Long-term eyebrow styling - what is it, who is it suitable for and how is it different from lamination?

Long-term eyebrow styling is a newfangled trend that allows you to give the desired shape to the eyebrows, which does not require correction 24 hours a day. In pursuit of an ideal appearance, many procedures have been developed that make the appearance expressive and well-groomed.

What is permanent brow styling?

Modern girls are ready to try every innovative technique to look perfect from early morning until late at night. What does long-term eyebrow styling mean — this is a frequent request in Internet search engines. This procedure will help to maintain the correct position of the eyebrows in bad weather, rain and wind will not spoil the makeup and will not put you in an awkward position at the most inopportune moment.

Long-term eyebrow modeling involves the application of a special composition to the surface, which fixes the eyebrows in the desired position. Means for this procedure have both fixing and restoring properties, care, nourish and saturate the hairs. Eyebrows are instantly transformed, becoming denser, thicker and more voluminous. Keratin, which is part of styling products, envelops each hair, preventing injury, protecting it from aggressive external factors.

The procedure does not last long, and is carried out in several stages. First of all, the eyebrows are styled and covered with special products suitable for this procedure. After that, if necessary, the eyebrows are dyed with the desired shade, the paint is washed off and the shape is modeled and unwanted hairs are removed.

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How long does permanent brow styling last?

Beauties who decide on this procedure often wonder how long long-term eyebrow styling lasts. With proper proper care, beautiful eyebrows will delight the owner for 1.5-2 months. To extend the life of the composition, you need to follow a few rules after performing the manipulation. It is necessary to minimize decorative cosmetics in the area of ​​the procedure, but it will not be required there. Limit contact with aggressive cleansers containing alcohol. Do not peel in this area, refuse from the solarium and sunbathing.


Eyebrow lamination and long-term brow styling — differences

These two procedures have certain similarities, but they are not the same. If you don’t know what to choose, then let’s see how long-term eyebrow styling differs from lamination:

  1. Brow lamination has the ability to glue the eyebrows together, while styling separates each hair from each other.
  2. Styling varies from the desired end result, whether fluffy or neatly combed eyebrows.
  3. Lamination lasts longer, but it can not be done more than once every two months, and eyebrow styling can be done at any time and the effect will accumulate.
  4. Laminated eyebrows need to be combed in the morning.
  5. Lamination will not work on thick curly hair, but long-term styling, on the contrary, will make them obedient and pliable.
  6. The lamination products include medicated oils and therefore this procedure is indicated for girls who additionally want to improve the health of their hairs.
  7. The price of lamination is many times higher than the cost of biofixation.


Who is long-term eyebrow styling suitable for?

Permanent eyebrow styling for blondes, brunettes, redheads will suit the same degree, and has no age, hair, eye or skin color restrictions. If it is necessary to color the eyebrows, the color is selected suitable for the shade of the curls, and the composition for biofixation is used for all color types the same. Blondes pick up a color two tones darker than their hair, brunettes a couple of tones lighter, and fair-haired the color of their hair. The long-term styling procedure is suitable for absolutely all fashionistas who want to save time on daily eyebrow makeup and spend it on more interesting things.

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Long-term eyebrow styling — pros and cons

The advantages of this procedure outweigh the disadvantages, although the latter also exist. Having decided on this procedure, you need to weigh all its pros and cons well in order to make the right choice. Advantages of eyebrow biofixation:

  1. Long-term effect and versatility, because in the process they do styling, shape adjustment, coloring.
  2. Hair looks thicker, fluffier, voluminous and becomes obedient.
  3. Most of the products have only natural ingredients in their composition.
  4. The procedure has appeared recently and is cheaper than its counterparts in the beauty industry.

Cons of long-term eyebrow styling:

  1. It is difficult to find a professional who has thoroughly mastered the technique, because the procedure is new. This is especially true of the suburbs and remote places from the metropolis.
  2. Some incompetent salons may use low-quality materials, leading to dermatitis, ophthalmic diseases.
  3. After the action of the funds, the hairs weaken and require treatment.

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Long-term eyebrow styling — trend 2019

Regardless of the width and density of hairs, long-term styling of eyebrows 2019 will make their appearance more attractive. Fixation is carried out without staining, with staining and over tattooing. In the new season, naturalness, wide eyebrows, slightly overgrown are in fashion. Lovers of thin eyebrows can rejoice, because their favorite thickness will return to fashion in the new season. In 2019, eyebrows are given any direction, but they especially like to comb them up, so they look wider, neater and each hair is separated from the next. Eyebrows are painted lighter on the inside and darker in the outer corners.


Long-term eyebrow styling — sable eyebrows

The benefits of permanent brow styling are clear. If the main goal is to gain thick sable eyebrows, then it will be achieved through biofixation. If by nature your eyebrows are thin, short and sparse, then they powder the eyebrows, filling in the bald spots and adding width. This tattoo technique is not very provocative and looks neat and natural. Microblading tattoo imitates hairs and looks natural. Here is a way to complement your rare hairs that is most suitable for creating sable eyebrows.


Long-term eyebrow styling for thin eyebrows

On sparse eyebrows, long-term styling will add thickness and volume to them. Thin eyebrow threads are back in fashion, so you can pluck your eyebrows without sparing. Long-term high-quality styling of eyebrows will slightly increase their volume, especially if you fix them up. Colorless eyebrows are a newfangled trend, they are especially suitable for blondes, and biofixation in this design will be a salvation and a good option because with it the eyebrows will remain dyed and styled in the right direction for longer.


Long-term eyebrow styling at sea

Long-term eyebrow styling, the disadvantages of which are few, is not recommended in the summer. Means for biofixation are resistant to water, but the active sun has a detrimental effect on them. Salt water can also cut the lifespan in half. In order for chic eyebrows to please the owner of the entire rest, you need to follow simple rules. If possible, minimize diving under water, and it is better to completely abandon it. Do not be exposed to open sunlight during the daytime, and wear sunglasses that cover your eyebrows in the morning and evening on the beach.


Permanent eyebrow styling with coloring

In the new season, long-term styling of eyebrows without coloring and with thick expressive and thin eyebrows will be fashionable. Therefore, to color eyebrows or not depends only on personal preferences. Colored eyebrows make the look more expressive and bright. The paint is applied over the composition for long-term styling, therefore, it reduces the staining of the skin to zero. Dark paint colors are suitable for brown-haired women and burning brunettes. Blondes should not choose them, so as not to look vulgar, light blond shades are suitable for them, and fair-haired ladies dye their eyebrows to match their hair.


What does permanent brow styling look like?

Wide eyebrows, long-term styling are at the top of fashion lists. This way of styling the eyebrows looks stylish and perfect. Perfectly separated and symmetrically styled hair is a perfectionist’s paradise. From a thin line of eyebrows, you can create wide, thick eyebrows by combing them up. So each hair becomes expressive and has a distance between itself. And without that, wide eyebrows are laid horizontally along the line of their growth. It looks more like a solid line of eyebrows with thick hairs. Such manipulations with eyebrows are not neglected by celebrities and media personalities.


Permanent eyebrow styling — before and after

Brow architecture and long-lasting styling simply transforms thin, weakened hairs. Proper styling will close all the voids, set the correct location of the hairs. They will become more obedient, and will be easier to succumb to any manipulation. Eyebrows sticking out in different directions before the procedure, after it will be perfectly laid and fixed in the right direction. Long-term styling is washed off gradually and you can not wait for its complete disappearance, but resume the procedure. Each time it will be required less frequently, due to the cumulative effect.



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