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Delightful geometry manicure 2019 is presented with interesting nail design options. Although the ideas belong to the same direction, they can be completely different, whether they are bright, multi-faceted nails or minimalist, simple geometric prints.

Manicure geometry 2019 — fashion trends

When creating stylish bows, designers use fashionable geometry manicure 2019, which is represented by a variety of trends:

  1. Nail art can be combined with other trends. For example, nails with geometric shapes can be combined with broken glass, gradient, dots, and negative space designs. For each season, it is worth choosing your own specific range.
  2. One of the main trends in 2019 is to move away from conservatism and turn to beauty, femininity and aesthetics. The color of the season will be based on the naturalness of its tones and shades. Too bright geometry manicure 2019 will not be too welcome.
  3. The main rule remains unchanged, to adhere to the laws of color combinations. If the traced contours of the figures are not present in the nail art, then the sectors should be filled in thoughtfully so that the image turns out to be harmonious.
  4. There is no limit on the number of shades, but you need to adhere to a certain concept. All variants of figures continue to be in the trend, these are triangles, rhombuses, squares, lines of different directions and simple points.
  5. On a small surface, you can try to place a large number of figures that are interconnected by bindings.
  6. Simple figures are considered not so colorful, so the geometry is often complemented by decoration. It can be rhinestones, sparkles, which are used both on the borders and in the internal space of the figures.

manicure geometry 2019 fashion trends

Manicure geometry 2019

trendy manicure geometry 2019beautiful manicure geometry 2019

Manicure geometry 2019 for short nails

Comfort and convenience are the main criteria that continue to be in demand. They are guided by stylists, creating a fashionable geometry manicure 2019 for short nails:

  1. Nail art can be as modest as possible, but at the same time harmoniously decorate neat nails and match with clothes.
  2. As for the color scheme, you can turn to delicate pastel colors, red hues, purple, emerald green, orange and blue.
  3. Manicure geometry 2019 can be created using colored stripes, stickers and all sorts of drawing options.
  4. The background or base is created natural or bright, but the tone of the figures is chosen in opposite shades, which will help to highlight them perfectly.
  5. A huge number of figures on the nails is not needed, you can focus on one detail, for example, these are horizontal stripes or lines that are located in different directions. These types of drawings can be applied to all nails or individual nails can be distinguished with their help.

manicure geometry 2019 for short nailsfashion manicure geometry 2019 for short

Manicure geometry 2019 for long nails

Undoubtedly, a long base has a lot to offer, because the length helps to perfectly place the figures, their bindings and implement the idea. Manicure design 2019 geometry on elongated nail plates is presented in the following variations:

  1. Geometric ideas can be embodied in two directions: on all fingers or on one or two.
  2. The trend will be not only flat figures, but also voluminous ones, which are created using special techniques.
  3. The jacket remains at the height, where you can experiment on a large scale with the application option and the shape of a smile.
  4. Lunar nail art can use different versions of triangles, semicircles and ovals to draw a pattern on the nail.
  5. In the trend, the filling of the inner surfaces of the figure, these can be options for a mirror or holographic rubbing, ombre, made in a matte and velor style, decoration with sparkles, foil, glitter or ribbons.
  6. Figures with slightly blurred borders are considered a novelty. In addition, not only simple figures can be applied to the nails, but also objects that consist of geometric details, for example, a crown and a monogram.

manicure geometry 2019 for long nails

Geometry Manicure Ideas 2019

Masters create a manicure, the new 2019 geometry of which is represented by a variety of ideas:

  1. Minimalism is unusually simple, but it looks amazing at the same time. The selected beautiful varnish can be embellished with thin lines, which are located in a different sequence.
  2. Manicure geometry 2019 can be complemented by rubbing or glitter, sparkles or other decor options.
  3. Another fashionable idea is known as «Color block» — the surface of the nail is divided into sectors and filled with colors that differ from each other. Often this design is done in bright colors, and the sectors are separated by a transparent space or stripes.
  4. The matte finish looks incredibly beautiful, when creating such nail art, you can turn to matte black, red and white.
  5. Gradient design is admirable, so it should be created in deep and rich colors. Bouillons, sparkles and stones may be present as decoration.
  6. The geometric design is also used in the «broken glass» version. The base can be a clear varnish or a colored coating.
  7. The amazing nail design is showcased with geometric origami. Such nail art does not overload the nails, it is often created in white, gray, beige and black.

geometry manicure ideas 2019

Geometry Manicure Ideas 2019

manicure novelties 2019 geometry

Geometric nude manicure 2019

Light manicure geometry 2019, which is created using a nude coating, is considered the most natural:

  1. Such a color can be created using a velvet base, and glossy geometric elements can complement it.
  2. Drawings that use geometry or animals made in the form of origami look great.
  3. The matte base is able to perfectly present geometric minimalism. Stripes will organically complement it.

nude manicure with geometry 2019

Red manicure with geometry 2019

To make bright memorable bows, red or pink manicure 2019 geometry is perfect:

  1. Red color should be chosen for a solemn or evening event, and it goes well with different options for geometric shapes. For example, you can apply a triangular design, multi-color ethnic patterns, beautiful square or striped nail art.
  2. An interesting pattern, which is combined with a gradient and sprinkled with sand.
  3. Manicure red geometry 2019 can be complemented by a pattern where foil or broken glass is used.

red manicure with geometry 2019

Manicure minimalism 2019 geometry

Minimalistic solutions are ideally combined with everyday and evening bows. Manicure 2019 geometry in the style of minimalism is distinguished by the following features:

  1. It should have restraint, a minimum of details and perfectly applied design elements.
  2. The minimalist version is applied only to short nails.
  3. Manicure minimalism geometry 2019 can show no more than three shades, these are a few simple shapes or lines located in different directions.
  4. A successful application of geometry in minimalism will be a strip, one square or a small triangle.

manicure minimalism 2019 geometry

Manicure geometry 2019 with sparkles

Clear lines and a variety of shapes can be done with sequins, creating a stylish geometry manicure 2019. You can apply stripes, circles or triangles, the inner space of which is filled with shiny elements. This design can be applied to almond, oval and square nails.

manicure geometry 2019 with sparkles

Manicure geometry 2019 with rhinestones

You can create an incredibly beautiful geometry manicure 2019, decorated with rhinestones:

  1. A popular application option is a strip in which borders are drawn, and rhinestones fill the inside. It can be directed diagonally, vertically or horizontally.
  2. The geometric pattern can simply be complemented with a small amount of rhinestones. Decoration may be present in the figure itself, or small accents can be made using rhinestones located outside the figure.

manicure geometry 2019 with rhinestones

Bright manicure 2019 geometry

With the help of such an option as a bright geometry manicure 2019, you can take a fresh look at such popular techniques as traditional stripes, French, holes, framing and negative space:

  1. Laconic geometric patterns can be complemented by a beautiful dotted design that combines lines and shapes, drawing them in bright colors will be the highlight.
  2. Bright color mixes can also be used in a geometric pattern, where the techniques of gradient ombre and adhesive foil stripes are combined. Such a design can become casual or festive, it is especially colorful if shimmering sand or rhinestones are added.
  3. A variety of colors are used for decoration, it can be a manicure 2019 geometry on a blue, red, yellow background.
  4. Often a bright design is used in summer manicure. In this design, multi-colored triangular nail art, multi-color ethnic patterns, square or striped designs look beautiful.
  5. In order for glare to be present in the drawings, you can use the option of applying broken glass.

bright manicure 2019 geometry

Manicure geometry 2019 with stickers

This year, the stylish manicure 2019 geometry, made with the help of stickers, is extremely in demand:

  1. For a geometric pattern, almond-shaped nails are perfect; beautiful stripes, straight lines, squares and triangles can be applied to them.
  2. Geometric patterns can look stunning with contrasting hues. You can give preference to black, which is diluted with burgundy, red or gold.
  3. Nail art with stickers in the form of inscriptions has become extremely popular. A small concise inscription made in a contrasting shade and pasted on one nail is in demand.
  4. The inscription, depending on the font, can be used on both long and short nails.
  5. The inscription can be used in any language, the main thing is that it has a meaning. For example, young women of fashion use such expressions as “love, laugh, live”, “there is happiness”.

manicure geometry 2019 with stickers

Manicure geometry 2019 animals

Animal prints continue to be relevant in the nail industry. Manicure 2019 geometry is represented by such fashion trends:

  1. A special place is occupied by the colors «zebra», «leopard», tiger or snake.
  2. Patterns such as cat prints remain relevant.
  3. You should not use this design on the entire nail at the same time, you can decorate several nails on each hand, and cover the rest of the nail plates with plain varnish. It goes well with such a complex pattern.

manicure geometry 2019 animalsmanicure 2019 geometry

Manicure geometry 2019 with silver

Another current trend is the fashionable geometry manicure 2019, decorated with silver:

  1. Silver lacquer will suit any color of the base coat, such options as white, black, pink, you can turn to red and burgundy.
  2. Vertical and horizontal ombre can be created in blue, blue shades, which are perfectly combined with silver.
  3. Geometry with silver sequins or snowflake designs can be the perfect option to create a frosty effect.
  4. Sophistication and elegance can be dictated by a duet of geometry and silver in patterns that are complemented by decor consisting of rhinestones, pearls, bouillons or crystal chips.

manicure geometry 2019 with silver

Matte manicure 2019 geometry

You can create an incredibly beautiful geometry manicure 2019, made in a matte version:

  1. Matte nails look great in dark and rich shades, you can turn to colors such as black, green, purple, red, burgundy and blue.
  2. Geometry can be used in a combination of glossy and matte finishes.
  3. For brilliance, matte nail art is decorated with rhinestones or beads, which give an incredibly rich effect.
  4. Any geometric patterns can be used, the main thing is to stick to the contrast in colors. It can be all kinds of triangles, squares and circles.

matte manicure 2019 geometrybeautiful manicure geometry 2019

Light manicure geometry 2019

A light tone can perfectly highlight any pattern:

  1. Beige and pastel shades are often used in minimalism.
  2. A beautiful shade of varnish can be complemented by thin lines arranged in different sequences.
  3. Nail art can be complemented with rubbing, glitter, sparkles or foil.
  4. Dark or saturated tones can be used as a background, for example, this is a burgundy manicure geometry 2019, which is filled with a variety of light shapes.

light manicure geometry 2019manicure design 2019 geometry


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