After an enchanting summer, we want something calm and cozy, and this applies not only to evenings by the fireplace, but also to our appearance. As you know, our internal state is displayed on the outside and first of all, of course, on the hair.

Every season, the fashion industry prepares something new, unexpected and stylish for us. It is sad to admit it, but summer is gradually coming to an end, autumn will soon come into possession and you need to meet it fully armed. And so, let’s figure out together what surprises autumn 2019 has in store for us and what to expect from it.


The most ultra-trend haircut of 2019 is a bob, classic or elongated. It is versatile and can be either smooth, lined with an iron or brush, or in the form of light beach waves. The usual short haircut that always remains relevant. There are a lot of bob haircut options for short hair, you can choose softer contours without sharp transitions or give preference to geometry.

Laying: shaggy style

Shag (shaggy) is translated from English as «shaggy». This styling in its structure looks disheveled and disheveled. The peculiarity of this styling implies the presence of milled or torn tips. Making it at home is quite simple: you will need mousse, foam or structuring spray. Dry your hair with a diffuser. the ends can be laid with an iron.

Average length

Medium length haircuts have been at the peak of popularity since 2018 and do not seem to be losing their positions. This type of length is a compromise between a square (or elongated bean) and a «below shoulder» length. Practical, comfortable, lots of styling options and suits almost everyone.

Laying: careless curls

If curly icicle curls were in fashion in previous seasons, this year they gave way to careless beach curls. Beauty industry experts say that curls are suitable for absolutely everyone, the whole point is that they are different.

To make curls, curl strands on a curling iron with a large diameter or a large brush, and then add volume to the styling with a light basal bouffant or basal corrugation.


A few years ago, the pixie experienced another surge in popularity. Hollywood stars almost without exception went with pixies, remember only Rihanna, Natalie Portman, Anne Haytway, Halle Berry. In 2019, many fashionistas again turned their attention to her. The thing is that this stylish and elegant haircut hides the age of a woman, turning her into a tomboy, but at the same time creating a fragile and touching image.

Laying: glam rock

Laying a pixie is not difficult! On wet hair after washing, apply a little foam or mousse. Comb through with a comb or fine-toothed comb. If you have curly hair, then apply the foam on your hands and spread through the hair, combing the strands with your fingers.


Always up to date. The classic version of this haircut is able to veil flaws in appearance, give the hair the missing volume, and thick and naughty hair — the desired shape. If desired, you can change the look every day. Suitable for any hair texture and paints any oval face.

Laying: variety of variations

Cascade allows you to do many stylish styling simply by changing the technique of drying and styling your hair. With a little effort and imagination, you will always look stylish and new.

Cascade on short hair needs volume and texture. Comb damp hair gently and apply mousse. Dry your hair using a round brush and lift it up from the roots. Finish off with a texturizing spray.

As for the cascade on long hair, here the styling technique is not too different from that for thin hair. All the same emphasis on volume and texture. Comb damp hair and apply full length volumizing foam. For styling, you will need a hair dryer with a brush attachment and a large diameter round brush. Dry your head by lifting the hair with a brush from the roots. Dry the bangs without parting. For more volume, use a texturizing spray. It will fix the styling and give it lightness.

Graduated caret or just caret

Always in the fashion trend, has many variations, constantly changing, has been very popular for several years. It can be worn with bangs of various types. It can make the image both daring and give it a gentle femininity.

Laying: мessy hair

A slight mess on the head is the trend of recent seasons, which is worth repeating on your car. To create this effect, use a volumizing spray and toss your hair with your fingers. You should not comb them after that, otherwise all the work will be done in vain.

Our top 7 styling products

Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Freeze Strong Hold Hairspray

Your hairstyle is under reliable protection and fixation for all 24 hours! This spray not only perfectly fixes the hair, but also protects from external influences of UV radiation. With the help of this varnish, you can make a chic hairstyle, while quickly and permanently fixing the position of each curl.

The unique texture of the varnish allows it to be evenly distributed through the hair, without weighing it down or sticking it together. Leaves a pleasant scent on the hair.

The composition contains glycerin, which retains moisture inside the hair, saturates them with nutrients, and has an antiseptic effect. In addition, the spray helps to cope with problems such as split ends, dryness and brittleness, restores damaged scalp. What else do you need for perfect styling?

Gkhair Styling Mousse

Mousse Gkhair Styling Mousse It not only makes hair supple and manageable for any voluminous styling, but also creates a reliable protective barrier against high temperatures and UV rays. This tool is equally well suited for styling both long and short hair, guarantees long-term fixation at any length.

The product contains only natural ingredients: keratin, natural oils, vitamins and minerals, which allow you to make the volume weightless. Each component works closely with the others to make hair look healthy and shiny. It has a refreshingly delicate citrus aroma.

Forget about the stickiness inherent in such styling products! FROM Gkhair Styling Mousse you can easily make salon styling at home!

Styling cream with UV filter La Biosthetique Brillance Creme

An excellent tool for creating voluminous and texture styling. Perfectly copes not only with styling, but also with protection of hair from sunlight, preventing drying out and brittleness.

The cream is suitable for creating creative hairstyles on both short and long strands. Gives shine to hair, copes even with naughty, porous curls. Moisturizes, prevents brittleness and drying of hair. The styling cream does not leave greasy or sticky residue, the hair does not lose its natural elasticity and softness, but acquires a complex and interesting texture and shimmering shine.

Matrix Style Link Heat Buffer

Matrix Style Link Heat Buffer — one of the best thermal protectors.

The tool has fixing properties (fixation level — 2) and takes care of maintaining an even and smooth hair structure during the styling procedure.

The soft texture of the product is quickly distributed along the surface of the strands without weighing them down. The active components of the product create a special invisible membrane around the hair, which several times increases the natural shine of the hairstyle. With this tool, you can safely smooth out curls with an iron or make yourself a great perm. Matrix Style Link Heat Buffer’s special care spray combats excess volume, but at the same time adds fantastic volume and luxurious shine to the hairstyle.

Powder for volume and fixation L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni.Art Super Dust

This miracle product is designed to give light, weightless volume.

It has a delicate texture, is quickly applied and evenly distributed thanks to a convenient spray bottle. Does not weigh down, does not stick together and does not dirty the strands. With this powder, your strands will be noticeably lifted at the roots and, at the same time, thickened along the entire length. Also suitable for texturing curls. Your hair will be elastic and securely fixed in the required styling.

The product absorbs excess sebum and impurities from the environment, so it is perfect for those with oily hair.

Rolland Una Spray Shine

Spray from Rolland Una makes your hair incredibly shiny and smooth.

The complex with silicone provides amazing shine and elasticity to the hair. Effectively resists moisture. Seals cuticles, counteracts moisture without weighing hair down. Instantly detangles and repairs damaged hair ends. Forget «fluffy»!

The product also has a pleasant floral-citrus aroma.

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Volume Boost Perfect Foam

The presented foam-mousse has an ultra-light formula. It does not weigh down the curls at all and does not stick them together, while giving them maximum flexibility, elasticity and manageability. The tool not only provides lightweight styling, but also allows you to perfectly fix it.

It is also worth noting the caring properties of the product from Schwarzkopf Professional. Panthenol, which is part of the mousse foam, contributes to thorough moisturizing and softening of curls. In addition, panthenol creates an invisible film around the hair, allowing you to protect them from external aggressive influences.


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