The beauty industry is simply overflowing with various gadgets that make life easier for many girls around the world. But these devices are not always as useful as advertised, and sometimes they are even a simple pumping of money. A new thing has appeared on the Internet — a jade roller or roller, which is designed for self-massage of the face. Is this really so and whether it is worth paying attention to it, later in our article.

What is a jade massager and what is its essence?

Jade is a unique stone. There is no more viscous and durable ornamental stone in nature. In terms of strength, it is not inferior to steel. From a strong blow, a hole may form on the surface of the jade, but the stone itself will not crack, it can only be cut with a diamond. Jade stone has long been so highly valued due to its properties that it has been ranked among the sacred.

In ancient times, people endowed jade with a powerful healing power for almost all ailments. It was worn on the body, taken orally in the form of a powder, applied to wounds. In our time, the positive effect of jade in diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract has been proven. The therapeutic effect is based on the high heat capacity of the stone. Massage rollers, balls and rods made of jade are widely used for body massage, as well as for cosmetic facial skin massage. Such an effect stimulates blood circulation, promoting tissue regeneration, fights skin sagging, and relieves fatigue.

jade roller is a simple beauty tool that has been popular among China’s high society for centuries. Used by empresses and wealthy women as part of their skin care routines, the stone was and still is considered protective, spiritually powerful and has healing qualities. Based on the practice of cosmetologists, it also has major benefits for perfect skin.

Recently, jade massagers have become popular in the United States and this is due to the fact that modern girls are ready to experience a variety of beauty products, procedures and gadgets. What is its beauty? It cools, tones the skin, improves elasticity and circulation, and increases the absorption of serums and moisturizers applied with the roller. In scientific terms, jade rollers aid in lymphatic drainage by pushing fluid out of the tissue under the skin and into the lymph nodes. This not only reduces puffiness, but also promotes blood circulation, which leads to skin lightening.

How to use jade massager correctly?

It’s as easy as removing makeup from your face and only takes two minutes of your time. However, you will need to learn the correct technique and anatomy of your face to get the best result.

Essentially, there is a chain of lymph nodes along your chin and up the contour that need to be massaged so that all the fluid leaves these areas. There is no need to chaotically pass the jade just back and forth without a specific pattern, because all that will happen in the end is the redistribution of fluid through the subcutaneous tissue. You should draw long lines with a roller, repeating each three or four times, as indicated in the diagram below.

Does a Jade Massager Really Work?

If you use jade rollers for several weeks, you can really see the result. They will help you deal with:

  • swelling of the face and swelling under the eyes;
  • can activate the lymphatic system;
  • even out skin tone and improve complexion;
  • relieve spasmodic headache;
  • activate anti-aging processes;
  • stimulate collagen;
  • soothe inflammation;
  • gives a feeling of zen.

And the effect does not depend on the number of cosmetics that you will use in parallel. If you use this gadget every morning, you will be able to see that the skin has become fresher and better absorbs creams and serums. Plus, you get a daily mini-facial massage that improves overall skin condition.

Roller massage really helps to cope with puffiness, so many cosmetologists recommend using it immediately after applying the main care in the morning. A 5-minute facial massage with a roller helps to “disperse” the fluid in the lymphatic channels and remove it naturally. So, if you often have swelling in the morning, then this gadget will help you. For the same reason, jade massagers can be especially helpful when used under the eyes.

As for the anti-aging effect of the roller, then it will not play a special role if you already have deep wrinkles. If you started using it to prevent the first wrinkles, then cold jade massage is useful in the long run. It stimulates blood circulation in the face, so you can plump up the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Whether it helps to remove inflammation is unlikely. Yes, jade is a stone with antibacterial properties and it won’t spread bacteria on the face. But it certainly will not help with cystic or hormonal rashes.

Outcome. Yes, a jade massager is an excellent addition to daily care, but it cannot replace other procedures, especially salon ones.

How to use jade massager

Store it in the refrigerator, not in the freezer: too low temperatures can crack the stone. Always wipe the stone with an antiseptic before and after use, or rinse with warm water (this stone itself has antiseptic properties, so bacteria do not live on it).

Then apply all the care products and drive the roller along the massage lines. Start in the middle of the face, moving down the neck to stimulate lymph flow. Then move from the center to the periphery. And don’t forget about areas like the eyes, lips, and chin—the areas that show signs of aging first.

We advises you not to be afraid of new products in the beauty industry and try new things, especially such useful things as a jade roller. Be beautiful and take care of yourself!

With love, Avocado.ia!


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