Makeup for the new year 2019 - fashion ideas for any type of appearance

New Year’s Eve is the very holiday that not only children, but also adults are looking forward to with great impatience. Every fashionista, thinking about what image to create for her celebration, wonders what makeup for the New Year 2019 is best for the celebration. There are many options for creating a make-up for girls of different ages.

Fashion makeup for the New Year 2019

Most of the fair sex meet the New Year fully armed — they think through their image in advance to the smallest detail, trying to look as attractive and spectacular as possible. Any holiday look is incomplete without the use of quality decorative cosmetics.

In each new season, the current trends in the world of makeup change noticeably, so modern girls and women are very actively following the fashion shows of famous designers, paying attention to the faces of fashion models. This year, stylists advise beautiful ladies to appear as vamps — energetic, sexy, liberated, bright and incredibly attractive.

fashion makeup for the new year 2019

The main trends of New Year’s makeup 2019 are listed in the following list:

  • super shimmery eyeshadow. They can be both dense and crumbly. The pigment with holographic sparkles looks especially good, creating iridescent overflows on the eyelid;
  • incredibly spectacular thick arrows. They can be jet black, dark gold, bronze or silver. In addition, to create a bright fabulous make-up that will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of New Year’s Eve, unusual eyeliners of fantasy color shades — turquoise, fuchsia, lime and others are perfect. Festive makeup for the New Year 2019 can be very original — a thick arrow with eyeliner can be drawn not only clearly above the eyelashes, but also on a fixed eyelid or even right under the eyebrow;
  • colored and shiny eyebrows created using special sparkling gels;
  • golden nude — this makeup for the New Year of the 2019 season is ideal for those women who do not want to make up too much, but at the same time want to make the image festive and solemn. Such a make-up is created on natural shades — the most natural tone, brown-beige shades, pastel lipsticks, lip glosses. Meanwhile, to make it somewhat different from the everyday version, fashionistas add a little gold to the image — luminous highlighters, bronzers, blush with mica, and so on;
  • gradient coloring of the lips or highlighting this area with gold.

new year makeup trends 2019

Makeup for the New Year 2019 for green eyes

The choice of make-up option depends primarily on what eye color nature has endowed the fair sex with. According to most men, the green-eyed beauties, in the appearance of which there are features of a mermaid, have the most charming and seductive look. New Year’s makeup for green eyes 2019 should be done with an emphasis on this part of the face, while the lips can simply be covered with a transparent gloss.

The basis of any make-up is always shadows, the color of which should ideally fit the eyes. In order to make green eyes even more beautiful, shiny, delicate and attractive, they should be matched with shades of the following color shades:

  • grey;
  • brown;
  • gold matte;
  • peach;
  • lilac;
  • pink;
  • any shades of green, including those that are too bright;
  • dark yellow;
  • lime.

makeup for the new year 2019 for green eyes

Makeup for the New Year 2019 for brown

New Year’s makeup 2019 for brown eyes, as a rule, is performed in beige and brown colors with the addition of golden glitter. In such a make-up, metallic sheen is very actively used — silver, bronze and gold, thanks to which it looks luxurious, festive and incredibly solemn. The best options for owners of brown eyes are the following:

  • make-up for the New Year 2019 in an oriental style, which is characterized by graceful curves of lines and an expressive palette of shades. Very often this technique is used by those women who want to slightly lift the corners of the eyelids and visually make the eyes a little wider;
  • smokey ice;
  • natural nude make-up with a couple of bright accents;
  • an option with an emphasis on the lips — in this case, they are covered with bright red or maroon lipstick with a mother-of-pearl effect;
  • makeup for the New Year season 2019 using a lot of sparkles.

makeup for the new year 2019 for brown

Makeup for the New Year 2019 for blue eyes

Blue-eyed beauties always look great, so they think much less than others about how to properly use decorative cosmetics. However, for the most magical night of the year, they should create a suitable make-up that will make their look festive, solemn and sophisticated. New Year’s makeup 2019 for owners of beautiful blue eyes can be done in one of the following styles:

  • classic evening style based on blue, pink or light gray shades with pearly sheen;
  • romantic style, which is dominated by pale pink, beige and brown shades. Eyelashes in this case can be lengthened with blue or blue mascara;
  • make-up for the New Year 2019 in fantasy style, which is performed in the brightest and most unexpected shades — purple, lilac, ultramarine, turquoise and others;
  • the vamp style involves a calm eye make-up, made in muted shades, and a bright highlight of the lips with bright red lipstick, mother-of-pearl gloss and other decorative cosmetics;
  • smoky make-up in pearl and gray-blue tones;
  • retro style is a popular option lately, which is ideal for various kinds of celebrations;
  • unusually bright tropical make-up, performed in yellow, red, emerald and bright blue colors.

makeup for the new year 2019 for blue eyes

New Year’s makeup 2019 for brunettes

Hair color is another factor to consider when choosing the type of make-up and decorative cosmetics. So, for dark-haired young ladies, the following New Year’s makeup trends 2019 are best suited:

  • the most bright, contrasting, fantasy tones;
  • smokey ice, in which it is very important not to overdo it with dark tones, since they are visually able to age the face and add a few years to the young lady;
  • gradient lip color, from light pink to maroon;
  • shimmery eye shadow.

new year makeup 2019 for brunettes

New Year’s makeup 2019 for blondes

Makeup for the New Year 2019 for blondes can be done in a natural or romantic style. In the first case, it is worth giving preference to coffee-beige or brown colors, adding golden elements to it. To create a charming make-up in a romantic style, pink, lavender, light blue and olive shades are ideal.

new year makeup 2019 for blondes

Makeup for the New Year 2019 for redheads

Red-haired beauties have a truly attractive appearance, the beauty of which must be emphasized with an appropriate festive make-up. Many young ladies who have bright red hair color have freckles on their skin that need to be masked with a concealer. In addition, this tool will give the skin smoothness and make the image complete.

Beautiful and bright makeup on New Year’s Eve 2019 for owners of red hair can be created in a variety of color shades. Although most young ladies with red curls give their preference to a green make-up, in reality this is far from the only option. So, the palette of shadows can vary from light and dark gray to emerald and plum shades. Lipstick in such an image should be bright, for example, red or plum, however, fashionistas should avoid shades that are close in tone to the color of their hair.

makeup for the new year 2019 for redheads

Makeup Ideas for New Year 2019

Trendy stylists are able to offer their clients a lot of interesting options for creating a make-up that is suitable for a festive New Year’s look. For the most part, New Year’s makeup ideas 2019 are incredibly bright and spectacular, thanks to which a fashionista can stand out from the crowd and win the hearts of the opposite sex. Meanwhile, there are many interesting options, among which there are gentle and romantic, capable of emphasizing the natural beauty and charm of the young lady.

makeup ideas for new year 2019

Bright makeup for the New Year 2019

Almost every representative of the fair sex wants to add brightness to her festive image. Beautiful makeup for the New Year 2019 may include several bright colors, fantasy decor and other elements, thanks to which its owner will not get lost in the crowd. So, for example, for a New Year’s party, you can use one of the following popular ideas:

  • exquisite retro makeup for the New Year 2019, the main focus of which is bright red and incredibly spectacular lips;
  • smokey ice in lilac-violet tones;
  • nude make-up with a lot of golden sparkles;
  • purple-pink make-up, made in the technique of «cat’s eye»;
  • charming emerald smokey ice with wide black arrows;
  • options with golden and colored kamifubuki.

bright makeup for the new year 2019

Delicate makeup for the New Year 2019

Romantically inclined young ladies can choose a gentle New Year’s make-up 2019, which will emphasize their natural beauty and charm. To create it, mostly light and muted shades are used, however, color transitions from light to dark are also possible. So that such a nail art is not too pale and inexpressive, it is very important to highlight the eyes, but you should not get carried away with bright and saturated color shades. The best choice in this case will be the following tones:

  • beige;
  • bodily;
  • sweet caramel;
  • peach;
  • golden.

Kamifubuki will help to add brightness and festive mood to this type of makeup — they can be placed on the eyelids or cheekbones. Lips need to add plumpness, using a special lipstick with a voluminous effect, which should have a light color shade. A transparent mother-of-pearl shine is also suitable.

gentle makeup for the new year 2019

New Year’s makeup 2019 with rhinestones

Beautiful makeup for New Year’s Eve 2019 can be decorated with such decorative elements that are not acceptable in everyday life. One of these decorations are rhinestones — sparkling crystals that will add to the image of festivity and good mood. Patterns of rhinestones or shiny elements randomly scattered over the face fit perfectly into the atmosphere of New Year’s Eve, which is why girls and women of different ages often choose them.

new year makeup 2019 with rhinestones

New Year’s makeup 2019 with sparkles

One of the main trends of the season was the makeup for the New Year 2019 with sparkles, which this year can be located absolutely anywhere. Although most of the shiny elements are almost always located on the eyelids, in fact, they can also decorate lips, cheekbones, eyebrows and even eyelashes. Glitter mascara appeared in the collections of many manufacturers of decorative cosmetics this year, which looks simply charming and can emphasize the incredible beauty of its owner’s look.

new year makeup 2019 with sparkles

New Year makeup collections 2018-2019

Thinking about what make-up for the New Year 2019 will best fit into the holiday atmosphere and satisfy the requirements of the symbol of the coming year, many girls are wondering which decorative cosmetics from the new collections of manufacturers should be paid attention to. Well-known brands, whose products are in great demand among women around the world, annually present new original lines, in which, among other things, you can find many items designed to create a festive make-up.

New Year makeup collections 2018 2019

Dior New Year makeup collection 2019

Beautiful and incredibly effective eye makeup for the New Year 2019 can be created using decorative products from the new Dior collection, the release of which is timed to coincide with the onset of Catholic Christmas and the upcoming New Year holidays. The Dior Midnight Wish Collection Holiday 2018, which was released in a limited edition, includes 2 eyeshadow palettes in gold and gray-silver shades of Couleures Eyeshadow. With this tool, you can create a charming smokey ice that will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of the New Year’s party.

In addition to shadows, the Dior Midnight Wish Collection Holiday 2018 includes the following items:

  • blush (highlighter) Rouge Blush;
  • matte lipstick Diorific Lipstick in 6 shades;
  • 4 Diorific Vernis nail polishes;
  • Rouge Dior Jewel limited edition lipstick in 4 shades;
  • top coat for nails Diorific Toap Coat;
  • a set of lipsticks in a clutch Rouge Dior Couture Collection Set Holiday 2018.

New Year Dior Makeup Collection 2019

New Year’s makeup collection Chanel 2019

The most famous brand Chanel has prepared a Christmas collection Chanel Makeup Collection Holiday 2018, with which you can easily create a luxurious evening New Year’s makeup 2019. The line includes the following items:

  • mono eye shadow Chanel Ombre Premiere with a lion in 4 shades;
  • highlighter with a lion;
  • lipstick with a matte finish in a bright red shade Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet No. 5;
  • five-color lip palette;
  • lip gloss Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss in 2 shades;
  • Chanel Le Vernis nail polish in 2 shades.

new year chanel makeup collection 2019

New Year’s makeup collection Guerlain 2018-2019

Thinking about what makeup to do for the New Year 2019, girls can turn their attention to the Guerlain brand collection. The collection of this brand, created specifically for the New Year and Christmas, is called Guerlain Makeup Collection Christmas Holiday 2018 and consists of the following items:

  • face powder Guerlain Ladies Inn All Climates Powder Christmas Holiday 2018;
  • palette for eyes and face Guerlain Eye and Face Palette Christmas Holiday 2018;
  • blush meteorite Guerlain Meteorites Christmas Holiday 2018;
  • lipstick Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Christmas Holiday 2018;
  • lip gloss Guerlain Gloss d’Enfer Christmas Holiday 2018

New Year's makeup collection Guerlain 2018 2019

Makeup for New Year’s corporate party 2019

When going to a New Year’s corporate party, you can use a variety of makeup trends for the New Year 2019, for example:

  • eye makeup with sparkles or glitter;
  • natural make-up and bright red lips;
  • bright colored eyeliners;
  • thick arrows;
  • plum and wine shades;
  • ombre effect on the lips.

makeup for New Year's corporate party 2019


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