Makeup for Halloween - 52 photo ideas for the holiday

Halloween makeup done on Halloween is a Western tradition. But in other countries, this carnival has already acquired its place among the youth holidays. Parties on the occasion of this holiday are a great chance to reincarnate and show yourself from a new, frightening and creepy side.

Halloween Makeup 2018

Halloween makeup for girls 2018 can be called extremely bright and bold. This is evidenced by the accents placed last year:

  1. The most popular images are girls from pop art posters and typographic publications, images of Mexican carnivals and various mythological creatures.
  2. Kind and bright heroes will also have a place at the party, so an angel costume with a shimmering make-up will be a real find.

halloween makeup 2018

Halloween Makeup 2018

halloween makeup for girls 2018

Light makeup for Halloween

Easy, simple Halloween makeup that can be created using standard decorative cosmetics can be divided into two types:

  • deliberately pale, making the face bloodless;
  • bright evening make-up, with an exaggerated drawing of the contours of the face;
  • light Halloween makeup without the use of theatrical makeup products is possible without special artistic skills. In such images, the emphasis is on the costume.

light makeup for halloween

Scary Halloween Makeup

The most terrible images are created on the basis of children’s fears. Therefore, these include:

  • Halloween zombie make-up, she-devil, old china doll, queen of spades and dead bride;
  • terrible makeup cannot be created only with the help of decorative cosmetics, even the most pigmented. To enhance the effect, use a creamy makeup.

scary halloween makeupscariest halloween makeup

Fancy Halloween Makeup

Unusual beautiful makeup for Halloween is a complete flight of fancy:

  1. The most original and unusual is the image in the style of pop art, as if descended from posters. This is a bright make-up with elements of makeup and the use of such unusual colors as blue, bright purple, red, green and black outline.
  2. For several seasons in a row, Harley Quinn Halloween makeup continues to be relevant.
  3. Another unusual and original image includes masks from the Mexican carnival. This Halloween makeup is created with the help of cosmetics and theatrical makeup.

weird halloween makeupbeautiful halloween makeup

Halloween Makeup Ideas

This is a holiday where you can show your individuality, intrigue, scare. Therefore, the variety of images that you can try on during a party on his occasion is only pleasing. The bow does not end with the right suit, hairstyle and accessories. The main focus is on make-up or full make-up. The most common Halloween makeup ideas for girls are:

  • the image of a dead bride, a dark woman or a queen of spades, a she-devil, a broken doll, a witch, an angel and a mermaid;
  • popular animalistic make-up of a cat, a bat;
  • one of the most striking is considered to be a bow based on Mexican folklore;
  • welcome details such as contouring in the form of skull bones, painted scars, dark eye liner and makeup that mimics all sorts of defects.

halloween makeup ideas for girls

Devil Halloween Makeup

The devil or demon woman is a deep and very formidable image. He has many incarnations:

  1. It can be dark nuns and women with devil’s horns, or just an image of death. In any case, a lot of emphasis is placed on Halloween makeup.
  2. Colored contact lenses are allowed. The devil may have red eyes, then the complexion evens out, cheekbones and a clear line of eyebrows are drawn, lips are painted brightly. This also characterizes the Halloween vampire makeup.
  3. When using dark and black lenses without pupils and iris, a pale complexion and lips would be appropriate, but the eyelids are shaded with dark shadows, it is possible to draw the inside of the lips with a bright red print, which will give a bloodthirsty look to the image of a she-devil.

devil makeup for halloweencool halloween makeup

Halloween Cat Makeup

The cat is a harmless and widespread image. This Halloween makeup for girls is characterized by the following details:

  1. It can emphasize those aspects of nature that in ordinary life were not brought to the fore: sexuality, hidden aggression, the nature of a predator and a huntress, hidden by a sly look.
  2. Careful drawing of the cat’s look is relevant, the outer corners of the eyes are drawn out with the help of shadows or arrows, you can complement the playfulness of the look with long false eyelashes.
  3. You can make your cat’s makeup for Halloween recognizable with the help of makeup paints, which draw thin cat whiskers and a pink nose.
  4. The image of a catwoman is complemented by a properly selected suit and ears. Such a bow is unlikely to turn out scary or even creepy, but it will demonstrate one of the facets of the character of the woman who chose it.

halloween cat makeupcute halloween makeup

Halloween Doll Makeup

One of the creepiest characters in Western horror films is porcelain dolls. Plots in which animated dolls deal with people are very popular. And it is believed that if a face of a seemingly cute doll appears in the frame in a horror movie, then an action will be associated with it. Beautiful Halloween makeup for girls is endowed with the following features:

  1. Should repeat the main accents of a porcelain face: light skin, small bow-shaped lips, thin eyebrows and long eyelashes.
  2. The development of eyelashes should be given great attention, you can use false eyelashes.
  3. The lips are deliberately drawn less, their contours are clearly distinguished.
  4. A blush on the cheeks is characteristic, which undergoes minimal shading.
  5. The face can be emphasized with small curls, neatly wound around the forehead line.
  6. Halloween doll makeup can be emphasized with make-up and mini-cracks can be drawn on the forehead or cheeks, repeating cracks on the porcelain surface.

halloween doll makeupbeautiful halloween makeup for girls

Halloween Nurse Makeup

A nurse is one of the most popular images at such a celebration. She combines at the same time care and the most sinister qualities, pain and anguish that she can inflict. Beautiful and easy Halloween makeup is done using the following methods:

  1. The make-up does not depend on the erotic or aggressive accent that you want to create in the image. The nurse on Halloween is always sinister, so a lot of makeup is used.
  2. A fair complexion and pale lips can be emphasized with a dark and aggressive accent on the eyes.
  3. The face can be visually narrowed by giving it the outline of a skull. This is done using dark contouring in the cheekbones and nose.
  4. The image of the killer nurse from the movie «Kill Bill» is popular. To recreate this look, you will need an eyepatch, the rest of the Halloween makeup is done in a deliberately erotic spirit with the obligatory drawing of the lips with red lipstick.

halloween nurse makeup

Halloween Makeup «Queen of Spades»

The Queen of Spades or black woman is one of the most common images that has arisen from childhood legends and scary stories. The main attribute is a black robe and a black lace veil over the hair. Sexy Halloween makeup is created using the following details:

  1. Illusoryness and a halo of gloom are given to the image by a light tonal base covering the entire face and neck.
  2. Lips can be made up either with the same foundation, emphasizing their bloodlessness and ghostliness of the face, or make up the lips with black matte lipstick.
  3. Eyes can be made up using the smoky ice technique, complementing the eye makeup with black shimmering sparkles, which will enhance the sinister effect.
  4. The intrigue of the image of the Queen of Spades can be emphasized with the help of the same lace coverlet, which only covers the upper half of the face, leaving only the lips to be seen.
  5. The part of the face hidden by the veil can be decorated with creepy details, such as decorative contact lenses in fantasy colors and pupil shapes, scars, stitches and other patterns on the face.

halloween makeup queen of spades

Halloween Bride Makeup

The corpse of the bride is one of the most popular scary images in Western folklore. According to legend, the buried bride in her wedding attire rises from the grave and pursues the still-living groom. But in pair with her they create the image of the corpse of the groom. When creating the Corpse Bride makeup for Halloween, you can show the whole flight of fancy:

  1. The make-up should be sinister and intimidating, which is easily achieved with the help of unnatural pallor, facial contouring, emphasizing the natural protrusions and depressions of the human skull.
  2. Pale lips and dark-colored eyelids are relevant.
  3. Among other things, you can use a print, overhead silicone elements for makeup, or manually draw details on the forehead or cheeks that imitate decayed flesh.
  4. Not forgetting that this is the image of the bride, the femininity of the image can be emphasized with the help of long false eyelashes.

bride makeup for halloween

Mermaid Halloween Makeup

The image of a mermaid is very feminine. It matches the cute makeup for Halloween, but for the celebration it should be made more awesome and creepy:

  1. You can go the easy way and try on the Disney little mermaid make-up and her image, but you can really stand out at the party only by turning yourself into a real mermaid, a drowned woman or the daughter of a sea king. Not only an azure-colored wig with long straight hair will help with this.
  2. A strong pallor is characteristic, the lips are not just pale, but bluish-white.
  3. Eyes can be made very bright using false eyelashes and bright glitter shadows, but you don’t need to use blush and don’t apply excessive contouring.
  4. The face of a real mermaid should be almost translucent-pale with carefully defined eyes.

halloween mermaid makeuphalloween makeup for girls

Halloween Bat Makeup

The image of the bat is most associated with Count Dracula and the vampire. Therefore, by creating a cool Halloween makeup, complementing it with pointy ears and a costume with sleeves in the form of bat wings or a long cape, you can be at the party in the spotlight:

  1. Like other Halloween images associated with evil spirits and dark spirits, bat makeup is done using a very light base color.
  2. Among other things, you can highlight your eyes with bright dark shadows and make up your lips with bright red lipstick, you can even with a glossy gloss to create the appearance of lips wet with blood.
  3. If you use makeup elements, you can additionally draw droplets of blood flowing from the lips.

halloween bat makeup

Halloween Witch Makeup

Witch represents the scariest Halloween makeup:

  1. According to Western traditions, on the eve of All Saints’ Day, witches call evil spirits into this world and fly on broomsticks, brew potions in large cauldrons and wear pointed hats. The pumpkin and the pointed witch hat are the two main symbols of Halloween.
  2. Witch makeup can be roughly divided into two types: the old witch, whose face is covered with wrinkles, and the young witch, sexy and sinister.
  3. In the first case, careful work with makeup is necessary. In the case of a young witch, the main thing is a clear and beautiful face contouring, bright lips, bright eye makeup and long eyelashes.

witch makeup for halloween

Halloween Pop Art Makeup

Pop art is a fashionable make-up trend. This is the style of Western posters and posters, where faces are drawn with bright and thick lines, typographic bright colors are used. You can create a spectacular and at the same time simple Halloween makeup for girls:

  1. The main thing is to even out the face by applying a make-up base, matte resistant foundation and a layer of powder.
  2. The eyebrows are artistically highlighted, as is the line of the lips, even the line of the nose can be drawn with strokes.
  3. Pigmented shades of rich shades of blue, red, purple are widely used in such a make-up. The black color acts as an outline for the facial features.

pop art makeup for halloween

Halloween Angel Makeup

The image of a party angel will stand out in contrast. On this night, according to Western traditions, the dark forces come into conflict with the forces of light, which defeat the rampant evil. Makeup and costume for Halloween can be created by an evil and frightening, fallen angel. But in contrast, a clean and bright angel will look great:

  1. To do this, apply a little shimmer or shimmery shine on the tonal base in the cheekbones, around the eyes, this will create an angelic shimmer of the skin.
  2. Cover lips with a glossy gloss of pink or nude shades.
  3. You can not highlight the eyebrow line, on the contrary, powder them and make them as pale as possible.
  4. The eyes also do not need additional drawing, you can glue false eyelashes with a wet effect of sticky hairs.

halloween angel makeuphalloween makeup 2018

Mexican Halloween Makeup

This is a striking phenomenon, an image created with an emphasis on Mexican folk traditions that will not go unnoticed. Halloween skeleton makeup for girls is characterized by the following features:

  1. Large roses on the head in the form of a wreath are perfectly combined with the somewhat unrealistic outline of the skull on the face.
  2. The face is made up with a white or light base.
  3. The area around the eyes is drawn in solid black, the tip of the nose in the form of a triangle is also highlighted in black.
  4. Dark contouring of the cheekbones brings the image closer to traditional Mexican carnival masks.
  5. On the face, you can add an arbitrary pattern in the form of flowers or wavy lines made with black paint.

mexican halloween makeuphalloween makeup ideas


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