharp movement. As a result, gilding will appear on the applied contour. With the help of this technique, stone drops are «set» in the precious metal.
  6. Apply color gel. As a rule, two shades are used for this, for example, yellow and silver, and they are applied so that a smooth transition from one color to another is obtained.
  7. Apply stained glass gel with a hair brush.
  8. Form the volume of the stone drop.
  9. Cover all nail plates with a finishing gel without dispersion and finally dry in a lamp.

french manicure with liquid stones

Manicure with a pattern and liquid stones

A catchy and expressive pattern on nails, liquid stones, is a very original and independent design unit, so it is rarely complemented with other patterns and images. Meanwhile, this technique can look good in combination with delicate small flowers, charming hearts and other simple and concise decor elements.

manicure with a pattern and liquid stones

Red manicure with liquid stones

Bright red liquid stones on the nails are a favorite option for girls who like to attract attention. This design method looks interesting in combination with a red finish, which is ideal for going out and special occasions. When choosing such nail art, it is necessary to observe muffledness in clothes and accessories — they should not be too bright and catchy, as this will make the image vulgar.

red manicure with liquid stones

Matte manicure with liquid stones

The use of a matte coating of different colors is an interesting novelty on nails, liquid stones in which give the image a unique charm. This type of design looks best in dark colors, but in this case, the decorative elements themselves should be made in light colors. If the young lady gave her choice to a light matte finish, she needs to take into account that such nail plates will quickly get dirty and will soon lose their appearance.

matte manicure with liquid stones

Wedding manicure with liquid stones

Every girl who is preparing to marry thinks through her image to the smallest detail. In particular, young brides must pay attention to manicure, which should look luxurious and sophisticated. Often, the fair sex does a manicure for a wedding with liquid stones.

The main advantage of this kind of design is that the claws look like they are in jewels. Stone drops resemble expensive oriental embroidered fabric. Beautiful and stylish liquid stones on long nails look especially attractive and can complement any wedding look.

wedding manicure with liquid stones


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