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Manicure gradient is one of the hottest trends of recent seasons. He is able to make the bow truly unforgettable and act as its stylish highlight. Nail art can be made in a variety of variations, among which any fashionista will choose a design to her taste.

Manicure 2019 gradient — fashion trends

Many stylists use a manicure gradient gel polish or other coating to complement fashionable bows. The following trends are relevant for its design:

  • a diverse combination of shades can be chosen, while using both two tones, smoothly flowing one into the other, and several different colors;
  • the location of the pattern can be different, longitudinal or transverse. A diagonal option is also allowed;
  • the ombre effect can affect the entire surface of the nail plate or only a certain part of it;
  • to create bright evening bows, the presence of such elements as rhinestones, beads and all kinds of pebbles is welcome;
  • the coating may have a smooth structure or contain a velvety effect;
  • varnish is found in a glossy or matte finish, a combination of these types of coatings is also allowed.

manicure 2019 gradient fashion trends

Manicure 2019 gradient

manicure gradient gel polishbeautiful manicure gradient

Manicure gradient for short nails

Such a kind of nail art as manicure gradient 2019 can be performed on shortened nail plates:

  • due to the fact that the surface is small, it is recommended to use a discreet design;
  • a discreet nude color scheme can be applied, this is a win-win option;
  • bright colors are also allowed, for example, it is black and red nail art, but it must be decorated with great care.

gradient manicure for short nails

Manicure gradient for long nails

Such an original variety of nail art as a gradient manicure can be done on elongated nail plates:

  • fashionistas will be able to fully express their imagination and embody the most daring ideas. So, the design can contain all kinds of drawings, openwork patterns;
  • two or more shades can be used, which give brightness and saturation;
  • both deep colors are used, for example, this is a purple gradient manicure, and delicate pastels;
  • decoration with rhinestones, both minimal and plentiful, will look appropriate.

gradient manicure for long nails

gradient manicure ideas

To create a beautiful manicure gradient, designers use a variety of variations of its design, among which are the following:

  • in the form of an ombre, a certain pattern can be made, for example, a drop located in the middle of the nail can be designed in this way;
  • any print can be applied over the gradient coloring, for example, this is a shiny horizontal or vertical stripe;
  • there are different application techniques, a smooth and gradual transition of colors is considered classic;
  • another option would be the overflow of shades, which is carried out using the image of small squares or rhombuses;
  • with the help of certain color combinations, you can emphasize the sophistication and sophistication of nail art. For example, such solutions include a design made in nude colors;
  • the ombre technique can be combined with any other application methods. For example, it can be a marble nail design;
  • manicure gradient can be applied in different parts of the nail plate, creating a unique effect.

gradient manicure ideas

gradient manicure ideas

beautiful manicure gradient

Black and red manicure gradient

One of the most spectacular design solutions is rightly recognized as a black gradient manicure combined with red:

  • one or another shade may predominate, while the other may be present in a minimal amount;
  • colors can be combined with each other in a matte or glossy version, in the form of a jacket or moon nail art.

black and red manicure gradient

White manicure gradient

If you want to make a gentle and romantic bow, you can use this option as a white or beige gradient manicure:

  • light colors can be combined with the same delicate pastel shades, or a bright accent can be made on the nail plates using some saturated color;
  • white gradient manicure looks unsurpassed in combination with rhinestones or sparkles, in the latter case, with the help of these decorative elements, an ombre effect can be created.

white manicure gradient

Manicure with a gradient and a pattern

A bright nail design can be made even more memorable if you combine it with drawing. Images can be very different:

  • a win-win option is to apply floral or plant motifs. Pint can be small or very large, capturing almost the entire surface of the nail;
  • Geometry does not lose its relevance, figures can be drawn on top of shades that pass one into another;
  • the drawing can also contain an ombre effect and have blurred borders or be applied over this type of technique. For example, a pink gradient manicure can be complemented by an image of a large red rose.

manicure with a gradient and a pattern

Manicure gradient «cat’s eye»

If you want to stand out as much as possible and give your nails luxury and shine, you can use such an option as a cat-eye gradient manicure. It can be designed in the following variations:

  • the option looks incredibly original when the ombre effect is contained in the middle of the nail plate, and along the edges there is a uniform coating made using the “cat’s eye” technique;
  • ombre can be concentrated over the entire surface of the nail plate;
  • as for variations in the location of the pattern, it can be a vertical gradient manicure, horizontal or vertical nail art.

gradient cat eye manicure

geometric gradient manicure

A real fashion trend that has not lost its popularity for several seasons in a row is a geometric gradient manicure:

  • the geometry can be located on certain nail plates, while on others some other design can be applied, for example, a shiny coating or rubbing;
  • geometry can be expressed in the application of stripes or squares with clear or blurry boundaries;
  • dots or broken zigzag lines can be displayed;
  • As for the color design, it can be very different, this is a dark gradient manicure, and a light pastel and bright saturated one.

geometric gradient manicure

Matte manicure gradient

If you want to give the image an expensive and luxurious look, you can use the original design solution and make a gradient manicure made using a matte finish:

  • nail art can be applied in the traditional way, when a combination of two shades is used;
  • A complex color combination can also be applied when several contrasting tones are combined at once. For example, this is a blue gradient manicure, in which this color is taken as the basis, and pink and yellow act as additional ones;
  • the geometry made in a matte design looks interesting;
  • You can embellish the matte finish and bring the missing shine with the help of rhinestone decoration.

matte manicure gradientmanicure gradient 2019

Glitter gradient manicure

An original way to create a gentle gradient manicure that will look catchy and attract attention at the same time is to decorate it with sparkles:

  • these elements may look like a small scattering, located at the tip of the nail or, on the contrary, in the region of the hole;
  • there is also such a brew as kamifubiki, which can have a very different shape, for example, be designed as circles, hearts, stars.

glitter gradient manicuregentle gradient manicure

french manicure gradient

An extremely original version of the classic nail art familiar to everyone is a manicure gradient jacket:

  • the most common technique is when the gradient effect is applied at the tip. At the same time, bright saturated shades are used for coloring;
  • an interesting version of the jacket, when the tip is completely and clearly painted in one color, and the main part contains overflows from one tone to another;
  • To enhance the memorable effect, you can combine a French manicure with a gradient and a moon design. In this case, the ombre effect may be present at the tip and in the area of ​​​​the hole, in any one of these zones or in the main part.

french manicure gradient

Manicure gradient with rubbing

The combination of several techniques at once looks extremely extraordinary, catchy and attracts attention as much as possible. So, the gradient transition of shades can be combined with a mirror rub:

  • over a combination of similar or contrasting shades that smoothly flow into one another, a rub can be applied to add shine and additional overflow;
  • rubbing may not be applied to the entire surface of the nail plate, but only to a certain part;
  • a shiny stripe made with sequins can be applied over the mirror surface. For example, a green gradient manicure can be decorated with a silvery stripe.

manicure gradient with rubbing

Manicure gradient with rhinestones

The design looks extremely impressive, which uses not only the transition of tones from one to another, but also decorating with rhinestones:

  • gradient manicure in gentle tones can be made more catchy by decorating with multi-colored large stones. An incredibly gentle option is also allowed when transparent pebbles of small size are used;
  • in a similar way, bright rich nail art can be decorated. If it is decorated with multi-colored pebbles, then this option is ideal for complementing catchy evening bows.

manicure gradient with rhinestones

New Year’s manicure gradient

On the eve of the New Year holidays, the creation of fashionable nail art becomes extremely relevant. When designing it, it is recommended to take into account the following trends:

  • A real favorite of this New Year is the red gradient manicure. Snow-white patterns look incredibly organic on it;
  • drawing all kinds of snowflakes is extremely popular;
  • the original option to make an imitation of a snow placer is to depict it with the help of sparkles;
  • Frost patterns applied over a gradient coating may be depicted.

New Year's manicure gradient

Wedding manicure gradient

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. To make the image as organic and complete as possible, they use a nail design that fits into the overall concept:

  1. A light manicure gradient can be a traditional solution. It can be made in snow-white, beige, pale pink, mint, any other pastel shade and their combinations.
  2. For a themed wedding, you can apply a bright gradient manicure. For example, this is true if there are certain shades in the bride’s outfit. An example is the addition of a wedding dress with blue or red inserts and a belt and a design of the same color.
  3. Any image can be applied over the gradient pattern. For example, it can be openwork lace patterns, floral or floral ornaments. They can be made in the traditional snow-white version or in bright colors.
  4. French, lunar nail design will be a win-win design, they look extremely elegant and sophisticated.
  5. If you want to add shine to the overall image, you can use a mirror or pearl rub.
  6. You can apply any original design methods, for example, it can be a marble design.

bridal manicure gradientlight manicure gradient


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