Nobody wants to get old. But arguing with the laws of nature is unproductive, time cannot be turned back. Sooner or later, signs of aging appear on the face and body, and you have to live with them. You can, of course, seek help from a plastic surgeon. But this path is not suitable for everyone, and the result often leaves much to be desired. Sometimes, after cosmetic surgery, the “updated” appearance becomes clear evidence of an unsuccessful struggle with age.

Do you just need to calm down?

No, it doesn `t need. There are simpler ways to look younger than your passport age, not associated with plastic surgery or similar cardinal methods of rejuvenation. Here are 10 tips from MedAboutMe.

Find «your» hairstyle


It is not at all necessary to follow the rule «The older the woman, the shorter her haircut.» This is true for large ladies, but for those who have retained a slender figure, it is quite possible to afford hair to the shoulder blades, if the thickness and structure of the hair allows.

The main thing is to give up hairpins, ponytails and creepy «buns» on the back of the head. But bangs can significantly reduce age, and at the same time cover facial wrinkles on the forehead.

Change your hair color

In the «elegant age» comes the time for a very careful choice of hair color. Bright, shocking tones should be avoided, which will only draw attention to the aging skin of the face and neck. Dark tones, especially black hair, also visually age, give the skin an earthy tint. Radical blonde is also not an option.

Some women decide not to dye at all and wear their gray hair calmly and with dignity. Well, this can also sometimes look quite dignified, subject to a flawless haircut and suitable makeup.

But best of all hides the age of hair color, which is 2-3 tones lighter than natural.

You can make the perfect haircut, choose the optimal color, but if at the same time undyed gray roots are visible, all efforts will be in vain. Few things can age a woman as much as such an omission.

If there is no time for the next staining, you can use a special powder for regrown roots for several days. But this is a temporary solution. You need to find time and put your hair in order.

no flashy makeup

no flashy makeup

What is permissible in youth and in juicy maturity, in the «age of the evening dawn» is already categorically not suitable. The make-up of an elegant lady is discreet, neat, in restrained colors. But you don’t have to give up makeup completely. True, something needs to be changed. Here are some beauty secrets.

Lightness and transparency of tone

The older the lady, the more transparent and lighter her tonal means. Otherwise, there is a great risk of turning the face into a kind of mask, on which every wrinkle will be visible. You will have to carefully choose the shade of the base for makeup. Too light will make the face lifeless, too dark — older.

No dark and bright lipstick

Preference for peach and pink tones. Cold shades should also be avoided, they visually age.

Lipstick should not be either matte or pearly. The first option emphasizes all wrinkles and lack of lip volume. And mother-of-pearl makes the image vulgar.

Do not let the lower eyelid down

Do not let the lower eyelid down

The black thick line on the lower eyelid immediately visually adds several years. Especially if it’s not done very well.

It is better to refuse black eyeliner altogether, preferring brown or dark gray. And only on the upper eyelids. This will visually enlarge and open your eyes.

Eyebrow beauty matters

With eyebrows, modern fashion does all sorts of strange things. You should not pay attention to this — bold experiments are good only on a young face, which cannot be spoiled at all.

A mature woman should stop at a neat shape without sharp corners and an average width of eyebrows. And on a not too dark shade of pencil or shadows.

Blush: delicate shades and gentle application

Dark and brown shades of blush should no longer take up space in your makeup bag. They are replaced by pink, peach delicate tones, which are applied not to the apple of the cheek, but along the cheekbone, and shade well. Otherwise, the use of blush will emphasize age-related changes on the face. Matte blush is not suitable, as it makes the signs of skin aging more visible.

UV skin protection

UV skin protection

Neither a natural tan nor a tan obtained in a solarium is shown to a lady of the age of late maturity. And not only because of the risk of developing malignant processes. Sunburn ages the skin very much, makes it rough. Therefore, it is worth choosing cosmetics with UV protection, and mastering the wearing of hats with fields. Or caps, which by themselves can take ten years, with the right selection.

Smell: fresh, light, spring

It used to be that a respectable lady should wear dense, sweet or spicy fragrances, and everything light, volatile, spring green is suitable only for young people. You can forget about all this, and choose for yourself smells associated with spring, love, flight. Moreover, modern perfumers offer such a selection of fragrances that you can find literally for every taste.

The main rule is to avoid heavy and too strong aromas.

Expert comment

Sanya Vuchetai, make-up stylist

Your eyebrows should not be too thin. If once before, following fashion, you overdo it a little with eyebrows and now they have become rare, just fill in these gaps with a pencil or shadows.

Choose fashionable silhouettes and colors in clothes. You should not strive to be at the peak of fashion, but you should not be too far behind it.

Be sure to watch your hands. Any, the most elegant image can be «killed» by unkempt hands and lack of manicure. The same applies to foot care: a pedicure is a must!

And here’s something else.

Of two women of the same age, the younger always looks more slender. Get rid of excess weight. Every kilo you lose will make you look a year younger.

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