Manicure - fashion trends 2021 for any form of nails

To harmoniously complement any female image, manicure is of great importance, fashion trends in 2021 are represented by a variety of ideas. Familiar techniques will have small changes, and new trends will come into fashion, characterized by a bright and unusual design.

Fashion manicure — latest trends 2021

Any girl would like to get a manicure that looks expensive and fashionable. This will help the current trends that guide stylists when creating nail art:

  1. It is worth abandoning the experimental forms, these are sharp stilettos, pipe-pipes. For an elegant manicure, elegant almonds are perfect. For brave girls, the shape of a beveled square is suitable.
  2. A modest option in 2021 would be a gray-beige shade paired with minimalist jewelry on two fingers.
  3. In 2021, a graphic option will often be created on the nails.
  4. For the spring-summer period, it is worth choosing brighter colors, these are mint, soft pink, sky blue, which will attract attention.
  5. A manicure will remain in the trend, the fashion trends of 2021 of which are represented by a pastel ombre, when creating it, you can experiment with different pastel textures.
  6. For spring, nail art with a floral print will be relevant, you can create a rose bush, bright leaves and a tropical tree.
  7. Crystals will be in fashion, they will create a beautiful picture on every nail.

trendy manicure latest trends 2021manicure that looks expensive and fashionablevery beautiful and fashionable manicure

Fashionable manicure for short nails

Stylists offer numerous fashionable manicure trends for short nails:

  1. Pastel shades will be a trend, especially in spring and summer. However, innovations will also appear, lemon yellow will be in fashion.
  2. Another option for a gentle manicure will be covering the nails with pearl beads.
  3. Classics will remain in fashion, these are French options presented in color. In addition, you can turn to the solution of the reverse jacket, connected with other design variations.
  4. For the autumn-winter period, you can turn to coatings, which will add a little comfort and softness to the image. It can be a monochromatic design or you can use matte varnish to depict a pattern on a glossy finish, playing a little on the contrast of structures.
  5. A manicure can give brightness and extravagance, the fashionable current trends of 2021 are represented by foil designs. The decor will be another bright option if you are tired of nail art with glitter and rhinestones.

trendy manicure for short nailstrendy manicure trends for short nails

Fashionable manicure for long nails

A beautiful fashionable manicure for long nails will look truly bewitching:

  1. The top will be the gradient technique and its various variants, the addition of rubbing, kamifubuki, glitter, rhinestones.
  2. An amazing option is a matte finish, it is combined with prints, bright and neon shades.
  3. Long nails do not limit space, so you can apply a lot of rhinestones, sequins, kamifubuki of different sizes and chic murals.

trendy manicure for long nailsbeautiful trendy manicure for long nails

Fashionable almond-shaped manicure

Almond-shaped nails provide an opportunity to create a very beautiful and fashionable manicure:

  1. Gentle and romantic natures will like the nude manicure on almond-shaped nails, the fashion trends of which are presented in pastel shades.
  2. Evening options can be created using a combination of pattern, rhinestones, nail powder, stamping. In the evening look, there are variations with acrylic modeling, rhinestones, but in small quantities.

trendy almond shaped manicuretrendy nail colors

Fashionable manicure on square nails

A beautiful manicure will become a universal and practical solution, the fashion trends of 2021 of which are represented by a square shape of nails:

  1. In 2021, the option of elongated marigolds in a square shape will be relevant, the short form goes to the side. In addition, sharp corners are not relevant, they need to be given rounded outlines.
  2. In 2021, non-standard solutions and original materials are welcome. A matte base will often be combined with glossy and mirror finishes.
  3. Nails can be supplemented with glitter, various types of foil, rubbing.
  4. When it comes to square nails, geometric patterns will be relevant, these include laconic stripes, dot patterns, zigzags, lines crossing at different angles.

trendy manicure for square nailsbeautiful manicure fashion trends 2021

Fashionable manicure for sharp nails

On the plates of a pointed shape, it will be possible to embody the most fashionable manicure:

  1. The idea for sharp nails can be a gentle manicure in pastel and nude colors, gold ribbon and a small laconic pattern can be used for decoration.
  2. Nail art on sharp nails is often done in dark colors, which can be complemented by a geometric print, different stripes and circles.

trendy manicure for sharp nailsthe most fashionable manicure

Fashionable nude manicure

A romantic trendy manicure in nude tones will have many variations of performance:

  1. Funny unicorns and bees on a nude basis will look playful. Dots and modeling are used to create drawings.
  2. A fashionable delicate manicure, complemented by graphic motifs, will look interesting and tempting.
  3. The tenderness of the nude on the nails can be combined with the glitter of the glitter; for highlighting, you should choose one or more nails.
  4. The nude version can be presented in a minimalist design, it combines perfectly with laconic lines.
  5. Nude nails can complement palm trees, leaves in vibrant greens.

trendy nude manicuretrendy manicure in nude colors

Fashionable french manicure

The classic remains invariably relevant, and many girls prefer a trendy French manicure:

  1. An interesting trend is to combine ombre with French manicure.
  2. The actual solution will be to combine matte and glossy varnish, while you can combine both the base and the smile on different nails.
  3. French manicure can be framed in gold or silver lines.
  4. French can be combined with geometry. This option will be stylish and add a touch of conciseness to a fashionable look.
  5. French can be beaten with the help of an extraordinary design of the hole. It can be depicted as a pointed triangle, made rainbow, consisting of a combination of stripes going one after another, in a gradient design and in other variations.

trendy french manicuretrendy french manicure

Fashionable monophonic manicure

A universal solution suitable for all occasions will be a plain beautiful fashionable manicure:

  1. In the summer season, you can turn to bright non-new solid nails.
  2. A business and office bow can be complemented with a nude manicure.
  3. In 2021, you can turn to a red solid color manicure that will attract attention and help you stand out from the crowd.
  4. Solid nails can be presented in one color, but different shades on each finger.

trendy monochrome manicurebeautiful trendy manicure

Fashionable manicure «London»

One of the most daring and current trends is a fashionable youth manicure, made in the London style:

  1. A characteristic feature is the combination of deliberately contrasting details, for example, on a delicate nude background, you can draw a voluminous geometric figure in an emphatically saturated, catchy shade.
  2. One of the fingers can be made a catchy accent, for example, highlight it with the help of voluminous modeling or a figure lined with shiny foil. At the same time, the rest of the nails are made emphatically concise.
  3. It is worth considering what outfit the nail art will be combined with. If the fashion design is presented in a minimalist style, then the brightest most fashionable manicure colors are intended to act as a decisive accent detail of the image.

trendy manicure londonfashionable youth manicure

Fashionable manicure for the office

For business women, a fashionable office manicure, presented in a variety of variations, will be a godsend:

  1. You should not refuse a dark coating, you can also choose a rich varnish, the main thing is that the shades turned out to be muted and restrained.
  2. In a business manicure, foil strips can be used as decoration.
  3. The gradient can be complemented with geometric prints or stripes.
  4. A popular print in fashionable manicure can be an abstraction on the nails, it can have floral motifs, geometry, gradient.
  5. Cool marble patterns combined with strips of foil are perfect for the office.

trendy manicure for the officetrendy office manicure

Fashionable manicure with fire and a cage

This season, the most fashionable and beautiful manicure with fire and a cage is in trend:

  1. Fire acts as an accent detail in this design, but it is better to draw such a pattern on individual fingers.
  2. Fire can be easily combined with the strict geometry of stripes and checks. Each drawing is given one nail plate, and some are painted in the same color.
  3. The cage is often created in black and white, making it look like a chessboard. However, the cell can also be colored, combined in a palette with shades of flame.

trendy manicure with fire and cagethe most fashionable and beautiful manicure

Fashionable manicure with inscriptions

Young girls will appreciate the fashionable manicure design, the trends of which are represented by all kinds of inscriptions:

  1. Any inscriptions on the nails will be in fashion, modest or defiant, concise and ornate, decorated in bright or muted colors. They may be written in English or Russian.
  2. Of the Russian-language trends, “Oh, everything” has become popular, the inscription is depicted on one nail.
  3. You can even create a whole collection of quotes on your nails, these will be abstract text fragments or special slider stickers.
  4. On the nails you can write the name of a loved one. Just a set of characters is also very popular.

fashionable manicure with inscriptionstrendy manicure design trends

Fashionable manicure with stickers

The design with stickers embodies the fashion trends of bright manicure:

  1. Stickers help create colorful images of flowers, fruits, berries, sweets, romantic prints with hearts, balloons.
  2. A manicure can become truly stylish and fun, cheer up others and yourself. Romantic design is created using floral ornaments.
  3. Entire compositions can be depicted on the stickers, which are difficult for the master to embody with the help of painting, but this method will help to fulfill any fantasy of a fashionista.

trendy manicure with stickersfashion trends of bright manicure

Fashionable manicure with foil

Shiny and metallic elements have become an essential attribute of nail design. Fashionable stylish manicure with foil is incredibly relevant:

  1. Looking for a romantic option, go for a pastel-colored base topped with silver, gold, and white foil prints.
  2. On nails, you can combine foil with drawings. A multi-colored manicure with rainbow foil will look fashionable.
  3. A great combination would be foil and minimalism, and a matte version can serve as the basis.

fashion manicure with foilfashionable stylish manicure

Fashionable ombre manicure

In 2021, a bright fashionable gradient manicure will be in trend, which has many options.

  1. The addition of ombre patterns, prints, sequins and rhinestones will be relevant, giving a unique bright effect.
  2. The trend will be a linear ombre, which helps to create a geometric style on the nails along with diamonds and small figures.
  3. If desired, you can make an abstract ombre in the form of colored stripes.

trendy ombre manicurebright trendy manicure

Fashionable matte manicure

In a matte finish, you can often find a modern fashionable manicure:

  • to create business nail art, you can limit yourself to covering the nails with a plain matte base without any design;
  • to bring brightness to nail art, one or more fingers can be made contrasting using a rub-in coating;
  • rhinestones applied to one of the fingers will also be a suitable accent detail.

trendy matte manicuremodern trendy manicure

Fashionable black manicure

A win-win way to bring luxury and nobility to the design will be to use certain trendy colors of manicure in 2021, this is black gloss and the same matte finish:

  • you can apply a black base on the nails, and cover them with a rub on top or give the effect of “broken glass”;
  • golden or silver stripes or foil of such shades, applied in random order, will look unique on a black background;
  • on a black base, you can apply openwork white patterns that give tenderness.

trendy black manicuretrendy manicure colors 2021

Fashionable red manicure

Lovers of bright bows will appreciate the most fashionable manicure of 2021, made in red:

  • the shade looks advantageous on its own, so you can simply cover your nails with red gloss;
  • if you want to muffle the catchy coating, you can use a matte wine or burgundy base;
  • the combination with certain other tones looks good, it is white, pink, black, green.

trendy red manicurethe most fashionable manicure 2021

Fashionable white manicure

Freshness and tenderness in the image will bring a fashionable light manicure:

  • white marigolds covered with pearl powder look unsurpassed, this is a magnificent kind of festive design;
  • white varnish can be taken as the basis for a jacket or moon nail art;
  • on a white background with black lacquer, you can depict geometric shapes or floral motifs.

trendy white manicurefashionable light manicure


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