Manicure almond - fashion trends 2021 for short and long nails with design

Stylish nail art gives a woman a sophisticated and attractive look. In the new season, almond manicure will be relevant, the fashion trends of 2021 of which are presented in extreme variety. The feminine form will be an excellent basis for creating amazing stories.

Manicure almonds — the most beautiful novelties of 2021

Many stylists offer almond manicure to the attention of girls, the fashionable novelties of 2021 are represented by such ideas:

  1. The ideal choice for a monochrome manicure would be a glossy or matte finish. Also, such nails can be decorated with themed landscapes and interesting patterns that are embellished with rhinestones, foil or stones.
  2. On a short length, the drawings characterize the seasonal direction. At such a length, a cobweb, monogram options, geometry or abstraction look amazing.
  3. It is worth paying special attention to the lunar version, where a delicate strip or hole in pastel shades will be used. Such options can be supplemented with an idea with floral motifs.
  4. The application of inscriptions, animals, goodies and other drawings will look creative on this form.
  5. You can apply bright confetti, rhinestones, beads, sequins of different sizes and foil elements.
  6. In spring and summer, you can turn to floral, branch and leafy patterns. In autumn, you can do an almond manicure, the fashion trends of 2021 of which contain elements such as a raindrop and leafy motifs.

almond manicure the most beautiful novelties of 2021manicure almonds fashion news 2021almond manicure ideas

Manicure for long almond-shaped nails

A variety of manicure ideas for long almond-shaped nails will help to attract everyone’s attention:

  1. You can refer to the option in pastel shades, this is a laconic monochromatic manicure with a glossy and matte finish, which can be complemented by lace patterns, flowers, stamping, stripes and dots.
  2. For an evening look, you can choose nails with acrylic modeling and rhinestones, with a pastel or bright addition.
  3. The simplest option would be monochrome, which can be presented in a matte or glossy finish.
  4. The list of current solutions will include a velvet and knitted design, which is especially relevant in winter.
  5. As for the novelties that the long almond manicure is presented with, the fashion trends of 2021 allow that the base can be complemented by contrasting patterns.

Manicure for long almond-shaped nailsmanicure ideas for long almond nailsbeautiful manicure for almond nails

Short almond manicure

A manicure on short almond-shaped nails will look neat and elegant:

  1. On a shortened almond, you can choose a French design. It can even be slightly modified and made more interesting with the help of add-ons. To do this, a white smile is combined with a branched pattern or pattern; lace or openwork patterns will be popular.
  2. The design in the form of a heart-hole looks beautiful, it can be perfectly combined with unusual rubbing, the combination with the “cat’s eye” effect will look cute.
  3. The short form may feature an ombre design, which is often done in pastel shades.
  4. Another design option for the almond shape is geometry. To create it, shapes, stripes, circles and combinations from different shapes are used.

short almond manicuremanicure for short almond nailsalmond manicure black

Manicure sharp almonds

If you want to bring a touch of seductiveness to the image, a sharp almond manicure will be a great solution, the ideas for creating which are very diverse:

  1. A French manicure will look great on sharp almonds, it is as versatile as possible and suitable for everyday life. French manicure can be diluted with decor in the form of a pattern, rhinestones, beads and other elements.
  2. If desired, you can turn to a colored jacket in bright or pastel shades.
  3. On a sharp shape, a marble design will look original.
  4. One of the most spectacular solutions will be a moon manicure. It can be made festive by applying glitter to the hole. Lunar nail art can be embellished with a geometric pattern or floral print.
  5. On an acute form, a manicure with an ombre effect is often chosen. It can be presented in a light shade or a more saturated color. If desired, nail art can be supplemented with rhinestones, glitter or other decor.

spicy almond manicuremanicure spicy almond ideasgentle manicure almonds

Manicure soft almond

Tenderness and romance will give the image a manicure on almond-shaped nails of a soft shape:

  1. You can apply different colors, rhinestones and sparkles.
  2. Stylists prioritize naturalness, so nude, Chinese painting or French look great on nails. French manicure will look great in white and pink.

soft almond manicuremanicure for almond nailsalmond manicure

Matte manicure almond

Matte manicure on almond-shaped nails will add luxury and nobility:

  1. New ideas for 2021 come in a variety of styles, from minimalist to bold matte designs with glitter.
  2. Matte manicure will look great in both light and dark shades. The matte red, blue, coral, chocolate, nude version will look luxurious.
  3. On a matte manicure, the “unicorn tear” design will look great.
  4. Matte nail art looks great with holes, as a festive option, holes can be decorated with glitter.
  5. Almond manicure ideas can be presented in different colors. Half of the nail can be done in a light shade, and the second in a saturated color. You can add some crystals and get an original matte design.
  6. The new trend is a bold design with a pattern in the form of quail eggs. An excellent base will be yellow, purple, pink, beige, red and green.
  7. On a matte base, foil in the form of stripes in silver or gold will look great.
  8. Abstraction also looks great, it can be stripes, dots, geometric shapes, zigzags and a color gradient.

matte manicure almond

French manicure on almond nails

An almond French manicure will look elegant and emphatically feminine, because the emphasis is on the fingertips:

  1. You can use different design options, this is a light or dark nail art. There are no special rules for creating a jacket on such a form.
  2. Many people prefer a jacket with white arches, but it is often altered to suit their taste. It can be an addition with drawings, rhinestones or glitter.
  3. In 2021, a color jacket with a rainbow transition will be relevant, it can be the use of bright or vice versa pastel shades.
  4. The jacket with an ombre effect looks bewitching, while the transition often shifts to the tip of the nail.
  5. Long nails provide an opportunity to fill the fingertips with drawings, for example, animal prints become relevant.

french manicure on almond nailsmanicure almond french

Nude manicure on almond nails

The nude manicure almond emphasizes the simplicity, naturalness and femininity as much as possible:

  1. In 2021, it will be fashionable to create a nude manicure in both matte and glossy versions. Trendy solutions will be the addition of a nude base with manicure powder, flock and other interesting structures.
  2. Nude gentle manicure almonds can be used for a short length, with the help of its application, you can visually lengthen the nail.
  3. If the nude version seems boring, then you can use all kinds of techniques, these are French, moon nail art, ombre, patterns, drawings and modeling.
  4. Metallic stripes, stamping and themed stickers will look unique with a nude base. However, you need to remember that a better option would be monochrome using a pattern or pattern on one or more nails.
  5. For an evening look, nude can be complemented, for example, with rhinestones, glitter or microbeads.

nude manicure on almond nailsnude manicure almondgentle manicure almonds

Milk manicure almonds with design

An incredibly relevant and stylish trend is reasonably recognized milk manicure almonds:

  1. The popularity of this type of nail art is due to the color, this shade is the middle between a transparent and matte white tone.
  2. To create a milky color, masters use different techniques, acrylic powder is popular, a top is applied on top of it.
  3. To get the effect of milk, you need to do 2-3 layers with a base top and a shiny top on top.
  4. As a design, decor in the form of shiny rhinestones, glitter, foil is applied to this color.
  5. A combination of milky nails with an ombre on one or two fingers welcomes.

milk manicure almonds with designmilk manicure almondsmanicure for almond nails

Wedding manicure almond

The almond shape is ideal for wedding nail art, because it subtly emphasizes all the elegance of the nails. Colored or white almond manicure is represented by the following trends:

  1. In 2021, rhinestones, sequins, pearls, French manicure, an ombre effect version, with different types of rubbing, with lace, patterns and foil are found in wedding design.
  2. Among the colors, blue, turquoise, lilac, violet, red, purple will become bright and original, but most of the brides turn to white.
  3. Rhinestones will remain the most common decor, although pixie crystal chips, glitter foil, glitter, powder and rub can be preferred, which will help make the design more fascinating.
  4. Murals in the form of floral nail designs and amazing inlays with rhinestones will become relevant.
  5. For a short length, you should turn to options with a jacket, holes and small patterns of flowers or embeddings with pebbles.

wedding manicure almondwhite manicure almondalmond manicure the most beautiful novelties of 2021

Glitter almond manicure

Almond manicure with sparkles on the tips continues to be invariably popular:

  1. The main preference in this design is given to glitter, it can be of different sizes, colors, shapes.
  2. Many girls turn to varnish, which has glitter in its composition. Although it seems to some that it was created for parties, it has become popular to use it for every day.
  3. For a warm season, glitter is combined with solid polishes in soft pastel colors or in shades typical of spring and summer. In the trends of autumn and winter, the palette will be more restrained and concise.
  4. Glitter will help decorate any thematic patterns. Any shape of the nail will be transformed with the help of sparkles, they can completely cover individual nails.

manicure almonds fashion news 2021glitter almond manicure

Manicure geometry almond

The “geometry” manicure on almond-shaped nails will give restraint and conciseness to the image:

  1. In 2021, minimalist design will be relevant, and from geometry, you can use thin stripes arranged randomly, or patterns created from small triangles or squares.
  2. The option of a longitudinal strip will be popular, while it is made out in different decoration options, these are rhinestones, reverse gradient, sand, foil.
  3. For a warm season, the design of stripes in the style of botany with the application of foliage is suitable.
  4. Of the latest innovations, the inverse geometric gradient is relevant. Color ombre can be created in the form of diamonds applied in a certain sequence, for example, from dark to light.

manicure geometry almondsManicure for long almond-shaped nails

Manicure gradient almond

An almond-shaped manicure made with a gradient looks original and attractive:

  • the design can be made in similar colors or in cardinally contrasting and different from each other;
  • the location of the ombre can be longitudinal or transverse, a diagonal option is also allowed;
  • the transition can be made traditionally smooth or with the help of small geometric diamonds.

almond manicuremanicure gradient almond

Manicure «marble» almond

This season continues to be in trend manicure almond «marble design»:

  • nail art is often created using natural shades that are close to the natural color of the stone. This is a beige, gray, black tone;
  • you can bring unusual notes to the design by applying a marble pattern using bright colors;
  • You can complement nail art with sparkles or foil stripes.

manicure marble almondmanicure almond marble designsoft almond manicure

Red manicure almonds

A red almond manicure with a design looks extremely interesting:

  • catchy color attracts attention, but at the same time nail art does not look aggressive due to its soft shape;
  • nails can be made simply red, embodying a monochromatic almond manicure, or combine the main color with other shades, sparkles;
  • individual plates may contain designs, such as floral themes or geometry.

red manicure almondred manicure almonds with designbright almond manicure

Almond manicure black

If you want to give an image of depth and mystery, you can create a beautiful manicure for almond-shaped nails, made in black:

  • marble design, geometry, black matte nail art looks interesting;
  • on one or more nails, you can make an imitation of a veil: apply an openwork pattern to a translucent black base. The image of peas associated with retro style is also suitable.

almond manicure blackbeautiful manicure for almond nailsdark almond manicure

Pink almond manicure

Tenderness and romance embodies pink manicure on almond-shaped nails:

  • against a muted pastel pink background, floral ornaments and the image of hearts look unsurpassed;
  • another popular solution would be to use a top coat of bright pink, close to raspberry tone polish. They can simply cover the plates, making a monochrome design, or combine the coating with golden or silver sparkles.

pink almond manicurepink manicure on almond nailsalmond manicure the most beautiful novelties of 2021

Blue almond manicure

A dark almond manicure created using blue color will help to make nail art expressive:

  • the blue matte base looks great, on which all kinds of shiny elements are applied. This nail art can be used to complement evening bows;
  • a spectacular solution would be a «cat’s eye» in blue or covering the nails with a shiny rubbing applied over a blue base.

blue almond manicuredark almond manicurealmond manicure

Yellow almond manicure

In the spring-summer season, a bright yellow almond manicure is in great demand:

  • yellow coating is excellent for depicting certain patterns that can cover almost the entire plate, these are lemons, sunflowers, flowers and other details;
  • on one of the nails, you can make an imitation of fire or apply a pattern in the form of a checkerboard;
  • yellow varnish is also great for applying a beach design, with its help you can depict velvet sand, on top of which there is a footprint.

bright almond manicureyellow manicure almondalmond manicure ideas


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