Oh, this fashion, oh, these fashionistas! Every day in the field of fashion designers and shows there are new trends, new trends and new buzzwords. For the average layman, the words of the fashion industry are like Chinese characters. For example, the new fashionable concept of «lookbook». We all went to school and attended English lessons. Everyone can understand that a word consists of two parts, but far from everyone will be able to translate meaningfully.

What is a lookbook?

If you translate this word, you get something like «book of style.» At first glance, it is not entirely clear what kind of book, and what kind of style it has. Let’s figure out what a lookbook is and what it is eaten with.

For example, you are a big fan of a famous singer or actress. Of course, her style and manner of dressing is ideal for you. And then you buy another glossy magazine, and there is a beautiful photo of your beauty idol and a few photos with clothes. Looking closely, you realize that these clothes are very similar to the one in which the object of your adoration is standing. In other words, the stylist tells you what things and accessories you can buy to create a style that is as close as possible to the style of the star. This is one of the variants of the lookbook — the fashion of the stars.

Consider the following situation: you are in a fashion boutique and you are picking out clothes for yourself. After reviewing a lot of hangers and shelves with things, you still could not find the right ensemble. But there is no reason to be upset! In almost every fashion store today you will be offered a whole catalog of lookbooks. As a rule, designers, releasing a new collection, always create lookbooks for simplicity and ease of purchase. You just look at the clothes and see how they sit on the model and what they can be combined with. This greatly facilitates the task for you and the seller in the store.

On the Internet, on various women’s sites, regulars periodically post photos of stylish and unusually dressed people. This is also a kind of lookbook. As a rule, such photos can be found in headings like «fashion of the city of N». These photos can be seen in fashion magazines.

And here is another variation on the theme of the lookbook. Today it has become very fashionable and convenient to order clothes via the Internet. Many have already managed to establish sales through online stores. In such stores, in addition to photographs of clothes, they often post whole collages of the presented goods. This is one of the lookbook options.

Each clothing brand always, releasing a new collection, creates a whole catalog of lookbooks in parallel. Each new collection has its own summer, autumn, winter and spring lookbook. This makes it possible to evaluate and predict the possible popularity of the manufacturer on the market in a given season. It also helps to create a general impression of the clothing brand and its target audience.

A stylish lookbook can be synonymous with a portfolio when it comes to photos of one particular model or photographer.

How to create a lookbook?

what is a lookbook

The purpose of the lookbook is not just a beautiful photo of clothes. This is the creation of a certain image and style. Before you create a lookbook, you need to think about the overall mood and impression you want to create in the photo. If this is a lookbook for a particular brand of clothing, you need to consider the style and presentation of this brand.

To create a successful lookbook, it is very important to choose the right background for the shooting. One thing will look completely different when shooting in different surroundings.

Don’t forget the models and the photographer. Everyone should be on the same wavelength. It is necessary to discuss in advance all the details of the shooting, from the mood in the photo to the selection of colors. Try to create an atmosphere of trust and understanding, then it will be easier to find a common language and agree.


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