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Manicure 2020 has been improved and modified for several seasons to bring out the most fashionable and unusual design. Well-groomed nails are a real decoration of a real lady. In pursuit of trends, girls often experiment and invent the most unusual nail art to show off their unique manicure.

Manicure 2020 fashion trends

Manicure winter 2020 fashion trends are conducive to the use of more restrained shades, otherwise the design has no boundaries. In the new season, the favorites will be minimalism and restraint. Some of the most popular nail art options:

  1. Unicorn teardrop design and liquid metal. Its design is absolutely easy to perform, and even a beginner can handle it. Drops of metal or tears can be added to solid colors or existing designs. To make drops, you need to apply an uneven drop of base varnish on the surface of the nail plate, apply foil on top of it, dry it in a lamp, remove the remaining foil and cover the place of the drops with a top coat.
  2. transparent nails. A new trend is glass extended nails made with transparent gel or acrylic. On top, a pattern is applied as a decoration, rhinestones, large sparkles or decorative rivets are added.
  3. dragon scale. This design is made with special convex metal diamond-shaped rhinestones. They can fill the entire perimeter of the nail plate or lay out a geometric pattern.
  4. Gossamer design. It is performed with a special thick gel, which, when applied to the nail, is stretched with thin threads resembling a cobweb. More versatile colors are white and black, suitable for the entire color palette.
  5. Manicure with strokes. Carelessly applied stripes of different colors will help create an unusual vision of a stylish manicure.


Manicure 2019-2020 for short nails

Manicure for short nails 2020 is no less popular than for long ones. A short nail plate is more practical, versatile and suitable for girls with any kind of activity. What to do on short nails in the new season:

  1. Marble manicure. Restrained black haze of thin stripes is very relevant for several seasons in a row. Marble is used to decorate all nails or several individual fingers.
  2. inscriptions. An interesting font and text will be a true decoration and a way of self-expression for informal girls.
  3. Anti French. An unusual interpretation of a well-known design. When it is performed, the arc is indicated under the cuticle and can be performed both with traditional French shades and with the entire extensive color palette.
  4. Lunar manicure. Does not reduce popularity for several seasons in a row. Its undeniable advantage is that by performing a colorless hole, you can slightly delay the trip to the master for correction.
  5. Smoky. The colored haze on the nails is a very attractive and discouraging sight.


Manicure 2019-2020 for long nails

Winter manicure 2020 on long nails allows you to roam your fantasies and fulfill the most daring ideas. In the new season there is no taboo on the choice of colors, both bright and pastel colors will be fashionable. What to do on long nails:

  1. Aerography. The classic ombre can no longer surprise anyone, therefore, with the help of a manicure airbrush, incredible patterns, drawings and abstraction are created through a stencil.
  2. East style. Such a manicure implies the presence of attributes of oriental culture. They can be performed in the form of fine art or decorative ornaments: broths, stones, metal plates and figures.
  3. modeling. A special kind of creativity and the creation of a three-dimensional masterpiece on the nails. Favorite nail decoration for special occasions. Often, floristry is reproduced by modeling.
  4. Knitted manicure. What winter season would do without a cozy knitted design? Nails, decorated with volumetric ornaments made of acrylic powder, have a special charm and attractiveness.
  5. stained glass jacket. A transparent colored jacket has been loved by beauties lately. It is supplemented, improved and modernized.


Manicure Ideas 2020

Manicure novelties 2019-2020 rampage with beautiful design. There are many ideas worth showing off on the most sophisticated fingers. Options for fashionable nail art in the new season:

  1. painting on nails. It is very fashionable to transfer the paintings of famous artists to the nails. In the new season, the famous paintings by Picasso and Van Gogh, which come to life on the nails, will be relevant.
  2. Ombre rubbed. A sparkling combination of two fascinating ombre and rubbing techniques together. For the transition of shades, two or more shades of pollen are used for rubbing.
  3. flexible tape. The easiest way to make a stylish manicure. The flexible tape can wrap around the entire edge of the nail or be applied in straight stripes, a matter of taste and preference.
  4. Negative space manicure. When applying varnish, a certain area of ​​u200bu200bthe nail is left unpainted: a pattern, a straight line or a geometric figure.
  5. Nylon manicure. To fully display the design, it is made out in black. They make a translucent black substrate, on which a pattern or pattern is applied with a rich shade.


Black manicure 2020

Manicure winter 2020 in black will stand out especially against the backdrop of snow-white nature. The bold and defiant color is good both in independent manifestation and with all kinds of additions. The ideal combination is black with the most contrasting white, which can be used to draw thin lines. Black looks flawless with gold and silver, highlights and emphasizes them. They can be in the form of sequins, glitter, stones, rivets. Coal in gloss, matte or a combination of both looks equally pompous and luxurious.

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Delicate manicure 2020

Nude manicure 2020 of all variations of the pastel range is appropriate in any season. Delicate nude nails are harmonious at any length and shape, they are not defiant and very elegant. On a pastel substrate, colored curly kamifubuki covered with a matte top look great. If you make a drawing against this background, then it is preferable to choose a delicate minimal pattern so as not to disturb the softness of the manicure. Caviar manicure with transparent broths dotted over the entire surface of the nail is also better to decorate on a pastel basis. Stones on beige are harmonious in all shades, especially muddy opal.


French manicure 2020

French manicure 2020 has a departure from the traditional design. The classic jacket is interchanged with more interesting design techniques. In the new season, the trend will be a colorful, shiny and metallic jacket. The arc can be displayed not with a straight line, but with geometric shapes and stripes, or with the help of painting. French is good in combination with other designs, especially with the moon. The idea of ​​a false jacket will be interesting, where at first glance it is not immediately possible to determine the type of design. The free edge zone is also drawn up in the form of a triangle or a straight line without an arc.


Red manicure 2020

Fashionable manicure 2020 in a scarlet shade is defiant and flashy. The color of passion and fire will suit self-sufficient and strong-willed women. There are many ways to design a red manicure. The monochromatic coating is diluted with a combination of gloss and mat, with the addition of a red rubbing. The trendy predatory print will perfectly fit into the red base, the most hit will be tiger, leopard and zebra colors. The red and black ombre is worthy of occupying a special niche in fashion design. Red is the most suitable color for winter New Year’s design and display of festive attributes.


Matte manicure 2020

Manicure trends 2020 are unthinkable without a matte finish. Velvet velor coating adds a special charm and mythical manicure. In a matte finish, any design acquires special visual qualities and opens up in a new light. Rhinestones, shiny inclusions look great on a matte basis. Individual nails can be done with a rainbow combination of colored foil and covered with a glossy gel. Foil and flexible tape in a matte design will not be superfluous; they can be used to make a jacket, moon manicure or geometric nail art.


Cat eye manicure 2019-2020

Manicure 2020 with a special varnish with the effect of a cat’s eye remains trendy and relevant. A cat eye is often done in combination with a 3D reptile print, and any shade of green, blue, red is suitable. The cat’s eye chameleon, shimmering in shades, looks great. Masters suggest covering the design with a matte top, then it becomes deeper and languid. A magnet is attached to the varnish, which creates the desired effect, stripes are created with a flat wide magnet, and any pattern is created with a magnetic pen.


White manicure 2020

Trendy manicure 2020 in white, suitable for sultry summer manicure and winter snow design. Snow-white coating is loved by brides, business ladies, aristocrats and young ladies. Fresh color is good as a canvas for illustrations, laying out rhinestones, it acts as a key link in a classic jacket. Many ideas include using this color. A plain white manicure with a pearl rub will give an incredible radiance and unusual shine. A translucent base will help create an opal manicure using mica.


Cat eye manicure 2020

Stylish manicure 2020 cat eye and no new 24D effect. It differs from the well-known varnish in that it creates an unthinkable depth with a feeling of a bottomless whirlpool. This varnish is so self-sufficient that it does not need additional improvement and yet it is loved to decorate. The most elementary way to modernize such a coating is to apply drops of thick gel on a matte finish varnish, creating the illusion of dew or raindrops. The 24D cat eye looks best in shades of green, blue, purple and burgundy to maximize its potential.


Manicure with rhinestones 2020

Beautiful manicure 2020 is simply created using rhinestones. The trend will be single inclusions of stones and their generous scattering. In the new season, geometric shapes of rhinestones will become a priority: a triangle, a square and all their sizes from small to larger and embossed. Rhinestones form a beautiful large ornament. They can lay out a straight line in one or more rows. Many standard techniques are created with crystals, for example, the gradient will look unusual and non-trivial in a brilliant interpretation by stones.


Manicure 2020 with a pattern

The most fashionable manicure 2020 with a picture of a nail service master is offered to be done in different ways. The simplest thing is to apply a slider design or a decal with the image you like on the nail. It is more difficult to perform an intricate drawing by hand, but any whim can be done by skilled craftsmen. Must have stylish nails are geometric images, they will be in trend in all manifestations. Floristics and the theme of food are still favorites, as are landscapes or images of animals and birds.


Wedding manicure 2020

Wedding manicure trends 2020 need to be considered separately. This sensitive topic requires thorough preparation and thinking through every detail so that the manicure fits perfectly into the overall image of the newlywed. What wedding manicure to choose in the new season:

  1. baby boomer. This is the name of the white-beige gradient on the nails and this design will be a worthy replacement for the boring wedding jacket.
  2. Lace manicure. In the wedding version, it is made in delicate nude shades, while the lace pattern can be drawn or made voluminous using acrylic powder.
  3. Snow-white modeling. The most popular decor of the bride’s nails. Modeling lay out a floral theme that fills part of the nail plate or its entire area.
  4. Foil. Chrome foil will help to focus on the nails, introducing a mirror reflection to the coating. Such a decision will become unhackneyed and fresh, and the design will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.
  5. Colored rhinestones and metal rivets. You can replace colorless rhinestones with their white or opal subspecies. And metal rivets look stylish together with a wedding ring.



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