Manicure for very short nails - the perfect solution for everyday life

A manicure for very short nails is in no way inferior to a design made on an impressive length. Short nails are preferred by girls whose work does not allow them to have a long manicure, but even the smallest nail plate will allow you to perform interesting nail art, deviating from the usual monochromatic coating.

Beautiful manicure for very short nails

A manicure for very short filed nails is an ideal option for housewives, athletes, doctors, cooks who need to look attractive, but due to the established type of activity, it is not permissible to have a long manicure. Short cut nails can compete with long ones in design. The most attractive types of design for short nails:

  1. Monochromatic finish. Dark, deep colors of blue, black, emerald and burgundy are the perfect option for short nails.
  2. French. Short nails are perfect for creating a luxurious French manicure.
  3. Painting. An intricate drawing does not always need a large canvas for implementation. With the help of a design slider or stickers, you can create the most wonderful images.
  4. Rhinestones. They will help to bring sparkle, shine and charming shimmer to the image.
  5. Sequins, rubbing, foil. They diversify the boring monochrome coating, and make it possible to invent millions of variations of trendy design.
  6. Ombre. The bewitching smooth transition of colors will not leave anyone indifferent.


Manicure for very short oval nails

White manicure for very short nails has won its army of fans, but it is not the only suitable color for oval nails. This shape is good because it is less traumatic than the sharp corners of the square, this is especially true for women with small children and will help to avoid inadvertent damage to delicate children’s skin. On short oval nails, a contrasting geometric pattern of a square or triangle, a moon manicure, a reverse jacket and a gradient look beautiful.


Manicure for very short square nails

A nude manicure for very short nails is ideal for professions such as a doctor and a cook, they are not supposed to have long nails and a defiant manicure, so a beige translucent coating is the only right solution. For representatives of other professions who do not have to adhere to strict rules, you can make a colored manicure, striped, geometric, three-dimensional drawing, and even modeling. Combining several types of design will help to achieve a unique nail art, and come up with an exclusive idea that will have no analogues.


Manicure ideas for very short nails

Manicure for very short nails is performed without problems, you just need to show a little imagination and creativity. A few stylish ideas for a non-trivial design of short nails:

  1. Flexible tape. With its help, a striped manicure is carried out, it can be used to mark the boundaries of geometric shapes and make a reverse jacket.
  2. Manicure with negative space. Leaving part of the nail plate unpainted, you get an interesting modern design.
  3. Veil effect. A black translucent finish over which a richer black pattern is applied.
  4. Inscriptions. This type of design has broken into the trend lists, and does not lose its leading position. They write anything: catchphrases, affirmations, confessions.


Manicure for very short nails delicate colors

A gentle manicure for very short nails is suitable for the cold season and for office style. Nude shades allow you to experiment with texture and decorative embellishments. Interesting new gentle manicure:

  1. Kamifubuki. Such peculiar large sequins look beautiful on a beige solid color coating, over which a matte top is applied. The effect of misted glass is created, under which the decor is located.
  2. Beige and white ombre. A gentle interpretation of the classic French manicure with a soft transition of shades.
  3. Rhinestones. A little shine will not hurt in a laconic monochromatic coating, and will bring luxury and chic.


Bright manicure for very short nails

A yellow manicure for very short nails will give a sunny mood and a positive charge. A short nail plate is not a reason to refuse a bright manicure. Trendy bright manicure is performed in various versions:

  1. Fruit manicure. Bright neon shades are conducive to applying fruit images. Fruits made with matching rhinestones look very stylish.
  2. Children’s design. Bright colors are used to create an informal manicure, so you can safely experiment with light playful patterns. Images of sweets, cartoon characters and comics are a great help for a relaxed design.


One-color manicure for very short nails

Red manicure for very short nails is a bright and stylish color scheme. A monochromatic coating always looks neat, tidy and elegant. Conciseness is the main distinguishing feature of real ladies. Even in the absence of decor, the monochrome coating has several different ideas:

  1. New York style. It implies highlighting one nail with a different color, it can even be shades of the same color that are different in saturation.
  2. Sequins. A ready-made varnish with sparkles or glitter to match the coating is suitable. This design will sparkle and sparkle nicely.
  3. Rhinestones, decorative rivets. The minimal addition of a few elements diversifies and decorates a monochromatic manicure.


Matte manicure for very short nails

A light manicure for very short nails is easy to do by covering monochrome varnish with a matte top. Any design can be covered with a matte finish, it will open in a new light, become more stylish and extravagant. The most fashionable matte manicure ideas:

  1. Selective coverage. An interpretation of the New York style, only the nail stands out not with a different color, but with a matte finish, leaving everything else glossy.
  2. Glossy drawing. On a matte top coat, a pattern or ornament is drawn with gloss. The trend is to make drops of thick gel on a matte finish, imitating dew drops.
  3. Volumetric pattern with sequins. Drawing with a thick gel, covered with sparkles — a stylish design vision of a brilliant manicure on a velor coating.


French manicure for very short nails

French manicure for very short nails has incredible sophistication and elegance. The classic vision of the French manicure will make the handles sophisticated, and their owner will be erected on a pedestal of style and exquisite taste. If you want to deviate a little from the standards, a few simple techniques will help:

  1. Color french. French manicure, made with colored varnishes, looks different and more exciting. It is allowed to paint all nails in different colors or make an ombre effect.
  2. Chrome french. This design is performed with a mirror rubbing or steel flexible tape.
  3. Inverted french. The smile line is marked at the base of the nail along the growth of the cuticle. Can be done with varnish or flexible tape.
  4. Modeling. French and sculpting are indispensable companions in wedding manicure.


Manicure for very short nails rubbing

Fashionable manicure for very short nails with rubbing is a stylish way to diversify the monotonous application of shellac. The rubbing powder design is unimaginably stylish and loved by the most advanced fashionistas in the world. Rubbing methods will help in reproducing a multifaceted unusual manicure:

  1. Chameleon rub. The green with a blue tint of such a rub resembles the color of the May beetle and looks fascinating on the nails.
  2. Mirror rub. It will help to achieve the effect of chrome plating with perfect reflection in the coating.
  3. Pearl rub. It will create an elegant pearl reflection in the coating, worthy of the royal nobility.
  4. Holographic rub. Shimmers in many colors and has fascinating visual qualities.


Black manicure for very short nails

Manicure colors for very short nails — have a wide range and a large assortment of shades. The most trendy, daring, defiant color is black. It is ambiguous, at the same time restrained, concise, and on the other hand catchy and energetic. Black manicure includes a lot of techniques and styles:

  1. Velvet. A special velor coating is applied to the base and the manicure becomes captivatingly soft and velvety.
  2. Mat and rhinestones. The contrasting combination of a dark matte backing and sparkling light rhinestones will highlight the crystals and accentuate their radiance.
  3. Painting. Black color is an ideal basis for applying artistic painting.
  4. Geometric rivets. Golden or silver decorative rivets will harmoniously fit into a dark manicure.


Manicure with a pattern on very short nails

A light manicure for very short nails, complemented by an attractive pattern, will help express emotions and express yourself. Drawing involves applying manually, using stickers, a design slider or stamping. On a short nail plate, a small drawing is depicted on a certain area of ​​u200bu200bthe nail, or a painting affecting its entire perimeter:

  1. 3D drawing. The swit bloom technique will help to translate into reality a voluminous abstract or symmetrical pattern.
  2. Glitter pattern. To slightly smooth out the shine of the glitter, a drawing applied on top of it will help.
  3. Pattern and rhinestones. Several inclusions of crystals will complement and diversify the pattern.
  4. ethnic pattern. The combination of straight lines, rounded tops and different colors will help to create a unique ornament.


Manicure for very short nails with glitter

Summer manicure for very short nails using sparkles is a bright and sparkling fashion solution. Sequins will add lightness, immediacy and luxury to the image, this design is easy to complete without certain skills and dexterity. The most fashionable ideas for using sequins in manicure:

  1. Brilliant jacket. Replacing the standard white smile line in French manicure with sparkles, you get an interesting and unusual stylish design.
  2. Brilliant moon manicure. The area of ​​the holes is painted over with sparkles and a fashionable modification of the usual design is formed.
  3. Kamifubuki. Large sequins on the nail plate look stylish and are associated with confetti scattered on the nails.
  4. glitter gradient. A soft, shiny gradient stretch, a worthy alternative to a color ombre.


Manicure for very short nails with stripes

Striped manicure for very short nails on the sea is a great embodiment of marine attributes on the nails. Stripes are different, and they do not always suggest a marine theme. The most successful types of striped design:

  1. flexible tape. It comes in different widths, colors, is easy to use, and the effect on the nails is amazing.
  2. drawn stripe. The white and black stripe will repeat the color of the vest and is indispensable in marine design.
  3. shiny stripe. It can be done with glitter or small stones that cross the nail vertically or horizontally.
  4. thin lines. The strips do not have to be wide and around the entire perimeter of the nail, they can be ultra-thin and periodically interrupted.


Manicure for very short nails with foil

A beautiful manicure for very short neat nails with foil is a hit solution in recreating a trendy finish. Different types of foil will help to achieve all sorts of colorful and unusual designs. The most common and used types of manicure using foil:

  1. rainbow effect. Achieved by using different colors of transfer foil. This design can be combined with careless chaotic strokes of varnish. Such nail art is special and not primitive.
  2. Broken glass. The most famous design with foil, which visually looks like fragments glued to the nail bed.
  3. Foil and drawing. Geometric drawn figures, decorated with pieces of foil, look voluminous and bewitching. This interpretation can be done in the moon manicure.



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