Manicure for March 8 - ideas for short and long nails

Every girl wants to look beautiful on holidays. Manicure for March 8 is an integral part of any image, complementing it favorably. Using a variety of ideas, the fair sex will be able to decorate their nails so that they stand out from the crowd at the women’s holiday.

Nail design for March 8

Interestingly decorated nails on March 8 will draw attention to their owner. Here are some memorable ideas:

  1. The most daring option is leopard nail art, which is extremely stylish and eye-catching. In this case, the print can not be used on every finger, but on some.
  2. A popular option is floral design, because flowers are a symbol of women’s holiday. Therefore, such drawings look great with other types of nail art.
  3. Some girls decorate their nails with drawings of a woman’s face or accessories, like shoes, lipstick and other things.
  4. For extravagant and bright women, a bright red manicure for March 8 is suitable, which is complemented by a variety of decor. This shade is combined with other colors, patterns, rhinestones.
  5. The lacquer that creates the effect of a “cat’s eye” looks stylish and attractive. This design looks stylish and even mysterious. It is combined with a glossy or matte shade.
  6. This year, the fashion trend is different inscriptions on the nails. For the holiday, you can use thematic inscriptions about March 8. If you do not like this type of design, then you can decorate your nails with sparkles.
  7. For romantic girls, a coating made in pastel colors is suitable.

nail design for March 8

Nail design for March 8

nails on March 8trendy manicure for March 8

Short manicure for March 8

Owners of shortened nail plates can choose the perfect manicure for short nails by March 8:

  • universal option — when one of the nails is decorated with a pattern of rhinestones;
  • you can do a manicure on March 8 with sparkles, and a maximum of two nails are decorated with glitter;
  • if you do not want to apply only a single-color coating, you can apply an interesting pattern. For the holiday, masters can offer themed drawings.

short manicure for March 8

Manicure by March 8 for long nails

Long nails are a real scope for creativity. Here, the number of options with which you can create a manicure design for March 8 is simply endless:

  1. The simplest and most common design is floral. However, many girls come up with atypical patterns on their own, creating real works of art on their nails.
  2. French can also be suitable for a women’s holiday, it can also be adjusted to the desired framework. You just need to change the typical pink and white colors for this type of nail art to pastel or bright colors. An interesting manicure is obtained on March 8, when drawings are made on a transparent background.
  3. Stripes, geometric shapes make nails more beautiful, while the design is very concise.

manicure for March 8 for long nailsmanicure design for March 8

Manicure ideas for March 8

Stylists apply all sorts of nail ideas for March 8:

  1. One of the interesting variations is moon nail art. For it, you need to focus on the nail hole when using blue, mint, soft pink or similar colors, although you can not fill this space with color.
  2. A fresh idea for nail design is glitter or shimmer polish near the cuticle. Some girls decorate the nail hole with drawings or patterns — for example, buds or greenery.
  3. Girls who like to be the center of attention will love the idea of ​​a bright manicure for the eighth of March. You can draw unusual tropical flowers, use a juicy green color.
  4. Popular and timeless variations: sequins, rhinestones, nail confetti, metallic polish, feminine patterns and lace.

manicure ideas for March 8nail ideas for march 8

Manicure ideas for March 8

beautiful nails on March 8

Delicate manicure for March 8

Many girls love to create feminine images for the holiday, which are ideally complemented by such an option as a delicate beautiful nail design for March 8:

  1. Tenderness in the image does not exclude the use of bright colors. Such tones just help to feel the spring, this technique will help you wake up from winter depression and bring fresh notes to the image.
  2. Manicure for March 8 can be both simple and complex: from the usual polka dots to complex patterns.
  3. Often girls use floral prints, geometric patterns, nail art in several matching colors, themed inscriptions, rhinestones.

gentle manicure for March 8

Delicate manicure for March 8

beautiful nail design for March 8what manicure to do on march 8

Drawings on nails by March 8

Drawings on the nails attract the eye and look extremely original:

  1. A typical manicure for March 8 with a pattern is twigs and flowers, and nails decorated with patterns are alternated with nails painted with plain varnish.
  2. Possible images of insects or animals associated with spring — butterflies, birds. Roses, tulips, abstract flowers — all this is perfect for the eighth of March.
  3. It is worth saying that any drawing should decorate one or two nails so as not to overload the image. Combine them with a variety of colors that would be associated with the warm season.
  4. To make the prints look more interesting, they are decorated with sparkles and rhinestones.

drawings on the nails by March 8

Drawings on nails by March 8

manicure for March 8 with a patternchic manicure for March 8

French manicure for March 8

Many girls love French manicure on March 8:

  1. For the original design, both classics and color variations are acceptable, because on a holiday you want to stand out from the crowd.
  2. Classic-looking nail art is decorated with rhinestones, pearl beads. For more interest, one of the nails is decorated with a lace pattern.
  3. Many girls now prefer a French manicure for March 8, made in very bright, almost acidic colors. Due to this, the familiar classic is combined with something unusual and stylish. The main thing is not to be afraid of bold decisions.

French manicure for March 8

French manicure for March 8

French manicure for March 8nails on March 8

Matte manicure for March 8

Matte nail art has been in fashion for a long time. Nails look interesting and feminine, perfectly complementing the image of a girl. To make a matte beautiful manicure for March 8, use the following ideas:

  1. The optimal combination is matte varnish with matte lipstick. Restrained fashionistas will like beige, wine, black tones. And bright girls will suit mint, pink and red. It is important to give the nail the correct shape and carefully care for it so that it looks beautiful.
  2. There are many ideas for matte nail art. In addition to a variety of color schemes, nail design masters can offer the client to decorate the nail with rhinestones, which look good just with matte varnish.

matte manicure for March 8beautiful manicure for March 8

Pink manicure for March 8

Pink color will be relevant at all times. With this shade, you can create incredibly beautiful nails for March 8:

  1. Pink tone is combined with a variety of shades, for example — white, blue, silver.
  2. This color is a typical solution for French manicure. A similar shade gives the girl femininity and beauty, gives a feeling of approaching spring.
  3. Pink color is a good basis for prints, patterns, it is complemented by rhinestones, sparkles and other elements of manicure design.
  4. You can take a chance and try a combination of pink with bright and flashy colors.

pink manicure for March 8beautiful nails on March 8

Black manicure for March 8

When looking for an answer to the question of what kind of manicure to do on March 8, black nail art is the choice of many girls, since this color is universal and fits many styles of clothing:

  1. In this case, the varnish can be glossy or matte — which one you like better.
  2. It is permissible to use exclusively black, or you can combine it with other shades.
  3. An immortal combination — black and white. However, this color looks good with others — silver, gold, blue, pink, gray.
  4. A good option in which a black manicure can be performed on March 8 is varnishes of two tones that alternate on the nails.

black manicure for March 8

Nails for March 8 with rhinestones

Rhinestones are very often used in nail design. They can be “attached” almost anywhere — they look good in any design variation:

  1. The sizes of this decor element can be chosen for every taste — there are very large ones, and there are very tiny ones.
  2. They are attached to any part of the nail, they are decorated with prints.
  3. You can choose rhinestones of various colors and apply them to any background, for example, this is a red manicure for March 8th.
  4. It is important to know the measure, it is better not to use this decoration for all fingers — mostly rhinestones are attached to 2-3 fingers of each hand.

nails for March 8 with rhinestonesnail design for March 8

Manicure for March 8 gradient

A chic gradient manicure for March 8 drives many fashionistas crazy, this kind of nail design gives a huge scope for creativity:

  1. French ombre, gradient on all fingers, vertical ombre, gradient on mirror or chrome nails are popular. There are so many options for color combinations that you can easily get confused in them, and choosing the right one is very difficult.
  2. The essence of the gradient is a beautiful combination of shades, a neat transition from one color to another. But there is a sharp gradient, then the transitions are not smooth, the colors are applied in stripes.
  3. This type of nail art is best suited for long nails. Then it will turn out to use more than two colors at the same time. Short nails are decorated with light and pastel shades.

manicure for March 8 gradient

Manicure «cat’s eye» for March 8

«Cat’s eye» is suitable for those girls who are already tired of all the usual options for nail art. This design is truly versatile: its attractive sheen and deep color make it possible not to use additional decorations:

  1. This trendy manicure for March 8 is suitable for both long and short nails, often manicure sand, rhinestones, and so on are added to one of the fingers.
  2. An interesting effect is achievable thanks to magnetic varnishes — this is how the pattern of the stone of the same name is repeated, collecting light in one narrow strip.
  3. For greater attractiveness, nail designers recommend using the following colors: «cosmic» blue, gray, cobalt, burgundy. With short nails, turquoise, pink or ocher looks best — these shades look very beautiful.
  4. To focus attention, fashionistas use sequins of various colors.

cat eye manicure for March 8

Manicure «cat’s eye»

trendy manicure for March 8manicure design for March 8

Manicure for March 8 with flowers

Flowers are such a theme that can invariably be covered in nail art dedicated to the women’s holiday:

  1. You can draw almost any flower on the nail, make a floral pattern, a pattern of flowers and twigs. The print is used for two fingers on each hand, the main color is often applied calm.
  2. A gentle and feminine solution will be a manicure for March 8 with tulips, these flowers are associated with this holiday.
  3. Those who like to stand out from the crowd will appreciate tropical flowers that look very extravagant. At the same time, they are combined with bright shades, sparkles, rhinestones and other things. Experiments are only welcome here.

manicure for March 8 with flowers

Manicure for March 8 with flowers

nail ideas for march 8drawings on the nails by March 8

Cool manicure for March 8

Nail designers can offer their clients many unusual and extravagant options in which an interesting manicure can be performed on March 8:

  1. Nails are often decorated with a pattern in the form of a woman’s face, bows, decorated with flower appliqués.
  2. A popular variation is images of sweets, women’s shoes, cosmetics, and accessories.
  3. You can make «water» nail art, a design with all sorts of phrases and inscriptions, insects and animals. Butterflies and birds look very beautiful.

cool manicure for March 8


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