Manicure Ideas for Spring 2022 - Beautiful, Stylish Designs with Flowers and Glitter

With the onset of heat, fashionistas tend to create harmonious images. Trend options offer to embody the ideas of manicure for the spring of 2022. Nail service masters are guided by current trends, expressed in the use of minimalist decor or bright jewelry.

Ideas and novelties of manicure in the spring of 2022

The stylists took care to bring variety to the creation of nail art. Design decisions are made with the help of details:

  1. Seductive notes in the image will bring an animal print, combined with a monochromatic coating of deep dark color, placed on several fingers. Stripes imitating the colors of a zebra are applied to a delicate nude background.
  2. For young fashionistas, an ombre will be a godsend, characterized by saturation and acidity. An example is the transition from a rich sky to a light green shade.
  3. Abstraction makes the design extraordinary. A simple technique is to randomly draw sinuous stripes and spots.
  4. Lunar nail art takes on tenderness with the help of a blank space technique. A transparent hole is decorated with a dot drawn with bright varnish, or a small rhinestone.

ideas and novelties of manicure in the spring of 2022trendy manicure spring 2022stylish spring manicure

Spring manicure color 2022

To express the idea that is taken to create a design, a harmoniously chosen palette will help. To this end, stylists offer the following shades:

  1. Blue tonality is associated with clear skies and marine motifs. Shades are offered from pale blue to deep blue.
  2. Delicate notes in the image will bring pink tones. There are options in a muted pale or rich crimson hue.
  3. The lilac-violet palette is recognized as trendy this season. Colors are taken as a monochromatic coating or for depicting drawings. Floral themes predominate — these are patterns of lavender, lilac, violet.

nail color spring 2022trendy spring manicure colorsthe most fashionable manicure this spring

Spring manicure design

The flight of fantasy of the masters is not limited to the implementation of nail art. The following solutions have earned popularity:

  1. There is a zoning technique. The sections are made out, covered with a transparent varnish. Other areas are painted over with soft or rich tones.
  2. Nude or pastel tonality looks organically on a contract with golden leaf
  3. Refinement will bring floral ornaments depicted in thin lines.
  4. An original interpretation of a jacket or moon nail art will be covering the hole or tip with large kamifubuki. An alternative solution is to apply mica, which is covered with a thick layer of varnish.

spring manicure designspring manicure ideasspring manicure design novelties

Manicure for short nails for spring

Shortened plates can be designed in a neutral or bright design:

  1. A popular solution is a colored jacket, in which the base is made translucent, and the “smile” is painted over with bright lines. The latter are made thin, barely noticeable, so as not to overload the image.
  2. Alternative ideas for a short manicure for spring 2022 are covering the “smile” area with sparkles. Several fingers are completely filled with silver glitter.
  3. Small details do not overload the plates and bring organicity. The pattern is drawn with ordinary varnish. The process of creating a design is simplified using the stamping technique.

spring manicure for short nailsspring manicure ideas for short nailsspring manicure with flowers

Manicure for long nails in spring

The volumetric area of ​​​​the plates is suitable for the embodiment of romantic and daring fantasies:

  1. In an effort to bring notes of tenderness into the image, they make a traditional white-nude jacket. A couple of nails are accentuated by covering with an openwork lace pattern.
  2. Marble nail art looks organic in both glossy and matte versions. In the latter case, accentuation is welcomed by complementing the veins of the stone with sparkles.
  3. A coating resembling liquid gold will add catchiness to the image. The decor is applied to the tips of the plates, creating an original interpretation of the service jacket. Another option is zoning using winding lines. One area is filled with gold, the other with negative space.

spring manicure for long nailsbeautiful manicure for long nails in springtrendy spring manicure

Manicure for square nails for spring

A practical form, depending on the mood, is given bright or romantic gentle notes:

  1. A popular solution is “quail” nail art, embodied by drawing small dots on a matte light background.
  2. Polka dots are associated with retro motifs, applied using small or large details. Brightness is given by placing a golden sweatshirt on a nude, dark, bright background.

spring manicure for square nailsnew manicure for square nails in springgentle nude manicure for spring

Almond manicure for spring 2022

The feminine form becomes even more attractive through the implementation of ideas:

  1. The cloud theme will display the seasonal mood. White air elements are depicted against a sky background.
  2. Dark marble nail art with light streaks of stone will bring depth to the image. Almonds will advantageously emphasize the delicate pink background and floral ornaments drawn in a translucent form.
  3. The «cat’s eye» technique, made in rich shades, looks interesting. Monochromatic manicure for spring acquires brightness. Graphite, emerald coatings will give nobility.

almond manicure for spring 2022Manicure for almond nails in springbeautiful spring manicure

Oval manicure for spring

Rounded nail plates are a win-win solution when trying to bring femininity to the image:

  1. An organic coating on the «oval» will be a pearl rub. Alternation with pastel matte varnish is allowed, creating a contrast.
  2. When implementing moon nail art, filling the base of the nail with negative space is welcome. In this area, it is permissible to place shiny curls applied with foil.
  3. Romanticism will give images of hearts. Details are drawn with ordinary varnish or applied using kamifubuks.

oval spring manicurebeautiful manicure in spring 2022delicate elegant spring manicure

Sharp manicure for spring

The defiant form is softened or, on the contrary, emphasized by choosing a specific decor:

  1. A win-win solution is to turn to rich neon coatings. The varnish is applied to the plates in a single color or alternated with large kamifubuki.
  2. Depth and mystery in the image will bring a bright black gloss. Alternating with a striped design covering multiple fingers is allowed.
  3. The original performance of the jacket is the design of the tips of the nails with shiny mica.

sharp manicure for spring yellowmanicure for sharp nails in springspring manicure for long nails

Manicure «ballerina» in the spring

The original form has earned the recognition of fashionistas and is played up with ideas:

  1. It is permissible to depict gentle romantic clouds on a light pink or blue background.
  2. The nobility is given by the application of a monophonic matte coating.
  3. Transitions from light to dark tonality on adjacent fingers are allowed. An example is a design created in lilac-violet tones.

spring ballerina manicuremanicure for spring on the shape of a ballerinatrendy spring manicure colors

Delicate nude manicure for spring

The universal design will help to embody the coatings presented in a light tone. Nail art is created in nude shades:

  1. To implement ideas, varnish is suitable for both glossy and matte structure. In the first case, there is an image of contrasting drawings in black, in the second, the addition of golden potal.
  2. Alternation with negative space is allowed by designating individual sections. Zoning is emphasized by golden foil stripes.
  3. On a nude background, floral motifs traced with light blue varnish look organically.

gentle nude manicure for springdelicate elegant spring manicureideas and novelties of manicure in the spring of 2022

Matte manicure for spring

The coating, which brings nobility to the image, does not lose its relevance among fashionistas. A beautiful spring manicure is created in a matte finish:

  1. Against a bright background, floristry, drawn with thin contour lines, looks advantageous.
  2. It is allowed to decorate the plates using the stamping technique by knocking out floral elements.
  3. Space motifs look original. These are images of stars, planets, applied with bright varnish on a matte background.
  4. The selection of a rich shade will make nail art self-sufficient. An example is the monophonic most fashionable manicure this spring, made in a lavender tone.

matte manicure for springbeautiful spring manicureplain manicure for spring

Manicure «geometry» for spring

Clear figures are easy to perform and give originality to nail art. Confirmation is a fashionable manicure in the spring, made using geometry:

  1. A simple way of zoning a figure is by drawing a triangle and stripes. Individual figures remain transparent, marked with contours, others are filled with sparkles or bright saturated varnish.
  2. The combination of saturation and practicality will be the application of a neutral light nude varnish over the image of geometric shapes.
  3. Elements are allowed to be depicted on the basis, made in a gradient version.

manicure geometry for springtrendy spring manicuretrendy manicure spring 2022

Ombre manicure for spring

Color transitions make nail art original. Popularity gained manicure-gradient in the spring:

  1. A common solution is a design created in a white and nude tone.
  2. The ombre effect completely affects the nail plate or is applied in separate parts. An example of the latter design is the image of a strip created using a gradient transition.
  3. Another option is to cover the plate with an ombre and highlight a transparent, unfilled strip.
  4. On top of the ombre, it is allowed to draw a delicate floral or floral print.

spring ombre manicuregradient spring manicurenail color spring 2022

French manicure for spring

The usual classics take on extraordinary notes. This is a French manicure in spring:

  1. The stylists are experimenting with the shape of the “smile”, making it oblique, triangular, zigzag, drawn with chaotic winding lines.
  2. The tip of the plates is made using one or more shades. Fans of catchiness will prefer to draw a “smile” with neon varnishes.

french manicure for springfrench manicure in springspring manicure design

Bright manicure for spring

Juicy shades will make nail art memorable. When choosing a manicure for spring, multi-colored nails occupy a leading position:

  1. Trendy leopard print can be depicted in rich colors. Spots are drawn with acid non-natural colors.
  2. Even a bright monochromatic design looks self-sufficient. For its implementation, an acid yellow, light green, raspberry, orange tone is taken.
  3. Zoning of the nail plate and coloring of individual areas with catchy shades are welcome. Areas are marked with triangles, rhombuses, squares.
  4. A bright solution is an ombre, made on one plate or stretched on adjacent fingers. You can create a rainbow effect by applying the appropriate colors.
  5. Even more catchy design is given by designating individual figures with sparkles. Other parts of the plate are painted over with bright varnishes. A similar design is welcome when decorating floral motifs.

bright spring manicuremanicure for spring multi-colored nailsspring manicure for square nails

Manicure «lilies of the valley» for spring

Drawings will make the image diverse. A good solution is to implement a spring manicure with flowers:

  1. Lilies of the valley are allowed to be depicted both in light neutral and in saturated color tones. In the latter case, the drawing makes an accent. Neighboring fingers are covered with a monochromatic varnish of the same color.
  2. There is a three-dimensional image of lilies of the valley, made with the help of stucco ornamentation. When implementing the idea, the masters try to make the shape of the petals naturalistic.
  3. Lilies of the valley are allowed to alternate with images of other seasonal flowers. An example is a small scattering of snowdrops, made in a pale blue hue.

spring manicure with flowers

Manicure «tulips» for spring

Saturation is given by patterns of seasonal flowers and bright performance. The novelties are represented by images of tulips:

  1. Flowers are drawn using red, yellow, crimson, pink shades. Often the drawing is created on a white or nude background.
  2. The remaining fingers are covered with a shade similar to the tone of a tulip. Decorations of flower petals with sparkles are allowed.
  3. The drawing, embodied using the watercolor technique, looks original. Tulip petals are depicted in a translucent version.

tulip manicure for springspring manicure design noveltiesspring manicure ideas

Manicure «lilac» for spring

The trendy lavender shade is represented not only by plain coatings, but also by the application of an ornament. The design is embodied by the image of lilac:

  1. A simple solution is to evenly apply small floral prints to the plates. This is done by drawing with ordinary varnish or using the stamping technique.
  2. It is allowed to depict lilac as a separate branch. The flower pattern is drawn clearly and naturally.
  3. Volumetric lilac, made with the help of modeling or by applying lavender-colored pebbles, looks interesting.
  4. I allow alternation with other colors made in lilac or purple tones. This is an image of small crumbly lavender inflorescences, large violet petals. In the latter case, a watercolor technique is welcome, making the drawing blurry, but at the same time as natural as possible. Another solution is a dotted minimalist design and drawing with chaotic abstract strokes.

lilac manicure for spring



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