Manicure for round nails - how to create the most fashionable design?

Each girl chooses for herself the shape of the nail plates, which suits her much better than others. Young ladies who like neat and elegant nail art often prefer rounded claws. A manicure for round nails can be the most diverse — both discreet and concise, and unusually bright and attractive.

Manicure 2019 for round nails

A beautiful and charming manicure for a round nail shape has many advantages, so it is very popular with the fair sex. So, this nail art is absolutely versatile, practical, elegant and neat. In addition, you can give such a shape to your own claws without much effort — any young lady will cope with this task using only one single nail file. In 2019, maximum naturalness and accuracy is the main trend.

For this reason, the vast majority of stylists and designers give their preference to rounded claws, which create a cute and feminine look for different situations. In the coming season, rounded nail plates can be both long and short — the choice of length depends solely on the individual preferences of the fashionista herself. In both options, women have a wide scope for realizing their fantasies — a manicure for round nails can be done in many different ways.

manicure 2019 for round nailsround nail manicure

Manicure for short round nails

The choice of the vast majority of women this season fell on short round nails, which are fully consistent with the given trends — they look very cute and neat and create an incredibly attractive and feminine look. The design of such nail plates can be extremely diverse, however, in 2019, stylists recommend giving preference to the following options:

  • Nude manicure for round short nails is the perfect solution for those who love naturalness. The harmony and complete versatility of this type of nail art are determined by 3 components — natural shades of gel polish, a short free edge and the most natural shape;
  • velvet design is the original novelty of 2019. With the help of this technique, the nail plates acquire an unusual texture — they become soft and fluffy. At a short length, this option looks great, especially in light and muted colors;
  • caviar manicure for round nails looks better on long claws, however, it is quite appropriate on short nail plates. Thanks to this form of nail plates, the risk of spoiling the design is minimized by catching voluminous decorative elements on various objects;
  • knitted design «sweater» also looks great on such claws, however, it becomes relevant only in the autumn-winter period of the year;
  • do not forget about the geometric nail art, which has not lost its relevance for many years. In the case of short nails, this design should be as concise as possible — it is best to decorate only accent fingers with geometric elements;
  • finally, short rounded plates can be decorated with all sorts of patterns. In this case, they should not be too large or bright.

manicure for short round nails

Manicure for long round nails

The fair sex, who prefer long round nails, can take advantage of many interesting options. Rhinestones and broths, glitter streamers, large and small drawings, volumetric elements, aquarium design and much more look great on such claws. In addition, a manicure for round long nails can be done with both glossy and matte finishes. In addition, these two options are wonderfully combined with each other.

manicure for long round nails

Manicure ideas for round nails

A beautiful manicure for round nails can be created using a variety of techniques and decor variations. For those women who have chosen this form of nail plates for themselves, almost all options for their decoration are available, which can be combined with each other in a variety of ways. Modern masters of manicure art are able to offer their clients a huge variety of interesting types of nail art — from a concise and versatile classic jacket to a bright and original design that will not leave its owner unnoticed.

manicure ideas for round nails

French on round nails

One of the most common variations is the French manicure for round nails, which is very popular with the fair sex due to its versatility and stylish appearance. The simplest variation — a jacket with white edges and a transparent surface — is a classic that will never lose its relevance. On rounded nail plates, this option looks especially good.

Meanwhile, some young ladies consider it too boring, in which case they can experiment with their image using one of the following variations:

  • colored french;
  • horizontal jacket, in which the role of the smile line is played by a strip passing through the center of the plate;
  • diagonal french;
  • all sorts of asymmetric variations;
  • glitter design on the smile line;
  • nail art, in which this area is separated from the main surface with rhinestones;
  • jacket for short round nails with highlighting accent fingers with a plain color coating;
  • neat and elegant French nail art with a pattern.

French on round nails

Black manicure for round nails

Modern manicure art involves the use of coatings of various color shades. So, many young ladies like round black nails that look unusually neat, stylish and elegant. However, without decor, such nail plates can create a gloomy and even mournful feeling, so stylists advise to “dilute” them with a variety of decorative elements — sparkles and rhinestones, crystals and liquid stones, drawings applied using light acrylic paint and so on.

black manicure for round nails

Red manicure for round nails

A magnificent red manicure for round nails can also rightfully be attributed to the unfading classics. Such nail art is especially relevant during celebrations and important events, however, it can also find its place in everyday life. As an option for every day, stylists advise choosing an ordinary plain coating, not overloaded with any decorative elements. If the young lady is about to go out or an important celebration at which she does not want to go unnoticed, you can give preference to one of the following types of design:

  • red jacket on round nails;
  • exquisite moon nail art that can be complemented with negative space;
  • design in red colors, complemented by golden sparkles or transparent rhinestones;
  • combined nail art, in which, in addition to red, other color shades are used that can contrast or harmonize with it;
  • charming gradient.

Red manicure for round nails

Pink manicure for round nails

Fans of the romantic style can choose pink nail art, which will emphasize their femininity and natural charm. Modern nail artists can offer different manicure ideas for short round nails that will look charming in everyday life. For going out, you can choose brighter options — a combination of pink color with intense color shades, for example, dark blue or lemon yellow, decor with rhinestones or kamifubuki and much more.

pink manicure for round nails

Manicure on round nails with a pattern

Rounded claws are absolutely universal, so you can draw whatever your heart desires on them. Nevertheless, it is worth considering the length of the nail plates — owners of short nails should be careful, because too large images can completely ruin the whole image and make it extremely unattractive. The most popular pattern on round nails is all kinds of flowers, mostly single ones. In addition, such motives as are very popular:

  • different animals or funny little animals that can be cartoon or comic book characters;
  • dolls;
  • bows;
  • thematic drawings dedicated to certain holidays. For example, on the eve of the New Year, manicures for round nails begin to be decorated with Christmas trees, Christmas balls, snowmen and Santa Claus, Christmas sweets and other similar motifs;
  • geometric elements;
  • imitation of lace and monogram;
  • fruits and sweets;
  • ice cream;
  • various drawings associated with the current season;
  • all kinds of variations on the theme of «love» — ​​lips folded into a kiss, hearts, arrows and much more.

manicure on round nails with a pattern

Nude manicure for round nails

Fans of naturalness and naturalness can choose beige round nails that go great with any outfit, both casual and evening or cocktail. Nude nail art looks feminine and neat, it easily fits into business images, and the rounded shape of the nail plates makes it even softer, more elegant and attractive. As a rule, a nude manicure is not complemented by large or voluminous decorative elements — in most cases it is decorated with miniature rhinestones, sparkles, stripes or geometric shapes.

Nude manicure for round nails

Ombre round nail shape

Any specialist who knows how to use an airbrush can make an ombre on round nails. On such nail plates, the classic vertical variation looks best, in which the shade changes from the base of the claw to its free edge. A horizontal gradient on a rounded form can only be done in the case of wide plates — excessively narrow claws can only be painted using the finger-to-finger technique.

Color transitions in this case can be very diverse — a gentle and romantic look will be complemented by calm stretches from white to light pink, and the image of a fatal beauty — sharp and spectacular transitions from intense red to black or rich dark blue. In addition, an ombre manicure can always be supplemented with rhinestones or sparkles, which will make it much more festive and elegant.

ombre round nail shape

Manicure for round nails with glitter

One of the easiest and most popular ways to decorate nail plates is to sprinkle glitter over them, which can be placed randomly or in a certain way, conceived by a fashionista. Shiny decor is ideal for special occasions, however, a small amount of it can be appropriate in everyday life — for example, it can be a laconic glitter stretch on 1-2 accent fingers or a thin strip passing through the center of the nail plate.

Sequins can be seen on the pens of the fair sex at any time of the year, but they are especially often decorated with winter manicure for round nails, which is timed to coincide with the onset of the cold period or the New Year holidays. The design in blue or red colors looks especially good at this moment, which goes well with the brilliant decor.

manicure for round nails with glitter

Manicure with kamifubiki on round nails

Since kamifubuki appeared in the world of manicure, many girls have abandoned other types of nail plate decor in their favor. Available in a variety of colors, these shiny pieces of foil are charming and can decorate not only accent fingers, but all claws. To get a beautiful manicure on round nails with kamifubiki, they should not be used too much. In addition, preference should be given to the most muted and concise color shades, for example, soft pink, beige or light purple.

manicure with kamifubiki for round nails

Matte manicure for round nails

A casual round nail design can be finished with a matte top coat, which will make the nail art much more elegant and neat. To go out, it is better to use a glossy finish or combine it with a matte one, highlighting the accent fingers against the background of everyone else. When choosing a matte top, it is worth considering that in light shades it is extremely impractical, quickly gets dirty and takes on a sloppy appearance.

matte manicure for round nails

New Year’s manicure for round nails

In the case of a rounded shape of the nail plates, the design of the claws for the New Year can be the most diverse, for example:

  • New Year’s jacket on round nails;
  • options with thematic drawings, for example, Christmas trees or snowflakes;
  • glitter and rhinestone design;
  • gradient in «winter» cold color shades.

New Year's manicure on round nails


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