Manicure for long nails - 56 photo ideas of stylish design

Manicure for long nails is an excellent solution for embodying both classic and extravagant ideas. A lot of new products can be tried out by girls and women of any age. At the same time, the shape of the nail plates does not matter — among the interesting and stylish ideas there are those suitable for sharp, almond-shaped or square nails.

Manicure for long nails 2018

Many stylists use the design of long nails 2018 to complement the original bows. It is characterized by such fashion trends:

  • in autumn-winter, the trend for naturalness will continue, but lovers of bright nail art have the right to create three-dimensional designs;
  • masters note that with the approach of cold weather, the nail polish becomes darker. So, for New Year’s Eve, according to fashion trends, you should choose black or dark blue varnish, with silver or golden sparkles;
  • at the peak of popularity are variations of French and nude nail art;
  • nail plates are often decorated with wet gloss or add the effect of plastic, glass.

manicure for long nails 2018

Manicure for long nails 2018

long nail design 2018beautiful manicure for long nails

Manicure for long almond-shaped nails

The almond shape is one of the most popular in nail art because it looks neat and emphasizes the femininity of the hands. Choosing a design for her is not difficult. Manicure for long oval nails can be performed in the following variations:

  • the coating can be both glossy and matte;
  • compositional drawings, complex patterns and monograms look appropriate;
  • of all the techniques, stylists prefer French and moon design;
  • manicure for long almond-shaped nails, made in delicate colors, suitable for every day and for social events;
  • for a change, you should experiment with colors, combining pastel and bright shades;
  • in 2018, such a technique as “chameleon” is gaining popularity, when the nail plate shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow at a certain angle;
  • a classic jacket is perfect — this is a combination of flesh-colored, in which the main part of the plate is painted, and a white tip;
  • nude design is also a good choice for this form;
  • monograms, flowers and drawings can be decorated with one or two fingers on each hand;
  • geometry will be a great addition, these are stripes, triangles drawn in a different color on a plain surface.

Manicure for long almond-shaped nailsmanicure for long oval nails

Manicure for long sharp nails

If you want to visually lengthen your fingers and make them thinner, you can use a beautiful 2018 manicure for long nails with a sharp shape. It looks incredibly feminine and graceful, it manages to realize any ideas on it:

  • the rubbing looks especially beautiful. It can be made mirror, pearl, rainbow or «chameleon»;
  • on the nail plates of a sharp shape, any shade of varnish looks good. Bright colors should be used to emphasize individuality, and calm colors should be left for everyday work environments;
  • going to a party, a manicure for long sharp nails should be decorated with bright decorative elements, such as sparkles, rhinestones, gold and silver stripes and monograms;
  • nude design looks perfect. Four fingers on one hand can be painted in pale pink, and rhinestones can be attached to the ring plate;
  • you can use white, pale lilac and pale blue shades. Black and other dark tones will also decorate sharp-shaped nail plates;
  • using gel polish, you can draw a whole picture or create three-dimensional drawings;
  • matte nail art, made in pastel or catchy colors, looks spectacular.

manicure for long sharp nailsbeautiful manicure 2018 for long nails

Manicure for long square nails

Elongated square nail plates with slightly rounded edges are a fashion trend in 2018. The peculiarity of the form is its versatility, as it suits any girls, but especially those who appreciate sophistication and chic. A manicure for long nails of a square shape is created using different techniques and materials:

  1. The main favorite of 2018 is velvet. Masters achieve a chic effect using a special velvet powder. The main thing is to apply it on a glossy finish. The powder is suitable for creating complex, branched patterns, monograms and geometric shapes. Roses and a grid are drawn with this composition.
  2. For girls who prefer modesty, a brilliant coating has been invented, which is very similar to a shade of varnish.
  3. Rhinestones, sparkles and other decorative elements will help to make a nude manicure for long nails bright.
  4. Don’t limit yourself to red and black. In addition, saturated blue, green, purple, brown or burgundy color looks great on this form.
  5. No less popular technique is the «cat’s eye», made in dark shades.
  6. In 2018, rectangular nail plates are often decorated with a gradient, an unusual combination of colors.

manicure for long square nails

Manicure for long nails «ballerina»

The real fashion trend of this season is the design of long nails «ballerina». Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the tips acquire a square shape, but at the same time slightly narrowed. Therefore, they are a cross between almond-shaped and square. Pointe shoes, the second name for nail art, are especially loved by Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna. The technique looks extremely elegant. For decoration it is worth using varnishes of such colors and techniques as:

  • glossy blue, emphasizing grace. The best additional decoration is rhinestones. The combination of white and blue is another good option;
  • touching pink without decoration. It is appropriate for a holiday and in the office;
  • full coverage with glitter or rubbing. Only the design is suitable for those who like to stand out from the crowd;
  • manicure for long nails «ballerina» can be as eye-catching as possible. The effect is achieved through geometric patterns. Calling it boring will not work, because you can use varnishes of different colors;
  • girls with dark skin should pay attention to plain white nail plates, which are very popular in 2018;
  • the ballerina shape goes well with the ombre technique;
  • any classic color scheme will be beautifully decorated with sequins.

manicure for long nails ballerinalong nail design

Manicure ideas for long nails

There are many ideas with which you can create a beautiful manicure for long nails. Among them are the following:

  • The ombre or gradient technique remains popular this season. To create spectacular nail art, colors are used not only from one group, but also contrasting ones;
  • as for the color scheme, many colors are borrowed from last year. It is colorless, with the help of which a negative space is created, raspberry, plum, all shades of chocolate;
  • to make a manicure for long nails seem beautiful and fashionable, you should use wine, black, glossy and matte varnish;
  • shades of marsala and burgundy — the most relevant colors of autumn;
  • it is worth paying attention to the effect of craquelure, it consists in the fact that the nail is covered with «cracks». «Faults» are painted on a matte surface with darker varnishes, for example, black, dark blue or brown;
  • no less beautiful is the design if you first cover the nail plates with black matte varnish, and then draw a “spider web” with pink, green and blue shades.

manicure ideas for long nailsbeautiful manicure for long nails

Manicure ideas for long nails

long nail design 2018

French manicure for long nails

French manicure for long nails looks extremely interesting and original. It can be made in the following variations:

  • any shape of the tip can be given: traditional rounded, triangular, wavy, zigzag;
  • French manicure for long nails can be supplemented with a variety of decorative elements, such as rhinestones or sparkles, contain all kinds of patterns, for example, made on a floral, animalistic theme or in the form of geometric shapes.

french manicure for long nailsfrench manicure for long nails

Matte manicure for long nails

One of the frequently used fashion novelties is a matte summer manicure for long nails. It is characterized by the following tendencies:

  • in 2018, stylists advise using colors such as lilac, gray, beige;
  • nail art is perfect for work as it is discreet and strict. For an evening out, add pixie crystals or sparkles to the design.

matte manicure for long nailssummer manicure for long nails

Bright manicure for long nails

Modern technologies allow you to create a bright and at the same time gentle manicure for long nails. For its application, the following parts are used:

  • the use of pastel tones of rich colors, it can be a combination of mint, pink, yellow shades;
  • do not lose their relevance and extremely catchy colors, such as red, raspberry, fuchsia;
  • brightness can be achieved through the use of colored rhinestones and laying out certain patterns with them.

bright manicure for long nailsdelicate manicure for long nails

Manicure for long nails with rhinestones

A bright colored, black or white manicure for long nails, in which decoration with rhinestones is used, looks truly luxurious. They can be located on the nail plates using the following application methods:

  • completely cover any particular finger, making it as a bright accent;
  • laid out in the form of curls or stripes;
  • cover any part of the nail plate, for example, the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole.

manicure for long nails with rhinestones

Manicure for long nails with rhinestones

manicure for long almond nailssummer manicure for long nails

Nude manicure on long nails

A win-win solution for creating a casual, office or evening look will be nude nail art. It comes in the following design variations:

  • stylists recommend choosing the following colors: transparent, milky, beige, pale pink;
  • it can also be a red manicure for long nails, containing a combination with nude shades;
  • everyday nail art is easy to turn into an evening one using sparkles;
  • choosing a different design for the ring finger is still valid. This can be done in several ways: paint all the nail plates in one tone, and highlight the nameless one with a pattern, decorate the finger with sparkles, apply a different color.

Nude manicure on long nailsmanicure for long nails 2018

Manicure with rubbing on long nails

The design on long sharp nails looks extremely catchy and original if it is supplemented with a rub. This element can give a mirror, pearly, iridescent effect. Nail plates acquire a characteristic shine and luxurious appearance. For decoration, only rubbing is enough, but if desired, it can be combined with any other details, for example, rhinestones.

nail polish manicure for long nails

Manicure for long nails with glitter

If you need to do a manicure on long almond-shaped nails for a gala evening event, you should take a closer look at the sparkles:

  1. Next to large rhinestones, gold and silver hues, a small scattering of sparkles will be a win-win option.
  2. Masters also use large sequins to simulate broken glass. They are attached to the entire nail plate or just the tip.
  3. If we are talking about lunar design, then the main part or zone of the hole can be decorated with sparkles.
  4. When creating a jacket, small sparkles are used, which are attached to the tip.

glitter manicure for long nails

Marble manicure for long nails

For decoration, such a fashion trend as a light or dark manicure for long nails, made in a marble version, is also used. For this, a restrained color scheme is used, characteristic of natural stones. Marble nail art is suitable for women of any age and will fit into any image. It is characterized by such features:

  1. Masters advise making almond-shaped nail plates using this technique, which is distinguished by smooth feminine lines.
  2. Marble designs are often created with white, gray and black in equal proportions. But 2018 brought a variety in the form of pastel colors: ash pink, pale lilac, sandy, pale peach.

marble manicure for long nails

Black and white manicure for long nails

One of the classic variations is a black manicure for long nails containing white details:

  • nail art performs like a jacket or moon, pea or striped;
  • incredibly original solution are black and white keys;
  • the zebra print design is a great idea, based on well-defined spots;
  • a ceremonial option is a shimmering design, such as monograms applied in black lacquer on a white base.

black and white manicure for long nails


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