Mallet - haircut options for any type of hair

There are many varieties of women’s hairstyles, but only a few manage to become mega popular with young people. This has become a haircut mullet, because it allows you to create an original image and is a unisex option. It can be done on both medium and long hair. On short strands, the hairstyle will look even more interesting.

Who is the mullet for?

Incredibly stylish and creative solutions include women’s mullet:

  1. The haircut is distinguished by short strands at the temples and long ones in the occipital region. «Style» was invented by the fishermen of North America in the 17th century. Thanks to the long strands at the back, they protected the skin of the neck from burns. Later, the haircut became a protest against the “smoothness” of bourgeois society, and rockers especially fell in love with it.
  2. The main advantage of a haircut is that it suits all girls, regardless of the color type and face shape. Mallet is literally meant for ladies who love unusual experiments and masculine style. A haircut will be a salvation for those who are tired of the daily hair styling procedure.
  3. Stylists say that the mallet will suit girls with a flat nape and crown. By creating volume in these areas, you will get an elegant and stately image. Visually, the mallet can even hide a stoop.
  4. The hairstyle is perfect for those who have sparse and thin hair. The strands will be able to keep the given shape and volume. All that is required from their mistress is to acquire effective styling products (for example, mousse for volume). You can resort to natural highlighting.
  5. A mullet with bangs that reaches the eyebrows will suit an elongated face shape. The classic version of the haircut is designed for chubby girls or young ladies with a square face shape. Thanks to the elongated strands, the face will visually stretch.
  6. In any case, the mullet will be a great choice for those who want to be on the fashion wave and stand out from the crowd. Therefore, a haircut is also suitable for creative individuals.
  7. Stylists claim that the mallet is suitable for both straight hair and curly and curly hair. Any hair color is suitable for a haircut. What needs to be added to the short crown and long strands at the back are bright colors and blotches of contrasting strands. In this case, it will be possible to emphasize the rebellious nature of the haircut. However, if you choose a calm option, then no one will find fault, so you can safely use the traditional coloring of the usual shade.

who suits the mulletfemale mulletwomen's mullet hairstyle

Korean mullet

For owners of the Asian type of appearance, a women’s haircut mallet will be a godsend, which will favorably emphasize the merits:

  • the hairstyle has recently been in trend with many k-pop artists, so fashionistas are striving to bring this haircut to life;
  • the Korean mallet can match the natural features of the appearance as much as possible, for example, if the girl is a brunette by nature, then a similar coloring is selected;
  • a pronounced contrast is also in trend, when a young lady with an oriental type of appearance uses contrasting light coloring, while this hairstyle can be given additional audacity with the help of heavily milled strands.

korean mullet

Women’s haircut mullet for short hair

A short mullet will look incredibly organic:

  1. You can be inspired by examples of celebrities. The mullet option for short hair is worth a peek at Miley Cyrus. The hairdresser was clearly inspired by the punk style. The hair was first shaped into the desired smooth shape with scissors and then textured and daring added with a razor cut.
  2. When a mallet is created for short hair, there is no pronounced difference in length, the haircut looks more restrained and elegant compared to elongated options. If desired, it can even be used to embody office bows.

women's haircut mullet for short hairshort mullet

Women’s haircut mullet for medium hair

A universal solution will be an elongated mullet, which is done on the average length of hair:

  1. This is the current version of the haircut in a less extravagant interpretation. In this case, the bangs are made to the eyebrows, and the gradation of the temples is smooth, the strands in the occipital region are not striking with their length. However, the style and originality of the haircut is preserved.
  2. An example of a haircut for medium hair can be seen at Billie Eilish. The singer dyed her roots light green, which made the mullet even more original.

women's mullet haircut for medium hairelongated mullet

Long hair mullet

An extremely stylish and extraordinary solution is a female mullet haircut for long hair:

  1. The hairstyle hides flaws well. With the right styling, the strands fit beautifully and well emphasize the shape of the face.
  2. When creating a haircut, it is important to correctly divide the hair into shortened and elongated parts. They are pre-separated with a parting. Hair is cut at a right angle, starting from the back of the head. Then the rest of the curls are cut using the technique of applying one strand to another. Whiskey is adjusted last.
  3. On elongated strands, bright and contrasting multi-colored coloring looks favorably, which further reflects the individuality of the owner of the haircut.

mullet for long hairwomen's haircut mullet for long hairmullet in girls

Women’s mullet for straight hair

When a female mullet hairstyle is created for straight hair, special attention must be paid to the quality of the haircut, since even the slightest flaws will be visible:

  • if the hairstyle is created on naturally rare strands, then you need to refrain from excessive thinning, on the contrary, you should use even cuts;
  • mallet for straight hair can be made using a certain zoning, for example, a cap is cut off on top, giving additional volume, and the lower curls smoothly descend and emphasize femininity;
  • a female short mallet will be especially relevant, since curly strands tend to “jump” up, so you can miscalculate with the length.

women's mullet for straight hairwomen's mullet hairstyle

curly mullet

A mullet on curly hair will look incredibly stylish and provocatively:

  • this kind of haircut will be appreciated by girls who do not want to spend a lot of time styling. Multi-level strands that preserve the natural curly structure look very organic;
  • when creating a hairstyle, the difference in length between the upper and lower parts can be significant or, on the contrary, not very pronounced. In any case, the mallet will retain its harmony.

curly mulletmullet for curly hair

Mallet with long bangs

Haircut mullet for girls is performed with or without bangs:

  1. If strands are left to cover the forehead, then they can be even, oblique or asymmetrical. Bangs should be tinted or highlighted, highlighting individual strands. When laying it, you can comb it or dry it with a hairdryer with a round brush, fix it with varnish.
  2. A mullet with torn ends on a bang looks good.
  3. For a haircut, they choose not only a torn bang, but also a clearly defined version with a straight cut. The stylists went further and decided to experiment — leave some short strands in the forehead area, and place translucent elongated strands on top of them. Such baby bangs are appropriate for young girls, to whom she will give special touching and charm.

mullet with long bangsmullet in girls

Mallet with shaved temples

The most daring fashionistas prefer to shave their whiskey, creating a feminine modern mullet:

  1. Stylists recommend not sticking to strict patterns, but choosing a haircut to suit your personality. Creative and original approach is welcome.
  2. The temple can be left completely open, or it is prudent to make a hairstyle so that, if necessary, shaving can be covered with an elongated strand.

mullet with shaved temples

Mallet without bangs

Owners of the correct oval of the face will be able to afford a female mallet without bangs. Haircut is striking in its eccentricity and eccentricity. Hair benefits include:

  • creating an emphasis on the eyes and cheekbones;
  • convenience and comfort, because the hair does not climb into the eyes. At the same time, girls do not have to part with the length;
  • maintaining a spectacular shape during the day after a five-minute morning styling;
  • curly hair with a haircut mullet can be styled in different ways: from curls to “little demon”. You can straighten them, and again you will be able to get into the center of fashion trends.

mallet without bangs


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